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ancient astrologer1) The ancient astrologers thought that the planets were gods who ruled people's lives.

2) ancient astrologers did not include Ophiuchus on their early charts of the zodiac .

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astronomer astrologer1) There was no difference between astronomers and astrologers.

2) Did astronomers or astrologers react to that event?

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astrologer believe1) astrologers believe such astronomical events correlate with important events occurring on Earth.

2) Some astrologers believe that this place represents the most recent previous incarnation.

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astrologer consider1) astrologers consider Mercury the ruler of the conscious mind.

2) Uranus is considered by modern astrologers to be ruler of the eleventh house.

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consult astrologer1) Several politicians also reportedly go to consult astrologers before important decisions.

2) People consult astrologers to decide names for their new born children.

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court astrologer1) He was the apprentice astrologer to the court astrologer, Tak Saleed.

2) Tak-Saleed: Afsan's mentor and the former court astrologer under Empress Len-Lends.

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astrologer do1) astrologers do n't do experiments to prove their theories.

2) Ancient astrologers did not include Ophiuchus on their early charts of the zodiac .

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Indian astrologer1) It enjoys increasing popularity even among Indian astrologers.

2) Unfortunately, serious conflicts with Indian astrologers are bound to arise.

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many astrologer1) There are something like ten times as many astrologers as real astronomers .

2) Like many practicing astrologers, I was oblivious to my own transits.

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modern astrologer1) In addition all modern astrologers stress the role of free will.

2) modern astrologers differ on the source of the planets' influence.

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most astrologer1) There are two flaws committed by most astrologers.

2) The following are their characteristics as accepted by most astrologers.

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astrologer predict1) But, astrologers predict ruin of Ravana because of this child.

2) In January 1962, Indian astrologers predicted a global catastrophe on Sunday 4 February 1962.

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professional astrologer1) The majority of professional astrologers rely on such systems.

2) Good professional astrologers are somewhat easier to find these days than they once were.

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astrologer use1) astrologers are using the sky as it presented itself 2000 years ago.

2) Many astrologers use both the Davison and Composite charts when giving a relationship reading.

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astrologer1) This however is a contentious issue amongst astrologers.

2) So, astrologers should not expect anything very reliable here either!

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