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awfully big1) But that is an awfully big table.

2) I remember he was an awfully big chap.

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awfully close1) Something awfully close to evil is quite a common side effect.

2) This is getting awfully close to being a decent selling stock image.

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awfully difficult1) It is awfully difficult to console those in affliction.

2) awfully difficult to get it in the car wasn't it?

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awfully familiar1) But doesn't this sound awfully familiar ?

2) It sounds awfully familiar I'm afraid.

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awfully good1) He was an awfully good old person.

2) But Cynthia and Basil are awfully good sorts.

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awfully hard1) It is awfully hard work doing nothing.

2) They're awfully hard to paint".

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awfully long1) Eleven years is still an awfully long time to spend gardening .

2) I find 2 secs to be an awfully long time .

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awfully nice1) There's something awfully nice about being unknown and anonymous.

2) A sun hat is awfully nice .

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awfully sorry1) I'm awfully sorry we weren't involved.

2) Charlie says he's "awfully sorry to hear that.

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awfully boring1) Its awfully boring to listen to.

2) Er, I didn't like it, it was awfully boring.

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awfully busy1) I know you must be awfully busy yourself.

2) Webb has been awfully busy on Twitter this week.

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awfully careful1) I know for example that you have to be awfully careful who you listen to.

2) 'I'm being awfully careful, Dad.

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awfully easy1) We don't know that for sure but certainly he's sure won awfully easy.

2) Rev iew: Is it just me, or is it awfully easy to capture the Enterprise crew?

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awfully fast1) Stem cell transplants are coming up the curve awfully fast.

2) They're growing awfully strong, awfully fast.

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awfully glad1) And I'm awfully glad I happened to be passing.

2) Yes, I'm awfully glad to be here!

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awfully lonely1) I volunteer and have intense hobbies, but it is still awfully lonely.

2) Of course, I realise I am being unfair and that they were mostly awfully lonely boys far from home.

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awfully pretty1) And sometimes, it's also awfully pretty.

2) And they are awfully pretty...though not as surreal looking as your goose eggs!

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awfully quiet1) Mario Mandzukic was having an awfully quiet night .

2) The anti-gun crowd has been awfully quiet about it.

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awfully sweet1) "It's awfully sweet to have another chance," Kuchar said.

2) awfully sweet of her isn't it

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awfully tired1) Once I was outside, I suddenly felt awfully tired.

2) Sometimes I get awfully tired of this struggle.

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awfully1) I hear those things are awfully loud .

2) It is awfully hard work doing nothing.

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