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absolutely assure1) D. Collection is absolutely assured. 41.

2) I can absolutely assure you that Dr. Krongrad would tell you precisely the same thing ... and with much less detail !

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assure accuracy1) The precise Swiss quartz movement assures lasting accuracy .

2) All attempts to assure accuracy will be taken.

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almost assure1) Succession is almost assured to be among the topics.

2) A win in Kentucky almost assures the colt championship honors.

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already assure1) But by that point victory was already assured.

2) Nawab of Kasur had already assured him help.

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also assure1) Only gathering essential coupons also assures your coupons are neatly held.

2) Average birth weight is 70 pounds which also assures calving ease.

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always assure1) Anger or resistance almost always assures conversion.

2) I always assure them that big boobs aren't that great.

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but assure1) Jagr had four shots on goal, including the third period insurance goal that all but assured the final outcome.

2) With that kind of support, the young Bailey's eventual triumph over the aged Potter is all but assured.

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assure compliance1) Effective training is the best line of defense to assure regulatory compliance .

2) If so, how will you assure compliance with the program?

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assure continuity1) A report on the patient and procedure is given to assure continuity .

2) continuity was once more assured in a changing world and the School survived.

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assure destruction1) Did people forget about mutually assured destruction already?

2) I sometimes miss the sanity of mutually assured destruction .

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fully assure1) In Ireland, the Boyne fully assured the Jacobites that they could successfully resist William.

2) He was ordered by Wavell not to advance north until the co-operation of the local tribes was fully assured.

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future assure1) However, no one's future is assured.

2) From that day on, our future together was assured.

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assure Gentleman1) I assure the right hon. Gentleman that what he has said is not correct.

2) I assure the hon. Gentleman that Customs continues to monitor international flights into the airport.

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assure integrity1) Evaluate operational considerations and determine restrictions or additional protective measure needed to assure cap integrity .

2) Election auditing can be a powerful tool for assuring the integrity of election outcomes.

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mutually assure1) Did people forget about mutually assured destruction already?

2) I sometimes miss the sanity of mutually assured destruction.

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now assure1) Fair competition in business is now assured.

2) Van der Post's fame and success were now assured.

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privacy assure1) Your privacy is assured and your information is kept confidential.

2) The location far from the road assures maximum privacy .

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assure public1) Police are assuring the public that there is no looting problem.

2) The Health Department assured the public that their program was indeed safe.

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assure quality1) One view is that state licensing of medical professionals assures quality .

2) The government assures the quality of care through federal standards.

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assure reader1) The title's not yet quite ready, but readers be assured.

2) Wall tablets assured the reader of the integrity of the blood line.

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reasonably assure1) Circumstances are such that the collection of the installment sale is reasonably assured.

2) Collectibility is reasonably assured. 3.

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repeatedly assure1) Our lawyer has repeatedly assured us that we are good parents.

2) He said he has repeatedly assured voters the Islamists would encourage tourism.

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rest assure1) rest assured in diving....fewer rules does not mean better.

2) You can be rest assured of a favourable mortgage deal.

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assure safety1) Rules and procedures must be followed to assure safety .

2) Action is required now to save lives and assure public safety .

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assure survival1) Juliana's birth thus assured the royal family's survival .

2) They do require very careful attention to their needs to assure long-term survival .

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thereby assure1) All four versions were marketed to distinct types of audiences thereby assuring its place as a pop song.

2) He undertakes an experiment using African lore to die and resurrect his own body thereby assuring his immortality.

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thus assure1) Juliana's birth thus assured the royal family's survival.

2) We sold hundreds of priceless pieces for peanuts, thus assuring ourselves places near the Maker.

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victory assure1) We have been assured victory over evil.

2) But by that point victory was already assured.

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virtually assure1) This often leads to excessively frequent trading and virtually assures inferior results.

2) Winning both primaries virtually assured election.

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well assure1) Yeah, see this is the wiper this should well assure itself back to that one.

2) And with those numbers like that, it-- it pretty well assures me we are going to know.

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assure of1) Be assured of positive results with pet companionship .

2) They were soon assured of the truth.

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assure security1) Canadian troops have remained in the area to assure security and peace, as Taliban insurgencies were frequent in the following months.

2) From the tenant's point of view, he has assured security for the term of the lease, subject to compliance with his obligations and continuing solvency.

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assure success1) My patented 3-month caplets assure success!

2) Addressing all these aspects is the way to assure success.

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assure voters1) He said he has repeatedly assured voters the Islamists would encourage tourism.

2) The process must assure voters and all stakeholders to honorably accept the people's verdict.

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assure1) Book online and obtain best available rate assure.

2) This place assures its residents best quality lifestyle.

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assures1) This place assures its residents best quality lifestyle.

2) My exclusive "total care" technique assures the latter.

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I can assure you1) I can assure you they are horribly flawed.

2) Those are both white I can assure you.

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