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astonishingly beautiful1) They 're astonishingly beautiful, yes, but they can be dangerous.

2) Athénaïs was considered "astonishingly beautiful " by the standards of her time.

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astonishingly good1) The Amazon Kindle Fire still represents astonishingly good value for money.

2) Of course there are some things the medical system is astonishingly good at.

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astonishingly high1) The process occurs with astonishingly high efficiency.

2) This implies an astonishingly high energy density .

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astonishingly low1) I mean, astonishingly low, really.

2) However, CBS' ratings were astonishingly low in those markets.

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astonishingly similar1) Hawks, pigeons and I share an astonishingly similar set of components and mechanisms and we share the same world.

2) astonishingly similar factor loadings of the 11 items of the 3 domains of the MRS were observed (Table 3 ).

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astonishingly successful1) It is an astonishingly successful programme.

2) Instead, Chronicles presents David and Solomon as Israel's astonishingly successful leaders.

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astonishingly1) The process occurs with astonishingly high efficiency.

2) But the layer itself is astonishingly thin.

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