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asymmetric algorithm1) Not all asymmetric key algorithms operate in precisely this fashion.

2) The RSA algorithm is a well known asymmetric encryption algorithm .

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asymmetric cryptography1) Use of the asymmetric cryptography simplifies key management.

2) Sometimes the container file is encrypted with asymmetric cryptography .

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asymmetric distribution1) A global property of asymmetric distribution is also required.

2) This asymmetric distribution is abolished in septin mutants.

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asymmetric division1) This mechanism is known as extrinsic asymmetric cell division .

2) Intrinsic asymmetric divisions rely on the following mechanism.

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asymmetric hydrogenation1) Iridium complexes are being investigated as catalysts for asymmetric hydrogenation .

2) For example in the asymmetric hydrogenation of statin precursors.

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asymmetric information1) These two emphasize asymmetric information and agency problems.

2) Another market imperfection suggested is asymmetric information .

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asymmetric reaction1) The resulting open frameworks showed catalytic activity towards asymmetric olefin epoxidation reactions .

2) A variety of chiral thiourea catalysts are under investigation for asymmetric MBH reactions .

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asymmetric synthesis1) They have also been applied in asymmetric synthesis in the pharmaceutical industry.

2) Chiral phosphine ligands are useful in asymmetric synthesis .

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asymmetric system1) The superposition approximation can be easily extended to asymmetric systems .

2) Radially asymmetric systems may also be modeled with polar coordinates.

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asymmetric threat1) Hence, the challenge will be conceptualizing asymmetric threats before formulating a legal framework.

2) The asymmetric threat that comes in front of armed forces bothers us most of all.

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asymmetric unit1) Visualization interfaces usually allow for switching between asymmetric unit and full structure representations.

2) The asymmetric unit refers to the smallest possible occupation of space within the unit cell.

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asymmetric warfare1) This is still asymmetric warfare with asymmetric rules and results.

2) Hamas is engaged in asymmetric warfare against Israel.

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asymmetric bars1) The Girls Gymnastics section compete on four pieces of apparatus: asymmetric bars; beam; floor; and vault.

2) Uneven bars: On the uneven bars (also known as asymmetric bars, UK), the gymnast navigates two horizontal bars set at different pre-set heights yet alterable widths.

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asymmetric digital subscriber line1) This stands for "asymmetric digital subscriber Line".

2) ADSL is an acronym for the asymmetric digital subscriber Line.

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asymmetric1) The reciprocal motion of pointing is asymmetric.

2) This is why it is called asymmetric.

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