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astronomer astrologer1) There was no difference between astronomers and astrologers.

2) Did astronomers or astrologers react to that event?

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allow astronomer1) It is this combination that allows astronomers to study this object in great detail.

2) Space telescopes allowed astronomers to study light wavelengths outside those that the earth's atmosphere transmits.

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amateur astronomer1) She was an elementary school teacher and amateur astronomer.

2) Important meetings of professional and amateur astronomers were hosted on site.

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American astronomer1) John Dobson, 98, American astronomer.

2) August 14 – Charles Pollard Olivier, American astronomer.

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ancient astronomer1) These stellar motions were unknown to ancient astronomers.

2) All the ancient astronomers were very bothered by Algol.

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century astronomer1) It was first used by 18th century astronomers investigating planet rotation around the Sun.

2) In the nineteenth century, astronomers began to take an interest in the historic records.

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Chinese astronomer1) Chinese astronomers record the sudden appearance of a bright star.

2) Chinese astronomers were able to precisely predict eclipses.

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English astronomer1) Sir Patrick Moore, English astronomer (b. 1923).

2) It was discovered in 1851 by William Lassel, an amateur English astronomer .

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European astronomer1) October 20 – European astronomers discover 32 exoplanets.

2) But European astronomers do not want to work only within ESA.

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famous astronomer1) Battani was a famous astronomer, mathematician and astrologer.

2) Herschel's son John Herschel also became a famous astronomer.

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French astronomer1) The same source was translated by the French astronomer and astrologer Pelerin de Prusse and others.

2) Around 1736, a French astronomer recalled how Amerindians used rubber to waterproof shoes and cloaks.

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German astronomer1) The Prutenic tables came to be preferred by Prussian and German astronomers.

2) See also Freimut Börngen, German astronomer.

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Greek astronomer1) Ptolemy was a critically important Greek astronomer.

2) Some Greek astronomers worked out calendars based on the eclipse cycle.

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mathematician astronomer1) Johannes Kepler – German mathematician, astronomer and astrologer.

2) Khawarizmi was a mathematician, astronomer and geographer.

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Muslim astronomer1) Medieval Muslim astronomers depicted Aries in various ways.

2) The sundial was further developed by Muslim astronomers.

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professional astronomer1) With a professional astronomer's "crowd sourced astronomy" project?

2) Amateur and professional astronomers worldwide are eagerly anticipating comet ISON .

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radio astronomer1) radio astronomers confirmed they had detected what some are calling gravitational waves.

2) radio astronomers have examined groups of galaxies as well as pairs.

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Astronomer Royal1) During this period he unsuccessfully sought positions at Cambridge and as Astronomer royal.

2) Sir Harold Spencer Jones, MBE, Astronomer Royal.

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astronomer1) An astronomer is someone who studies astronomy.

2) Most astronomers recognize that irregular moons are captured asteroids.

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