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asylum applicant1) First, why are asylum applicants under such suspicion?

2) Successful asylum applicants will be recognised as Refugees.

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asylum application1) The unfounded asylum applications should be firmly refused.

2) The numbers of asylum applications began to rise.

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asylum building1) The chapel dominates the western side the asylum buildings .

2) The initial corridor-style asylum building is shown here thanks to Kendal and Pope's original flowery plans.

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build asylum1) Many asylums were built on the so-called Kirkbride Plan .

2) In the 1860s and 1870s small asylums were built around the country.

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asylum case1) Legal aid has also been retained for asylum cases .

2) Thus, his asylum case had no shot.

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asylum claim1) Time limits and efficient adjudication of genuine asylum claims .

2) What am I proposing when the asylum claim is found to be false ?

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claim asylum1) Several Chinese ambassadors abroad claimed political asylum.

2) They and 79 of the passengers claimed asylum.

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deny asylum1) Again, the family was denied asylum.

2) She had been denied asylum and ordered to leave the United States in 2004.

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find asylum1) Carter authorized the State Department to try to find another asylum.

2) Why don't your people find an asylum for you?

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get asylum1) Those guilty of these crimes shouldn't get asylum.

2) He went to England and I hear he got asylum.

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give asylum1) He has been given asylum in Russia .

2) Other countries also gave asylum to deserted U.S. soldiers.

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grant asylum1) He has been granted temporary asylum by Russian authorities .

2) He was later granted political asylum by the French government.

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hospital asylum1) There have been foundling hospitals and blind asylums since times immemorial.

2) Besides the hospitals and asylums, there were other types of health establishments.

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immigration asylum1) immigration and asylum have become an area left completely to security forces in Turkey.

2) I think that the fit between prisons, immigration and asylum, and crime is the right one.

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insane asylum1) The web has become an insane asylum.

2) Doc has been committed to an insane asylum.

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large asylum1) The facility opened in 1871 during an era when large asylums were in vogue.

2) In 1838, he had admitted a 30-year-old gentleman from a large asylum.

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asylum law1) Good race relations depended on tough immigration and asylum laws .

2) The term "well-founded fear" has no precise definition in asylum law .

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lunatic asylum1) He also built many charity hospitals including a lunatic asylum.

2) I should go to a lunatic asylum.

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mental asylum1) He was detained in a mental asylum.

2) Finally he had her committed to a mental asylum.

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obtain asylum1) He left Japan a year later after obtaining asylum in Iceland.

2) After the sentencing Beji fled to France where he obtained asylum last June.

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offer asylum1) He's been offered asylum now by Venezuela.

2) The Venezuelan government formally offered Snowden asylum on 5 July .

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old asylum1) One of Britain's oldest asylums is for sale.

2) Founded in the 13th century, Bethlem Royal Hospital in London was one of the oldest lunatic asylums.

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orphan asylum1) Sisters, 25; orphan asylum, 1.

2) The orphan asylum of San Vicente.

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asylum policy1) The Netherlands has made its asylum policy more strict.

2) On asylum seeker policy : That is just an extraordinary proposition.

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political asylum1) Anyone seeking political asylum is taking a major step.

2) Several Chinese ambassadors abroad claimed political asylum.

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private asylum1) Germany housed more than 400 public and private sector asylums.

2) Hoxton House, was established as a private asylum in 1695.

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asylum procedure1) Of course asylum procedures should not be abused.

2) EU law on asylum procedures : An assault on human rights?

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asylum process1) For more information about the asylum process, check out the USCIS Web site .

2) There, refugees had to undergo a lengthy asylum process before they could immigrate to Australia.

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provide asylum1) Russia has provided political asylum to Milošević's wife and children.

2) China provided political asylum to Jang'ssupporters after the execution.

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receive asylum1) It is not known on what grounds she received political asylum.

2) Georges Bidault moves to Belgium where he receives political asylum.

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asylum request1) In 1991 there were 2,300 asylum requests .

2) The objective was to prevent asylum seekers from launching multiple asylum requests .

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request asylum1) After two hours the hijackers surrendered, requesting political asylum.

2) Someday Americans may be standing at the border requesting political asylum.

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run asylum1) But in America, the inmates run the asylum.

2) Sorry, folks, but the insane are running the asylum.

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asylum seeker1) Other asylum seekers are simply kept in detention centres.

2) Detention of asylum seekers is consistently topical.

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seek asylum1) These individuals may include refugees seeking asylum.

2) Anyone seeking political asylum is taking a major step.

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Snowden asylum1) The Venezuelan government formally offered Snowden asylum on 5 July .

2) The administration's crackdown on Snowden's asylum.

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state asylum1) He ended up in the state asylum.

2) The Wisconsin Legislature first acted to construct a state asylum in 1854.

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asylum status1) His expiring asylum status in Russia is expected to be extended this summer.

2) Official policy under the Reagan administration greatly hindered Central Americans from obtaining asylum status, however.

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asylum system1) My point is that economic migrants do sometimes exploit the asylum system .

2) The report makes specific recommendations on how to strengthen the asylum system .

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temporary asylum1) Russia granted him temporary asylum five months ago.

2) He is currently living in Russia under temporary asylum .

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apply for asylum1) While some applied for asylum, others are still illegal.

2) I arrived in England and applied for asylum.

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asylum case1) Legal aid has also been retained for asylum cases .

2) Thus, his asylum case had no shot.

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asylum1) These individuals may include refugees seeking asylum.

2) Russia granted him temporary asylum five months ago.

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be granted asylum1) The next year, he was granted asylum.

2) Like Snowden, they were granted asylum.

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refuse asylum1) Roth is refused asylum and even entry to Israel.

2) Metock had sought and been refused asylum in Ireland.

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right of asylum1) The altar and the shrine had the right of asylum.

2) Article 10 of the Constitution expressly recognises the right of asylum.

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right to asylum1) Defend the right to asylum.

2) The Social Democrats once said that a new citizenship law should accompany any restriction of the right to asylum.

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