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allow astronaut1) The special design would allow astronauts to prepare themselves for the different levels of gravity .

2) The ELM-PS has a 1 atmosphere environment to allow astronauts to work in shirt-sleeve conditions.

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become astronaut1) His career goal is to become an astronaut.

2) It was every boy's dream to become an astronaut.

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carry astronaut1) A larger size also allowed carrying two astronauts.

2) The Atlas rocket was designed by the USA to carry astronauts into space.

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help astronaut1) New techniques are being developed to help astronauts recover faster.

2) It's based on the technology that was developed to help astronauts cope with weightlessness.

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include astronaut1) Notable alumni include six NASA astronauts.

2) The crew of STS-125 included three astronauts who had previous experience servicing Hubble.

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kill astronaut1) The three super-villains land on the moon and kill the astronauts.

2) In the end, the vessel explodes and the two male astronauts are killed .

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launch astronaut1) The plot concerns three astronauts launched into space in a rocket designed by Quatermass.

2) NASA is also planning to launch astronauts to an asteroid by the year 2025.

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protect astronaut1) The space capsule must also protect astronauts from the cold and radiation of space.

2) Some kind of physical or magnetic shielding would be required to protect the astronauts.

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return astronaut1) The astronaut returned from a failed mission and no one (but mr.

2) Part of his job has been to debrief returning astronauts regarding the functioning of onboard computers during missions in space.

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astronaut select1) The first NASA astronauts were selected for training in 1959.

2) Most NASA astronauts are selected from members of the military.

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send astronaut1) The program spanned 30 years with over 300 astronauts sent into space.

2) In space this could send an astronaut out of control.

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train astronaut1) They were both paid for and astronauts were trained .

2) Research in this area is used to train astronauts including the chimpanzees sent into space.

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transport astronaut1) Apollo spacecraft were used for transporting astronauts to and from the station.

2) Last week, the California-based company won the right to transport astronauts, too.

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astronaut training1) Some simulators on exhibit were used for astronaut training.

2) He was then accepted into the NASA space astronaut training program.

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astronaut1) The astronauts are preparing for touchdown tomorrow morning.

2) This is the reason why astronauts wear space suits.

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