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fall awkwardly1) So that he fell awkwardly, knocking over an unfinished cup of tea.

2) Stoke suffered an early setback as James Beattie again was forced to come off after falling awkwardly.

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land awkwardly1) He landed awkwardly and twisted his ankle.

2) She landed awkwardly, falling to her hands and knees.

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awkwardly place1) Ke8 leaves the king awkwardly placed in the center) 6.

2) My Df is NOT awkwardly placed on my tripod.

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say awkwardly1) I haven't disturbed you,' Richard said awkwardly.

2) Afterwards we trooped outside and stood awkwardly saying our good-byes.

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sit awkwardly1) I pulled up and see it sitting awkwardly in front of the showroom .

2) A mile interviewer with sleek hair sits awkwardly on a high-tech chair, agreeing with him.

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stand awkwardly1) They stood awkwardly looking at one another.

2) They stood together again awkwardly on the silent landing.

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awkwardly1) His left hand grips the pen awkwardly.

2) Not infrequently tradition and progress are awkwardly contrasted.

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shuffle awkwardly1) Then it shuffles awkwardly on its belly towards its hole.

2) Why are you still here?" He shuffled awkwardly towards her.

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