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absolute assurance1) We can do it with absolute assurance .

2) I give him that absolute assurance.

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accept assurance1) Please accept the assurances of my best regards .

2) His assurance was accepted and tranquillity was restored.

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adequate assurance1) adequate assurance need not include full performance; a slight delay should be accepted.

2) Nevertheless, the aforementioned arguments do not give adequate assurance that uniformity will be achieved.

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believe assurance1) Above all, are they a reliable basis for believing a school's assurance about quality?

2) Sam admitted that she had believed Patrick's assurance that he had tried to save Rafe.

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categorical assurance1) Can the Minister give us a categorical assurance that that will not happen?

2) Will my right hon. Friend give me a categorical assurance that that order was decided solely on price?

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demand assurance1) It also demanded assurances that LWT's original programme policies and operations were sound.

2) Tommy demanded assurance that Hereford would keep their Conference status if they paid football creditors by the Conference AGM.

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gain assurance1) Organizations should consider and review what monitoring procedures would be appropriate to implement to gain assurance that their internal control structure is operating as intended. 7.

2) After gaining an assurance that no company property would be damaged, Sevier, seeing the futility of resisting such a large force, surrendered.

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give assurance1) Verse 32 is a powerful argument that gives assurance beyond description.

2) This gives extra assurance for first class letter mail.

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information assurance1) As an information assurance professional, I am aware of the competitive intelligence field.

2) He has over 20 years of experience in cryptography, information assurance and formal verification.

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life assurance1) Ordinary life assurance really means death insurance.

2) Pensions are a form of life assurance.

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live assurance1) What's not available on living assurance.

2) I'm on living assurance, I thought that was low.

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need assurance1) Do shareholders need assurances that the business is operating soundly?

2) It merely needed assurance that most of us were watching IT.

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obtain assurance1) I learn also that David knew where to obtain full assurance.

2) Briand had already obtained a similar assurance at Cannes.

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offer assurance1) Those words offer some assurance to Michael's mother.

2) Whatever we decide, do not expect scientists to offer assurances.

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provide assurance1) Full quality control to provide total customer assurance.

2) An organic label also provides the same assurance.

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Quality assurance1) Building Management: Computer-aided design in building; Applications of computers in building; Quality assurance in building; Aspects of unsatisfactory housing.

2) The group would comprise senior industry figures, but not consultants, and would consider all aspects of Quality assurance, including BS 5750.

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quality assurance1) Should testing and quality assurance been more rigorous?

2) quality assurance was impossible without minimal staff and facilities.

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reasonable assurance1) How do we develop a reasonable assurance?

2) Still, some things may be said with reasonable assurance.

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receive assurance1) So far, it has not received those assurances.

2) He received full assurances that they would be.

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repeated assurance1) The government has given repeated assurances that it has never sought such dispensation.

2) This is despite repeated assurances by some provincial health officials that this is not the case .

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repeat assurance1) He repeated the assurance so many times during the health-care debate that it was almost a verbal tic.

2) Otherwise, he repeats the weekend's assurances that UK Service personnel will be protected from any losses.

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require assurance1) However, such access required comprehensive assurances that the materials were used only for civil purposes.

2) Effective sampling can support the auditor in providing the reasonable assurance required during an audit engagement.

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revenue assurance1) People are still learning the skill set of revenue assurance.

2) This form of revenue assurance is most commonly promoted by consultancies.

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satisfactory assurance1) Although the Patriotic Front representatives claimed to have received satisfactory assurances, no evidence of any secret deals is available.

2) Consequently, the primary business associate is required to "obtain satisfactory assurances" from the subcontractor that subcontractor will appropriately safeguard the PHI.

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seek assurance1) I seek those assurances from the Minister.

2) If so, be at ease, and seek no further assurance.

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sterility assurance1) AAMI ST46 refers to steam sterilization and sterility assurance in healthcare facilities.

2) The system includes single-use, pre-sterilized processing sets for sterility assurance and is designed for use in a cGMP environment.

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term assurance1) term assurance provides life insurance coverage for a specified term.

2) That's fourteen pounds a month term assurance.

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verbal assurance1) verbal assurances that the violence will cease; 7.

2) Most importantly, get everything in writing and do not trust verbal assurances from Worlds Gym.

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want assurance1) Large retailers increasingly want assurances of sustainable production process, he says.

2) They wanted assurances that Novell is not about to kidnap Unix.

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written assurance1) Thus far, however, Washington has refused to provide such written assurances.

2) written assurances and prisoner monitoring do not change the fact that torture within the Afghan intelligence services is endemic.

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ask for assurance1) Councillors asked for assurances that the costs will be recovered from the owner, which were given by Mr Wright.

2) Second, it continues to concern customers who more and more ask for assurances about the privacy of their financial information.

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assurance about1) He had an almighty air of calm and assurance about him.

2) There was a contenting assurance about her that he found restful.

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assurance by1) An applicant may incorporate these assurances by reference in subsequent applications to ACTION.

2) Systems designers can extract valuable performance or safety assurances by limiting the scope of updates.

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assurance from1) I seek those assurances from the Minister.

2) Cagney received assurances from Wilder that the script was balanced.

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assurance of safety1) Many municipalities still resist the practice, disbelieving the government's assurances of safety.

2) Does anyone think it is safe to send my children back to school with no assurances of safety?

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assurance that1) There is never enough assurance that the job is complete.

2) Do shareholders need assurances that the business is operating soundly?

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assurance1) Ordinary life assurance really means death insurance.

2) The recordings are used for quality assurance purposes.

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assurances to the contrary1) Despite initial assurances to the contrary, the Nazis and Bulgarians gradually imposed a series of anti-Jewish measures.

2) It sends the message to customers (despite verbal assurances to the contrary) that they don't matter.

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calm assurance1) He handled the calf deftly, with calm assurance.

2) With Leo on the ascendant, you radiate calm assurance into the world.

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clear assurance1) For investors, there is a clear assurance of an environment where approvals are fast-tracked.

2) In April 1903, the British received clear assurances from the Russian government that it had no interest in Tibet.

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despite assurances1) In other words, climate change happened to Toronto, despite assurances from Conservative politicians.

2) despite assurances from government officials that an investigation is in progress, his whereabouts remain unknown.

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endowment assurance1) People were getting educated to endowment assurance you see.

2) endowment assurance is a form of saving as your life will be covered for a fixed term and, at the end of it, you will be paid a fixed amount, plus bonuses.

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firm assurance1) Mr de Klerk, while failing to offer any firm assurances, did say in a press conference of his own that the government would look at 'areas' where the state of emergency might be lifted.

2) However, one million miners were locked out, it being impossible to get them back to work without firm assurances concerning their wages.

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full assurance1) My hon. Friend has my full assurance.

2) I learn also that David knew where to obtain full assurance.

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further assurance1) If so, be at ease, and seek no further assurance.

2) Mr Karzai has so far refused to sign the pact, seeking further assurances from the US.

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get assurance1) The community organized and got assurances from the city government that was not the case.

2) The council is putting the bid on hold until it can get assurances overthe project's viability.

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give an assurance1) He said the players were given an assurance they would be paid soon .

2) Can he give an assurance that that anomaly will be removed as soon as possible?

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great assurance1) The transaction sequence orientation provides greater assurance and would facilitate error control.

2) Do you see the logic of Paul's great assurance.

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make assurance1) Letterman repeatedly made assurances on the show that he was joking.

2) To make assurance doubly sure, he returned in the morning to see if the man was dead.

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official assurance1) No official assurance of innocence would ever take away the smear.

2) Despite official assurances, there were doubts that this schedule would be met.

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personal assurance1) A branch in London, and worked on personal assurances.

2) The personal assurance of the Mamur Zapt.

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receive an assurance1) They might accept that they are a privileged group, receiving an assurance that frees them to act in the world without fear and uncertainty.

2) I appeared on the Front Bench in the Committee Sitting in which the hon. Gentleman referred and received an assurance from the Minister that getting a dispensation would not be a problem.

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seek an assurance1) The Labour leader, John Smith, sought an assurance that there would be full compensation.

2) It plans to write to the Crown Office to seek an assurance that a similar incident would not occur.

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self assurance1) How to start the 1st tee with more self assurance.

2) Rat medicine will instill self assurance and transform fear into abundance.

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