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astute businessman1) He was an astute businessman who worked his employees hard.

2) He became known as an astute businessman and professional carpenter.

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astute man1) He's an astute man, there's no doubting that.

2) Wardle's solicitor, and Pickwick's, an amiable, astute little man .

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astute observation1) This is because they are competent in learning through astute observation .

2) Sherlock Holmes could solve crimes by astute observation of a suspect's shoes.

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astute observer1) However both used deductions and were astute observers .

2) Any astute observer of politics can realize why.

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astute politician1) If anything goes in politics, then the astute politician will not go negative.

2) Keiki was an able individual, an astute politician prepared to take heed of the views of both advisers and enemies.

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astute reader1) No, the astute reader will say.

2) The problem might now be apparent to the more astute readers .

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astute signing1) Before the season commenced, manager Dexter Adams made two astute signings .

2) Zaha could prove an astute signing .

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astute businesswoman1) She was involved with many aspects of her films and was considered an astute businesswoman.

2) But why should an astute businesswoman hold back one of her better performances for posthumous publication?

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astute investor1) An astute investor will always clarify equity ownership issues upfront before proceeding .

2) The astute investor and collector knows which edition they own.

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astute judge1) But former general manager Tim Ruskell made that decision, not John Schneider, who is a more astute judge of talent.

2) In evaluating Africa's airways and transportation scene, ATA members can be considered some of the most astute judges of all.

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astute manager1) The astute manager ascertains which is which.

2) Trevor Anderson has proved what an astute manager can do with an average squad, imagination - and money.

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astute move1) Politically the pledge is a very astute move.

2) This was an astute move as feudalism was giving way to early industrialisation.

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astute use of1) The railway was noted for its astute use of public relations and a coherent management structure headed by Sir Herbert Walker.

2) astute use of leverage (debt) increases the amount of financial resources available to a company for growth and expansion.

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astute1) However both used deductions and were astute observers.

2) Consumers are becoming smarter and more astute regarding brand dilution.

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financially astute1) THE South Indian film producer said: 'Indians living in America are very financially astute.

2) These men and women are remarkably financially astute, each has a unique area of specialty where they earn side income.

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politically astute1) Mrs. Taft was extremely intelligent and politically astute.

2) Throughout her career, Eliot wrote with a politically astute pen.

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very astute1) Politically the pledge is a very astute move.

2) very astute, straight down the line.

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