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" assume "Collocations - Expressions
automatically assume1) He should not automatically assume that it meant anything.

2) Why do you automatically assume every American is filthy rich?

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assume command1) They are too dangerous to ever assume command .

2) You position your vehicle and assume command .

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assume control1) The government assumed control of commercial fishing in 1952.

2) The group assumed complete control over the membership.

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correctly assume1) Two weeks' holiday money, he assumed correctly .

2) Later turns of events would prove Marie to have assumed correctly .

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assume duty1) It is insane to assume these duties .

2) King Peter II assumed full royal duty .

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erroneously assume1) The crew erroneously assumed a power failure at Maputo.

2) We might even erroneously assume that these questions have no answers.

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falsely assume1) They falsely assume that openness invites problems.

2) It calculates the value "u" falsely assuming that it is at rest.

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assume form1) Poor housing can therefore assume many forms .

2) Judicial opinions proceed through several stages before assuming a final form .

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generally assume1) It is generally assumed unless another type is specified.

2) The number of such women is larger than is generally assumed.

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assume identity1) Charlie later assumed the sheriff's identity .

2) When asked why he decided to assume this identity he laughs.

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implicitly assume1) Present science teaching generally assumes implicitly that pupils possess the reasoning patterns.

2) Through selectivity, realism implicitly assumes a critical stance.

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incorrectly assume1) A linear time dependence was incorrectly assumed.

2) I assumed incorrectly there was an associated header file .

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assume leadership1) Andy Schleck assumed leadership of the overall classification.

2) The Earl assumed leadership of the rebellion in a spectacular manner.

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assume liability1) The trust did not assume any liabilities .

2) The carrier assumes liability for whatever they pack.

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mistakenly assume1) What has been claimed as fact is sometimes mistakenly assumed.

2) People in other states often mistakenly assume they are automatically covered.

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naively assume1) He was not just naively assuming that more is better.

2) Growing up, I naively assumed being Catholic meant you were a Republican.

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naturally assume1) We naturally assume loyalty to the team and the institute.

2) You would naturally assume from this that the venue is packed.

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assume office1) He assumed office since 24 May 2012 till date.

2) He assumed office on 16 May 2007.

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assume position1) This position is much more assumed than demonstrated.

2) The flint layers gradually assumed a horizontal position in going downward.

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assume power1) In certain emergencies the governor may assume special, comprehensive powers .

2) Obama assumed power with a national crisis of extreme proportions.

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assume presidency1) Mujib assumed the presidency and was given extraordinary powers.

2) Upon accepting his election, he assumed the presidency immediately.

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reasonably assume1) Based on these facts, scholars can reasonably assume that the poem is nearly complete.

2) They could also reasonably assume that this information is not retained for law enforcement purposes.

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assume responsibility1) The state assumed funding responsibility in 1942.

2) Children are often ill equipped to assume responsibility .

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assume role1) A single entity may assume multiple roles .

2) The students assumed the role of campaign workers again.

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safely assume1) Can we safely assume that both bishops died execution style?

2) We can safely assume they reached this common position without collusion.

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tacitly assume1) This law is tacitly assumed in every measurement of temperature.

2) It was tacitly assumed that such activities were for grown-ups only.

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assume throne1) George Washington was actually encouraged to assume the throne .

2) He is convinced to and agrees to assume the throne .

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assume title1) Certain diplomatic titles were often assumed to be cover jobs.

2) In 1975 it assumed the present title .

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widely assume1) It is widely assumed that expectant single mothers automatically consider adoption.

2) It is widely assumed that knowledge is factive.

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wrongly assume1) I think you have wrongly assumed some things.

2) It's often wrongly assumed that audiences are small and uninterested.

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<a title="assume a duty in a sentence" href="https://www.englishpedia.net/sentences/a/assume-a-duty-in-a-sentence.html" target="_blank" rel="noopener">assume a duty1) Further, Van Horn did not assume a duty to oversee the caregivers.

2) Sometimes a person can voluntarily assume a duty where it would not otherwise exist.

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<a title="assume a form in a sentence" href="https://www.englishpedia.net/sentences/a/assume-a-form-in-a-sentence.html" target="_blank" rel="noopener">assume a form1) In Kirby's adventure, the player character is able to assume a form resembling an adamski UFO.

2) The solution is neither quasi-periodic nor periodic, but rather assumes a form known in the technical literature as "elliptic-hyperbolic".

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<a title="assume a position in a sentence" href="https://www.englishpedia.net/sentences/a/assume-a-position-in-a-sentence.html" target="_blank" rel="noopener">assume a position1) Within guitar circles, he has assumed a position of respect.

2) At a remarkably young age you assumed a position of leadership.

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<a title="assume a post in a sentence" href="https://www.englishpedia.net/sentences/a/assume-a-post-in-a-sentence.html" target="_blank" rel="noopener">assume a post1) Embaixador is the honorary dignity conceded permanently when a Minister of First Class assumes a post overseas.

2) He also assumed a post at the Schola Cantorum de Paris in the early 1930s. In 1932, he composed the "Apparition de l'eglise eternelle" for organ.

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<a title="assume a role in a sentence" href="https://www.englishpedia.net/sentences/a/assume-a-role-in-a-sentence.html" target="_blank" rel="noopener">assume a role1) No nurse should assume a role or duty that he is unfamiliar with.

2) Within the hierarchy of the salons, women assumed a role of governance.

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assume an identity1) He very comfortably assumed an identity as one of British football's finest-ever full-backs.

2) Singer is so busy making goo-goo eyes at the original'superman' that his 'Returns' never assumes an identity of its own.

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assume an obligation1) The purchaser acquires a right, and the seller assumes an obligation.

2) Avraham could assume an obligation.

more assume an obligation sentences
assume authority1) A boy needs responsibility; he also needs to assume authority.

2) It urged the Council to assume authority for the entire system.

more assume authority sentences
assume control of1) The government assumed control of commercial fishing in 1952.

2) The captain then assumed control of the airplane.

more assume control of sentences
assume dominance1) If the dominant meristem is cut off, one or more branch tips will assume dominance.

2) D'Amato, and by extension Finkelstein, assumed dominance over the moribund state party apparatus.

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assume existence1) I do assume the axioms, and I do assume existence.

2) So, yes, I assume existence, and prove necessity by assuming necessity, but there is nothing wrong with that as I have formed my argument.

more assume existence sentences
assume familiarity1) This document assumes familiarity with the OAI protocol.

2) We also assume familiarity with the elementary rules for combination and evaluation of determinants.

more assume familiarity sentences
assume importance1) Therefore the nature of retribution assumes importance.

2) It is here that the role of major powers assumes importance.

more assume importance sentences
assume name1) Several group members assumed names reflective of this influence.

2) These articles were signed by his newly assumed name, Nguyen Ai Quoc.

more assume name sentences
assume obligation1) I believe that the issue is not whether they assumed obligations but rather the context within which it was assumed.

2) Her family did not approve of her assuming obligations which they believed the company should fulfill under its contract with Keely.

more assume obligation sentences
assume ownership1) He also assumed ownership of a unique relationship between small business and government.

2) Clark eventually assumed ownership of the program through his Dick Clark Productions company.

more assume ownership sentences
assume responsibility for1) The team assumes responsibility for teacher training and monitoring.

2) The state has assumed responsibility for 131 of the sites statewide.

more assume responsibility for sentences
assume risk1) With each transgression both transgressor and victim assume risks.

2) Investors also may have become less willing to assume risk.

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assume shape1) In a series of provincial synods the opposition assumed shape.

2) The Primal Beginnings were the breath beginning to assume shape.

more assume shape sentences
assume significance1) The move assumes significance as the tax-free zones are losing sheen because of withdrawal of tax incentives.

2) It is against this background that the visit of the CPI(M) leader assumes significance.

more assume significance sentences
assume superiority1) But it still doesn't have the right to assume superiority or hijack events.

2) First is substantial increase in India's conventional war fighting capability and greater numbers and assumed superiority of its nuclear arsenal.

more assume superiority sentences
assume that1) We may assume that "state action" was present here.

2) The studies assume that behaviour is unaffected.

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assume the existence of1) This method assumes the existence of a setup with multiple domain-specific languages.

2) Europeans had assumed the existence of a great southern land mass since ancient times.

more assume the existence of sentences
assume the presidency1) Mujib assumed the presidency and was given extraordinary powers.

2) Upon accepting his election, he assumed the presidency immediately.

more assume the presidency sentences
assume the shape of1) It assumes the shape of a massive winged humanoid creature.

2) Many authors believed that demons could assume the shape of an animal.

more assume the shape of sentences
assume the throne1) George Washington was actually encouraged to assume the throne.

2) He is convinced to and agrees to assume the throne.

more assume the throne sentences
assume the worst1) Prepare your vacation budget assuming the worst.

2) If left unexplained, hiring managers will assume the worst.

more assume the worst sentences
assume1) The issue has suddenly assumed crisis proportions.

2) The latter has been assumed until recently.

more assume sentences
assumes1) The following example assumes exactly five total numbers being added.

2) This simple formula assumes force is constant.

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<a title="be a mistake to assume in a sentence" href="https://www.englishpedia.net/sentences/a/be-a-mistake-to-assume-in-a-sentence.html" target="_blank" rel="noopener">be a mistake to assume1) It would therefore be a mistake to assume that tachyons must exist.

2) It is a mistake to assume that medieval pilgrims were only focussed on one goal.

more be a mistake to assume sentences
be easy to assume1) It is easy to assume you claim 22% of the donation.

2) That much is easy to assume.

more be easy to assume sentences
be fair to assume1) So it is fair to assume that they are representative of their species.

2) It is fair to assume that not everything in the emerging resistance ideology pleased de Gaulle.

more be fair to assume sentences
be reasonable to assume1) It is reasonable to assume this was a normal practice.

2) So it would be reasonable to assume the thing could run standalone.

more be reasonable to assume sentences
be safe to assume1) I believe it is safe to assume that part 2 will cover vaccines.

2) It is safe to assume that Google is not thrilled about this .

more be safe to assume sentences
be wrong to assume1) It is wrong to assume anything other than what His Word clearly states.

2) Going by this turbulent season, it would be wrong to assume anything.

more be wrong to assume sentences
can assume1) Fraud in health care can assume diverse forms.

2) The specific functional relationship between these components can assume different forms.

more can assume sentences
commonly assume1) It is commonly assumed that early detection saves lives.

2) Therefore it is much older than is commonly assumed.

more commonly assume sentences
Let us assume1) Let us assume that 100 per cent.

2) So Let us assume that 0 ≤ "x" 1.

more Let us assume sentences
might assume1) You might assume environmentalists would be unanimously supportive.

2) One might assume this menace abortionist is off the streets .

more might assume sentences
safe to assume1) It's probably safe to assume – almost never!

2) I feel its safe to assume something is not right here.

more safe to assume sentences
tend to assume1) Lions tend to assume specific roles in the pride.

2) We tend to assume that we are evolving.

more tend to assume sentences
usually assume1) The background is usually assumed to be constant.

2) The missing actor is usually assumed to be the writer.

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