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basic assumption1) This is the basic assumption underlying the following thoughts.

2) basic assumptions and background knowledge are not referenced.

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challenge assumption1) Opponents of administrative detention challenge the above assumptions.

2) This is where assumptions are challenged and knowledge is reframed.

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contradict assumption1) The latter assumption is largely contradicted by the empirical evidence.

2) That contradicts the assumption that brain processes can be simulated.

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erroneous assumption1) And you are making an erroneous assumption .

2) This argument makes the erroneous assumption that ethnicity is equivalent to race.

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false assumption1) You should actually read the documents before making false assumptions.

2) Explore how false assumptions impair communication between police and advocates.

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faulty assumption1) This is a faulty assumption that should be discarded.

2) faulty assumptions are often the reason for poor results.

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flawed assumption1) Except your numbers are based on some flawed assumptions .

2) As a result this Bill is based on flawed assumptions.

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fundamental assumption1) The popular health system is based on several fundamental assumptions.

2) fundamental assumptions differ but are never brought into the open.

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implicit assumption1) I think your implicit assumption is correct.

2) The implicit assumption is that learning difficult things is intrinsically good .

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incorrect assumption1) Great fortunes have been lost on incorrect assumptions.

2) This is when serious mistakes and incorrect assumptions are made .

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justify assumption1) He spends several pages justifying the assumptions given above.

2) The African experience has not justified this assumption.

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make assumption1) No assumption was made that nominally similar interventions were equivalent.

2) You should actually read the documents before making false assumptions.

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mistaken assumption1) This has led to many mistaken assumptions about air conditioners.

2) This apparent paradox results from the mistaken assumption of absolute simultaneity.

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optimistic assumption1) The 1967 war swept such optimistic assumptions aside.

2) This optimistic assumption rests upon two unmistakable trends.

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questionable assumption1) These descriptions rely upon numerous questionable assumptions.

2) For some questionable assumptions are being made.

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question assumption1) Often we question assumptions when things go wrong.

2) The work will always question any assumptions.

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reasonable assumption1) The reasonable assumption is that there are missing trumps.

2) This is a reasonable assumption when considering national scenarios.

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refute assumption1) Recent scientific studies, however, refute this assumption.

2) Does this refute the assumption that nations pursue their selfinterest?

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reject assumption1) Some contemporary epistemologists reject the assumption that knowledge is susceptible to analysis.

2) The identity objection rejects this assumption.

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relax assumption1) The implications of relaxing this assumption are discussed below.

2) This is explained by relaxing the previous assumption of risk neutrality.

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satisfy assumption1) When this assumption is satisfied we can choose amongst several tests.

2) It is important to note that actual data rarely satisfies the assumptions.

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simplify assumption1) Complex problems were addressed by simplifying the assumptions.

2) Of course, these results are based upon several simplifying assumptions.

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tacit assumption1) Now, further: Give up any tacit assumption of physical determinism.

2) At the third and deepest level, the organization's tacit assumptions are found.

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test assumption1) Honestly testing assumptions is especially difficult in hard economic times.

2) The team members develop a prototype system to test assumptions.

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underlie assumption1) This is based on four underlying assumptions.

2) All of science is based on various underlying assumptions.

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undermine assumption1) The term " market failure " encompasses several problems which may undermine standard economic assumptions.

2) How does he both appeal to and gently undermine that audience's assumptions?

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unrealistic assumption1) Please be aware that the preceding argument contains several unrealistic assumptions.

2) Sometimes desired conclusions can be supported with certain unrealistic assumptions.

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unwarranted assumption1) The general has made an unwarranted assumption about shared knowledge.

2) But, are we making an unwarranted assumption?

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validate assumption1) Peer-reviewed research undertaken since then has not validated previous assumptions.

2) But they did not validate this low-level assumption empirically.

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violate assumption1) Does your data violate normality test assumptions?

2) Does your data violate rank sum test assumptions?

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assumption about1) The model makes standard assumptions about government behavior.

2) Its assumptions about workers are simply wrong.

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Assumption Day1) It's famous, always gets served on Assumption Day.

2) The main patronal festival is on 15 August, Assumption Day.

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assumption of control1) How have these concerns been affected by the government's assumption of control in curriculum matters?

2) Although not a traditional arrangement, NBC's assumption of control over KXAS made it a de facto owned-and-operated station.

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assumption of power1) Adolf Hitler's assumption of power destroyed this thriving operatic scene.

2) Unusual emergencies have called for unusual remedies, and remarkable assumptions of power.

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assumption of responsibility1) A. Such assumption of responsibility violates the profession's standards.

2) Lord Hope also focused on the assumption of responsibility issue.

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assumption of risk1) The defendant can raise the implied assumption of risk defense.

2) assumption of risk may be express or implied.

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assumption1) Alternative assumptions–often more plausible–produce very different results.

2) These descriptions rely upon numerous questionable assumptions.

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assumptions based on1) Especially making assumptions based on their names .

2) Reinforce the inherent injustice of making assumptions based on appearances.

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assumptions underlying1) The assumptions underlying that design were wrong.

2) The assumptions underlying Proposition 3 have straightforward intuitive interpretations.

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common assumption1) What common assumptions about literature are you assaulting?

2) What common assumption causes them to arrive there?

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commonly held assumption1) That information might destroy some commonly held assumptions.

2) It often involves work which questions commonly held assumptions.

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conventional assumption1) The propaganda gradually took standerd form as an ideology with conventional assumptions and semantics.

2) The conventional assumption has been that stock markets behave according to a random log-normal distribution.

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correct assumption1) This is a correct assumption, since the institutional conditions preclude its effective existence.

2) But is this correct assumption?

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cultural assumption1) This failure arose from various institutional and cultural assumptions and practices.

2) Rather, they are shaped by cultural assumptions about human vulnerability.

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general assumption1) A general assumption is a typical assumption of an appraisal.

2) There is a general assumption of trust in most religious settings.

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hidden assumption1) On what hidden assumptions are the observations based?

2) The future thus is not empty but fraught with hidden assumptions.

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key assumption1) There are two key assumptions in this approach.

2) The validity of this key assumption has not been proven.

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make assumptions about1) The model often makes assumptions about the system.

2) This applies to making assumptions about severity of allergies too.

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on the assumption that1) An inference based on the assumption that REM sleep is dreaming.

2) This remuneration is based on the assumption that money automatically produces interest.

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safe assumption1) So the only safe assumption is that rulers rule thanks to Satan.

2) The figure might vary a little, but that seems like a safe assumption.

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set of assumptions1) There were two sets of assumptions at work here.

2) In contrast, Theory Y is based on a opposite set of assumptions.

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shared assumption1) Presuppositions and hidden assumptions are the hiding place for common sense and shared assumptions.

2) Such shared assumptions are the most fundamental and non-malleable aspect of creating an optimized organisation.

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underlying assumption1) This is based on four underlying assumptions.

2) All of science is based on various underlying assumptions.

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unspoken assumption1) The unspoken assumption is that mere membership equals experience.

2) Rather it may point to an unspoken assumption that it does.

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valid assumption1) Not a real valid assumption since longevity statistics are very complex.

2) This is not a valid assumption for species with complex life histories.

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widely held assumption1) These studies challenge several widely held assumptions about the nature of laughter.

2) The conclusion was that the widely held assumption of an actor-observer asymmetry in attribution was false.

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widespread assumption1) Curiously, no contemporary source and no archaeological evidence support this widespread assumption.

2) There is a widespread assumption that atomistic activities should come first and holistic ones second.

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wrong assumption1) The author is starting from the wrong assumption.

2) You have a knack at making wrong assumptions.

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