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astrological age1) However, the astrological ages proceed in the reverse direction.

2) There are various methods of calculating the length of an astrological age .

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astronomical astrological1) The dates are, in fact, astronomical, astrological and astrotheological.

2) These games are discussed in the final section of the book at both an astronomical and astrological level.

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astrological chart1) Likewise, eleventh house of astrological birth chart governs companionship with parents.

2) The astrological birth chart remains exactly the same for our entire lives.

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astrological community1) It collects the knowledge of the astrological community and makes it available to everybody.

2) I somewhat expected the astrological community to accept this as a defense for their beliefs.

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astrological event1) The first of three astrological events occurs on May 15-16.

2) Many years after the creation of the fairies there was another spectacular astrological event .

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astrological house1) Every astrological house has its secret anguish.

2) The astrological houses are the realms of individual experience.

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astrological influence1) Mercury's astrological influence is of mind and communication.

2) Pre-determined astrological influences may have provided the outline.

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astrological interpretation1) The ascendant is very important in astrological chart interpretation .

2) And without these there can be no correct astrological chart interpretations and predictions.

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astrological planet1) Gemstones were associated with astrological planets and even gods or goddesses.

2) Its corresponding astrological planet is Jupiter, and its alchemical Metal is Tin.

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astrological prediction1) It can be argued that a majority of astrological predictions fail.

2) In chapter three Ptolemy argues that astrological prediction is both natural and beneficial.

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astrological sign1) Q. My astrological sign is inconsistent with being organized.

2) They are named for each of the twelve astrological signs .

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astrological symbolism1) This ambiguity is threaded into our astrological symbolism .

2) Medieval writers used astrological symbolism in their literary themes.

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astrological symbol1) The chart as a whole is the ultimate astrological symbol .

2) The astrological symbol for uniqueness is the Sun.

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astrological text1) Most basic to many astrological texts is the meaning "I know".

2) In older astrological texts, there are fewer meanings given to the signs.

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astrological tradition1) In Hindu astrological tradition these are known as Bhāvas.

2) But the nation that probably has the oldest and richest astrological tradition is India.

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astrological1) Not every family possesses volatile astrological components.

2) Until the seventeenth century astrological finger rings were very popular.

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