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diverse assortment1) The field of consequential strangers encompasses a diverse assortment of relationship types.

2) The Army provides a diverse assortment of programs to assist units in training cultural awareness.

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eclectic assortment1) The participants were an equally eclectic assortment of thinkers.

2) The tourism supports an eclectic assortment of fine and casual dining experiences.

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full assortment1) Check out the calendar's full assortment of tricks in the press release after the break.

2) A full assortment of all kinds appropriate for the Jewelry Envelope and Gift Jewelry Business.

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great assortment1) The large gift shop has a great assortment of Disney merchandise .

2) Valladolid also offers a great assortment of wild mushrooms.

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huge assortment1) We have a huge assortment of popular dog and puppy images for every taste.

2) Check out the condiment section, where there is a huge assortment of marinade sauces.

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large assortment1) Russell left a large assortment of writing.

2) The large assortment is available in both sterling silver and gold vermeil .

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motley assortment1) Pluto's court as a literary setting could bring together a motley assortment of characters.

2) Cowboys were joined by a motley assortment of buffalo hunters, gunmen, adventurers, and crooks.

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odd assortment1) The DVD contains an odd assortment of extras.

2) The Click DVD features an odd assortment of extras.

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product assortment1) The product assortment comprises around 70 products.

2) Description: the breadth of the product assortment of the company has to be defined.

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random assortment1) They are a purely random assortment of connections.

2) Skeletor, a random assortment of muscle-bound action figures.

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rich assortment1) Easter Island has the richest assortment of petroglyphs in Polynesia.

2) The Przeworsk culture sites provide a rich assortment of Amber Road traded objects.

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usual assortment1) White House sources say Lewinsky handled the usual assortment of clerical tasks.

2) He holds the usual assortment of awards, including the Distinguished Flying Cross.

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varied assortment1) She plants a varied assortment of vegetables, and some interesting flowers varieties.

2) So where are the ancestors of the rich and varied assortment of Cambrian fossils?

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vast assortment1) The company also has a vast assortment of power adapters.

2) Envelopes are available in a vast assortment of colors, sizes and stocks.

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wide assortment1) International travel offers an even wider assortment of choices.

2) There are wide assortment of watches wellensteyn norderstedt having various functions.

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assortment of characters1) The story has a wonderful assortment of characters.

2) Pluto's court as a literary setting could bring together a motley assortment of characters.

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assortment of clothes1) An assortment of clothes were lying on the table.

2) He appears in "" and wears an unusual assortment of clothes.

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assortment of gifts1) The assortment of gifts varies significantly.

2) Divine receives an assortment of gifts, including lice shampoo, a pig's head, and an axe.

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assortment of goods1) Sailing ships returned from across the Atlantic Ocean and up the Bay to Annapolis Harbor with an amazing assortment of goods for sale.

2) By staid New England standards, the entertainment will be risque with exotic dancers and bikini-clad models hawking an assortment of goods in tents dotting the town.

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assortment of items1) This page offers a wide assortment of items that work in conjunction with your hard hat.

2) The day also includes a large silent auction with an assortment of items to bid on.

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assortment1) The product assortment comprises around 70 products.

2) No apology is made for this curious assortment.

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strange assortment1) It serves the strangest assortment of flavors in its smoothies, made to order.

2) Now, however, he was wearing the strangest assortment of garments Harry had ever seen; he had done an even worse job of dressing himself than the wizards at the World Cup.

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