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absolutely astonishing1) The list of names is absolutely astonishing!

2) Barney Walters - absolutely astonishing work Adam.

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astonishing achievement1) These astonishing building achievements had more modest beginnings.

2) As a game it was an astonishing achievement .

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astonishing amount1) The world supports an astonishing amount of life.

2) Over 18 months I lost an astonishing amount of weight.

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astonishing array1) It is an astonishing array of outstanding media accomplishment .

2) The human body can move in an astonishing array of ways.

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as astonishing1) Your product is as astonishing as it is versatile.

2) Simply wish to say your article is as astonishing.

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astonishing beauty1) The Shelleys knew they were moving into a community of astonishing beauty .

2) Mankind was too self-centered, he complained, and too indifferent to the "astonishing beauty of things.

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astonishing degree1) Symbols are used to represent semantic that has astonishing degrees of mathematical regularity.

2) In this, the secular expulsion procedure resembled the religious one to an astonishing degree .

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astonishing discovery1) Learn about its famous students and of their astonishing discoveries .

2) This is an astonishing discovery since single cell organisms don't have a brain.

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astonishing display1) It was an astonishing display of nature's shocking beauty.

2) In the first stable, off the bay, was an astonishing display of unrelated bric-a-brac.

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astonishing fact1) Pause and take note of that astonishing fact !

2) The astonishing facts are a generalisation of Moore's Law.

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astonishing piece1) The most astonishing piece of kit lies beneath the brewery roof.

2) It is an astonishing piece of work on such a subject.

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quite astonishing1) The project's success has been quite astonishing.

2) The sound is quite astonishing for the $55 paid.

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astonishing result1) Intelligent targeted promotions produce astonishing results .

2) Several glacier and climate experts now present new studies with astonishing results .

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simply astonishing1) Success Story 1: John Burnham _The results were simply astonishing.

2) Success Story 1: John Burnham "The results were simply astonishing.

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so astonishing1) It was so astonishing, someone (possibly President Roosevelt) called it magic.

2) so astonishing is the advance of technology that this discovery is already becoming out of date.

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astonishing speed1) Adams, and calculated the rather astonishing speed .

2) He was working his way through his food with astonishing speed .

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astonishing success1) The brewery is also enjoying astonishing success outside its home state.

2) The 1967 Soviet production of "Viy" had astonishing success .

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truly astonishing1) The generosity shown has been truly astonishing.

2) The number of children we saw was truly astonishing.

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astonishing variety1) Roxy Palace has an astonishing variety of slot machines.

2) Minoan potters produced an astonishing variety of wares.

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astonishing X1) astonishing X-Men " one-shot "What if Ord resurrected Jean Grey instead of Colossus?

2) astonishing X-Men is the name of three X-Men comic book series from Marvel Comics, the first two of which were limited series.

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astonishing ability1) I'll share with you information about their astonishing abilities.

2) The human brain has an astonishing ability to adapt and change–even into old age.

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astonishing accuracy1) It is carved in wood, with astonishing accuracy and delicacy.

2) For all of these "the music expresses their emotions with astonishing accuracy.

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astonishing array of1) It is an astonishing array of outstanding media accomplishment .

2) The human body can move in an astonishing array of ways.

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astonishing capacity1) I mean, do to have this astonishing capacity of switch all the time.

2) He also reveals our astonishing capacity for "mindsight," as well as the tragedy of those, like autistic children, whose mindsight is impaired.

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astonishing claim1) At first sight this seems an astonishing claim.

2) They're shattered by his claims, his astonishing claims.

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astonishing detail1) They contained fresh and astonishing details of underground movements and midnight rendezvous.

2) Middlebrook recreates the events of the fateful night in astonishing detail.

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astonishing diversity1) Cloud forests exhibit a unique ecosystem with an astonishing diversity of flora and fauna.

2) This astonishing diversity manifested itself in great complexity of relationships and in our lacking dominance almost everywhere.

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astonishing feat1) These are astonishing feats for cars that weigh nearly three tons .

2) It was an astonishing feat for a mere major.

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astonishing lack of1) Shankly claimed that the cooling down period resulted in "an astonishing lack of injuries over many seasons".

2) She called it "...an astonishing lack of transparency as to what is included in these revenue figures and how they are computed,".

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astonishing number1) Donating plasma is what has allowed Calvin to reach such an astonishing number of donations.

2) However, an astonishing number of these broken LCD reports claim little or no mistreatment.

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astonishing performance1) Despite the loss, nothing could detract from Unitas' astonishing performance.

2) Lou Taylor Pucci gives an astonishing performance that raises the bar for young actors everywhere.

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astonishing range1) All the drugs mentioned represent an astonishing range of achievements.

2) Unibet covers an astonishing range of events, from football and golf to badminton and trotting.

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astonishing rapidity1) The report that the great man was dead, got about with astonishing rapidity.

2) He succeeded in transmitting portraits to a distance with astonishing rapidity and without wires.

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astonishing rate1) This is an astonishing rate of growth.

2) He has continued to score goals at an astonishing rate.

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astonishing recovery1) Can Norman Lamont lead sterling to an astonishing recovery?

2) And again, wonderful to relate, the Doctor had made an astonishing recovery.

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astonishing results1) Intelligent targeted promotions produce astonishing results .

2) Several glacier and climate experts now present new studies with astonishing results.

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astonishing revelation1) What does this astonishing revelation require us to believe?

2) The astonishing revelations about birds and their innate inborn knowledge and language were amazing.

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astonishing rise1) And the astonishing rise of mental illness in America.

2) In these crucial decades Illinois experienced its astonishing rise from rural frontier to economic and political powerhouse.

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astonishing run1) This opened in September 1880 and lasted for another astonishing run of 467 performances.

2) They ended Bath's astonishing run of 22 unbeaten cup matches in 1988 winning 4-3.

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astonishing sight1) I looked up in triumph - to witness an astonishing sight.

2) Saturn would be an astonishing sight.

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astonishing transformation1) She is a chameleon, capable of the most astonishing transformations in personality.

2) It has been an astonishing transformation in opinions and attitudes, within the course of a few short weeks.

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astonishing1) These astonishing building achievements had more modest beginnings.

2) The generosity shown has been truly astonishing.

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be astonishing1) The force that had been exercised was astonishing.

2) The transformation achieved during the sessions is astonishing.

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find it astonishing1) I find it astonishing that so few people believe this is actually all real.

2) I find it astonishing that there are those on the left who could even argue this point.

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really astonishing1) The really astonishing thing is how fiction and reality can blur.

2) What's really astonishing is why do so many retailers fail at this.

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seem astonishing1) When you look at the raw figures, this may seem astonishing.

2) If it had happened even six months ago, it would have seemed astonishing.

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