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asymptotic distribution1) The central limit theorem gives only an asymptotic distribution .

2) These works started an important domain "asymptotic distribution of eigenvalues" of Modern Analysis.

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asymptotic expansion1) There are always many different functions with any given asymptotic expansion .

2) High ambiguity of functions given by asymptotic expansions .

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asymptotic freedom1) This phenomenon is known as asymptotic freedom .

2) The other side of asymptotic freedom is confinement.

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asymptotic giant1) This thermal pulsing is characteristic of asymptotic giant branch stars.

2) This puts the star onto the asymptotic giant branch, a second red-giant phase.

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asymptotic safety1) asymptotic safety is a way of dealing with the latter limit.

2) This was called asymptotic safety .

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asymptotic series1) In fact, asymptotic series are the norm.

2) Stokes' research on asymptotic series led to fundamental insights about such series.

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asymptotic1) The prime number theorem is an "asymptotic" result.

2) For incremental algorithm asymptotic convergence issues have been settled.

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