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astronomical astrological1) The dates are, in fact, astronomical, astrological and astrotheological.

2) These games are discussed in the final section of the book at both an astronomical and astrological level.

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astronomical alignment1) They include giant pits, some of which appear to form astronomical alignments .

2) These, too, display evidence of astronomical alignments, both solar and lunar.

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astronomical calculation1) This calendar Was just what was needed for astronomical calculations .

2) Āryabhaṭa seems to have had in mind applications to astronomical calculations .

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astronomical clock1) The astronomical clock was extended to its current state.

2) It also houses a noteworthy 19th century astronomical clock .

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astronomical discovery1) Using this telescope, he made his early brilliant astronomical discoveries .

2) ESO's observing facilities have made astronomical discoveries and produced several astronomical catalogues.

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first astronomical1) The nebula was the first astronomical object identified with a historical supernova explosion .

2) The first astronomical text that lists them is the "Vedanga Jyotisha".

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astronomical horizon1) The normal zone just above the astronomical horizon is becoming narrower.

2) The direction to the zenith is perpendicular to the astronomical horizon .

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important astronomical1) Explain why binoculars and telescopes are important astronomical tools.

2) The observatory at this time was the most important astronomical research and educational institution in Deutschland.

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large astronomical1) There aren't many candidates other than large astronomical phenomena, such as the sun.

2) Canada's participation in the construction of large astronomical telescopes in Hawaii and Chile.

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mathematical astronomical1) Bhaskara and his works represent a significant contribution to mathematical and astronomical knowledge in the 12th century.

2) Cai Yong, like Zhang Heng, was a prolific writer in addition to his mathematical, astronomical, and musical interests.

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astronomical object1) Other astronomical objects are also influenced by radiation pressure.

2) This includes the mirage of astronomical objects .

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astronomical observation1) astronomical observations were originally made using visible light.

2) All ancient astronomical observations were based on visual techniques.

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astronomical observatory1) He also had an astronomical observatory constructed.

2) Thus this city is the best natural astronomical observatory .

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other astronomical1) other astronomical objects are also influenced by radiation pressure.

2) Measuring the distance to galaxies (and other astronomical objects) is never simple.

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astronomical phenomenon1) This will lead to further understanding of astronomical transient phenomena .

2) The ancients believed that astronomical phenomena were connected to terrestrial events.

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astronomical refraction1) For astronomical refraction, this is the whole atmosphere; so some simplification is helpful.

2) Unfortunately, this isn't enough to determine the actual amount of astronomical refraction at the horizon.

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astronomical seeing1) Clear Sky Chart - includes a weather forecast of astronomical seeing .

2) Astronomers refer to this effect as the quality of astronomical seeing .

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astronomical telescope1) Explain the purposes of at least three instruments used with astronomical telescopes .

2) Nearly all large research-grade astronomical telescopes are reflectors.

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astronomical tide1) The latter includes both astronomical tides as well as storm surges.

2) Remember that astronomical tides do "not" include weather effects.

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astronomical treatise1) Aryabhata II (c. 920–1000) wrote a commentary on Shridhara, and an astronomical treatise "Maha-Siddhanta".

2) His work, the "Siddhānta Shiromani", is an astronomical treatise and contains many theories not found in earlier works.

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astronomical twilight1) In some places, especially those with sky glow, astronomical twilight may be almost indistinguishable from night.

2) Thus, this bee is an example of an insect that can perceive polarization patterns throughout astronomical twilight .

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astronomical amount1) This is usually reserved only for hypercars that cost astronomical amounts of money .

2) Many of the countries affected are today laden with an astronomical amount of debt .

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astronomical cost1) The astronomical cost of auto insurance, particularly in some areas means too many uninsured drivers.

2) As indicated above, Egypt would face astronomical costs if it abrogated the peace treaty with Israel.

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astronomical event1) Astrologers believe such astronomical events correlate with important events occurring on Earth.

2) Total solar eclipses are one of nature's most amazing astronomical events.

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astronomical instruments1) This observatory consisting of outsized astronomical instruments is still in use.

2) He chose the subject 'astronomical instruments and their Construction'.

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astronomical latitude1) Some authors use it as a synonym for geodetic latitude whilst others use it as an alternative to the astronomical latitude.

2) astronomical latitude (Φ) is the angle between the equatorial plane and the true vertical at a point on the surface.

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astronomical price1) How many of them would pay astronomical prices for that camera ?

2) I howl hysterically at the astronomical price of that treehouse.

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astronomical rate1) They are being slaughtered by the poachers at an astronomical rate .

2) HIV (AIDS virus) infections continue to spiral at an astronomical rate.

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astronomical research1) Maui is also an important center for advanced astronomical research.

2) This prediction led to a breakthrough in astronomical research.

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astronomical salary1) To curtail these stars' astronomical salaries, the large studios attempted to monopolize distributors and exhibitors.

2) SPIEGEL : Why does the VW Group even have rules that make such astronomical salaries possible?

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astronomical sums1) In this day governments handle astronomical sums and a multitude of people.

2) Women have grown accustomed to paying astronomical sums for designer jeans, shoes and handbags.

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astronomical unit1) Astronomers use a much larger measurement, called the astronomical unit.

2) Now you mentioned an astronomical unit, what's that?

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astronomical year1) The exact length of an astronomical year changes over time.

2) Negative years use astronomical year numbering.

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astronomical1) astronomical observations were originally made using visible light.

2) Explain why binoculars and telescopes are important astronomical tools.

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