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approach asteroid1) And one day, we'll give the approaching asteroids.

2) Artist's concept of the Hayabusa 2 spacecraft approaching the target asteroid.

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asteroid call1) Smaller associations of asteroids are called groups or clusters.

2) The larger asteroids are sometimes called planetoids.

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capture asteroid1) Most astronomers recognize that irregular moons are captured asteroids.

2) These misshapen lumps of rock are believed to be captured asteroids.

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deflect asteroid1) But just how do we deflect an asteroid ?

2) Actually, deflecting asteroids: relatively easy compared to finding them.

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destroy asteroid1) It could potentially destroy asteroids the size of five football fields .

2) This form will calculate energy requirements for various methods of destroying asteroids.

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detect asteroid1) Researchers in Lincoln, New Mexico, detected the asteroid last week.

2) It has detected almost 250,000 asteroids to date, more than any other source.

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discover asteroid1) He is credited with discovering 72 asteroids from 1929 to 1936.

2) Starting in 1801, asteroids were discovered between Mars and Jupiter.

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find asteroid1) Are you an amateur astronomer who wants to help find asteroids ?

2) Astronomers have already found asteroids at these points.

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hit asteroid1) Add explosion effects when a bullet hits an asteroid.

2) You hit the asteroid with a heavy spacecraft that instantaneously changes its orbit .

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huge asteroid1) It looks like a huge asteroid that is passing Earth.

2) BREAKING NEWS!! huge asteroid Is GOING to HIT EARTH?

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identify asteroid1) Even a century later, only a few thousand asteroids were identified, numbered and named.

2) Scientists have identified asteroid 2011 UK 10 as the most suitable candidate for the sortie.

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know asteroid1) Nearly two thousand trojan asteroids are now known .

2) All presently known asteroids large enough ... Fixed that for you.

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large asteroid1) asteroid moons are asteroids that orbit larger asteroids.

2) The larger asteroids are sometimes called planetoids.

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main asteroid1) There is a main belt asteroid named Alhambra.

2) asteroid 2 Pallas is the third-largest main belt asteroid.

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most asteroid1) most asteroids are made of rocks, but some are metal.

2) Scientists believe that most asteroids enter Earth's atmosphere at 45 degrees.

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move asteroid1) Moving an asteroid, he said, is "simple.

2) Heinlein and Niven both wrote about eliminating spin before moving an asteroid via rockets .

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asteroid name1) Why cant we name asteroids like hurricanes ?

2) These asteroids were named for asteroid Apollo, 1862.

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orbit asteroid1) asteroid moons are asteroids that orbit larger asteroids.

2) The white dot is the moon, or satellite, orbiting the asteroid.

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small asteroid1) Smaller asteroids are also worth more points.

2) Pan-STARRS may detect collisions involving small asteroids.

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track asteroid1) But how do scientists track an asteroid's path?

2) The longer an asteroid is tracked, the more accurate its trajectory is.

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wide asteroid1) The meteor fireball that crashed into Russia in February was part of a 656 -foot wide asteroid called 2011 EO40.

2) Meteor (1979) features small asteroid fragments and a large 8 km (5 mi) wide asteroid heading for Earth.

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asteroid belt1) Vulcan has died and become the asteroid belt.

2) The asteroid belt is farther than Mars .

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asteroid collision1) A series of asteroid collisions trigger World War III.

2) Nature – via pandemics, asteroid collisions, ice ages – might do it anyway.

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asteroid impact1) But why should an asteroid impact cause an explosion?

2) This event has helped to spark discussion of asteroid impact avoidance.

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asteroid mining1) asteroid mining has also been seriously considered.

2) Remember, asteroid mining doesn't involve people.

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asteroid strike1) The asteroid strikes Earth, critically damaging the planetary ecosystem.

2) But asteroid strike was not Hollywood fiction, he said.

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asteroid1) Most astronomers recognize that irregular moons are captured asteroids.

2) This again suggests that asteroids are very young.

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