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astronomy astrology1) Wrote several works on astronomy, astrology and theology.

2) There he acquired a deep interest in astronomy, astrology, and magic.

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amateur astronomy1) These are links where I have found amateur astronomy related items.

2) It is freely presented to increase your enjoyment of amateur astronomy.

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astronomy astrophysics1) What's the difference between astronomy and astrophysics ?

2) It carried 13 major experiments in astronomy, astrophysics, and life sciences.

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infrared astronomy1) He was doing far infrared astronomy with airborne telescopes.

2) Its mission is infrared astronomy with a 68 cm telescope.

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medicine astronomy1) Historians also note advances in medicine, astronomy, mathematics, and cartography.

2) A special form of video cameras is used in the domains of industry, medicine, astronomy, microscopy and science.

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radio astronomy1) Thus was born the science of radio astronomy.

2) I used it to explore space in radio astronomy.

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study astronomy1) An astronomer is someone who studies astronomy.

2) They are studying astronomy on their own account.

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teach astronomy1) It also founded vocational education that taught astronomy and medicine.

2) Soon Meigen was teaching astronomy as well.

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X astronomy1) MG: X-ray astronomy is now a fully mature branch of astronomy.

2) The Pioneering Decade of X-ray Astronomy".

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astronomy1) Discussion group servers host numerous astronomy lists.

2) An astronomer is someone who studies astronomy.

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