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astral body1) Your astral body is placed into new womb.

2) This implies conscious use of the astral body .

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astral form1) She smiled at her husband, whose astral form stood nearby.

2) In his astral form, Lockheed was capable of speech.

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astral light1) And this astral light is material and not spirit.

2) In the astral light are all the differentiated sounds as well.

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astral plane1) The medium of the astral plane is emotion.

2) Forge used deep meditation to enter the astral plane .

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astral projection1) Most dreams are probably unconscious astral projections, anyway.

2) It can be reached through astral projection while sleeping.

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astral realm1) You might also experience heightened magical ability while in the astral realm .

2) Some say the Light is above all the astral realms .

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astral religion1) Syrian astral religion was connected with two other religious trends.

2) There was also an astral religion .

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astral travel1) Similar to astral travel but with differences.

2) This is not full-fledged astral travel : navigation is haphazard.

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astral world1) The astral world is extremely changeable and subject to your thoughts.

2) Many spirits, elementals and ghosts exist in the astral world .

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astral1) The changing season closely scans and studies astral lore.

2) Most dreams are probably unconscious astral projections, anyway.

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