Expressions - Collocations of the word " bad "

" bad "Collocations - Expressions
bad be1) How bad is the college cost situation?

2) And how bad is the bad example?

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bad compare1) Relatively speaking, our national debt isn't too bad compared to our GDP.

2) The question isn't...Has what Palin done been so bad compared to Obama?

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bad happen1) Three days ago something very bad happened to me.

2) I hope nothing bad happens to him.

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bad mouth1) bad mouthing is no alternative to a genuine debate .

2) Why are you defensive of someone who has bad mouthed our soldiers ?

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bad temper1) He gets terribly bad tempered if he plays a bad shot.

2) Manchester derbies in the 1970s were frequently bad tempered .

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any bad1) Their situation could hardly be any worse.

2) A slide show couldn't have been any worse.

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as bad1) Down channel things were just as bad.

2) One sin is as bad as another.

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become bad1) The third hair cut became subsequently worse.

2) The humanitarian situation has become significantly worse .

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be bad1) The bar area service is consistently bad here.

2) The situation was worse between 1947 through 1995.

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break bad1) This game breaks bad for the Eagles.

2) Saul soon becomes a regular character on " breaking Bad".

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bad credit1) bad credit personal loan venture capital investment personal loans.

2) But does bad credit equal poor performance?

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bad debt1) Jun accounting treatment for bad debt recovered.

2) Being money received from earlier bad debts written off.

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bad decision1) What " truly epic level bad decision "?

2) And just bad political decisions being made.

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do bad1) The three other companies actually did worse .

2) Actually all things considered not doing too bad.

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bad enemy1) We are often our own worst enemies .

2) Sea sickness quickly became my worst enemy .

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even bad1) Of course feminist solutions were even worse.

2) His poll numbers are even worse among women .

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bad faith1) This is called " bad faith ".

2) These are beliefs held in bad faith .

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far bad1) That makes cheap methodologies far far far worse.

2) What makes the situation far worse is racial disparity.

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fare bad1) Just eight candidates fared worse than fourth place.

2) Girls fare worse than boys particularly in rural areas.

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feel bad1) I guess she was feeling pretty bad.

2) She really did feel bad for him.

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get bad1) And quality problems are definitely getting worse.

2) The relationship with supporters is getting worse.

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go bad1) Wild food goes bad fast once picked.

2) Employee had a hair transplant gone bad.

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grow bad1) And the weather had grown steadily worse.

2) This effect grows worse as size grows.

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bad guy1) Of course fire breathing bad guys are totally realistic .

2) The insurance company is always the bad guy .

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bad habit1) bad contracting habits are like bad eating habits.

2) bad contracting habits are like bad eating habits .

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hurt bad1) I got bad blisters and am hurting pretty bad.

2) I hurt very bad physically and mentally.

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bad idea1) Playing emotional games is another very bad idea .

2) Software patents are basically a bad idea .

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bad loan1) Poor credit loan guaranteed loans bad credit loans .

2) Feb fast bad credit auto loans online financing.

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look bad1) It looks especially bad in the panels.

2) Things were beginning to look very bad.

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bad luck1) The family has had enough bad luck .

2) His good luck was her bad luck .

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make bad1) Pain is usually made worse with overhead activities.

2) It was a horrible sight made worse under simulated battle conditions.

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much bad1) But the chief objection is much worse.

2) They were soon to become very much worse.

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bad news1) Those men did bring bad news last night.

2) When is bad news really bad news?

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no bad1) And your poor sister is no worse.

2) There are no bad or good feelings.

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nothing bad1) There is nothing worse than blind faith.

2) There is nothing worse than a narrow porch.

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particularly bad1) The hint system is a particularly bad example.

2) This is a particularly bad album cover.

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perform bad1) Especially dirty roofs may perform substantially worse than product labels indicate.

2) But read committed can perform worse with high concurrency.

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pretty bad1) The full blog post is actually pretty bad .

2) The data connection was pretty bad too .

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progressively bad1) It gets progressively worse until we are genuinely bitter.

2) Research shows that domestic violence usually gets progressively worse.

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really bad1) When is bad news really bad news?

2) The distortion is really bad at high volume.

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bad scenario1) The "worst case scenarios " of measles are scare tactics.

2) I might add a worse case scenario .

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smell bad1) The coach says the locker room smells bad.

2) Besides, it just smells too bad.

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so bad1) Christina sucked so bad it was amazing.

2) There are actually many reasons why people should feel so bad.

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sound bad1) That sounds worse than a bad date .

2) But they didn't sound too bad.

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bad taste1) Nigel found nothing less erotic than bad taste .

2) It is of "bad taste "?

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that bad1) I really thought it was that bad!

2) Yes, the film was that bad.

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bad thing1) The worst thing here is without doubt traffic.

2) The worst thing is having things swept under the rug.

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too bad1) too bad if rain had been forecast.

2) The phone service just sucks too bad.

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very bad1) Playing emotional games is another very bad idea.

2) This is very bad for many reasons.

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bad weather1) The bad weather brought tricky driving co.

2) Cut bridge watches short in bad weather .

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appallingly bad1) A bright star in an appallingly bad movie.

2) I am appallingly bad at saying no.

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bad about1) What else is bad about downloaded music?

2) Canada is actually not too bad about blades.

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bad accident1) This was the airline's worst accident.

2) The worst accident in company history occurred on 27 February 1958.

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bad acne1) Kylie is a shy girl with bright red hair and bad acne.

2) D. Cystic acne is worst acne.

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bad acting1) It felt like bad acting and he made a mental note.

2) Her voice work is mostly bland, with occasional patches of bad acting.

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bad actor1) And he is a terribly bad actor.

2) He is a big, bad actor.

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bad advice1) Where is the "bad" in bad advice?

2) The king listened to this bad advice.

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bad allergy1) I usually have bad allergies so I thought it was allergic.

2) I have really bad allergies and we got a poodle .

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bad analogy1) Also, you win the bad analogy war, hands down.

2) This is a bad analogy on top of a bad argument .

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bad ankle1) Jones played 83 tough minutes in the snow on a bad ankle .

2) Williams has a bad ankle and is not the player he once was.

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bad apple1) One bad apple spoils the whole bunch.

2) There are bad apples in every culture.

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bad arm1) He quickly diagnosed broken ribs and a bad arm break.

2) He's got a bad arm right now.

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bad at1) The distortion is really bad at high volume.

2) The corners are pretty bad at 100 percent enlargement.

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bad attack1) One Sunday morning he had a bad attack during the service.

2) This was the worst attack on Turkish nationals in nearly 10 years.

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bad attitude1) Higher scores indicate a worse attitude towards pain.

2) Mostly due to bad attitudes toward food in general.

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bad back1) I am 57 yrs young with a bad back!

2) No "bad back 9" this time!

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bad ball1) Brewer is extremely fast albeit an extremely bad ball handler .

2) Also bad offensive team and bad ball park .

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bad bank1) A bad bank or an asset management company?

2) The rest goes into the " bad bank" pile.

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bad behaviour1) Teachers were criticised for allowing bad behaviour.

2) There was no question of bad behaviour.

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bad bet1) Because they make too many bad bets on aging players?

2) Some investors chalk up their potential loss to a bad bet .

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bad blood1) There is little visible bad blood between the fighters and camps.

2) There's bad blood on both sides.

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bad bout1) In September, I had another bad bout.

2) That morning Margaret had complained of a bad bout of sickness.

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bad boy1) His bad boy routine got old real fast.

2) The security on those bad boys is insane.

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bad breakup1) Lexie has just suffered a bad breakup with her boyfriend.

2) No bad breakups or anything like that going on.

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bad breath1) Cheese and fish both cause bad breath.

2) Another characteristic symptom is their noticeably bad breath.

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bad business1) To owe federal taxes is bad business.

2) This was bad business, bad politics.

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bad case1) The worst case is sea level 212 feet higher .

2) The lower line represents the worst case.

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bad cause1) The liberalization you see has a bad cause.

2) The worst cause even Spurs supporters to wince a little.

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bad character1) So references to bad character are never admissible.

2) A vice is a bad character trait.

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bad check1) Have the subjects passed bad checks?

2) In 1975 Velma received a six-month prison sentence for writing bad checks.

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bad cheque1) In 1956 Ryan appeared in court for passing bad cheques in Dandenong.

2) bad cheque passing has risen by 87 per cent and drunken driving by 205 per cent.

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bad chest1) Q. I suffer from pretty bad chest pain.

2) And we grew up puny, with bad chests.

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bad choice1) He is naive and often makes bad choices.

2) The green terror was not a bad choice.

more bad choice sentences
bad cholesterol1) My bad cholesterol is down and perfect .

2) Garlic helps lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

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bad circulation1) bad circulation in the brain causes headaches and dizziness.

2) It's a sign of bad circulation and high blood pressure.

more bad circulation sentences
bad cold1) He has really got a bad cold.

2) He came down with a bad cold.

more bad cold sentences
bad concussion1) He laughs and says he has dealt with worse concussions before.

2) He saw his share of combat and sustained a pair of very bad concussions.

more bad concussion sentences
bad condition1) This road is supposedly in very bad condition.

2) Yet freed blacks generally suffered worse conditions than those enslaved.

more bad condition sentences
bad conduct discharge1) bad conduct discharges are often preceded by a period of confinement in a military prison.

2) Punitive dischargesbad conduct discharge issued by either Special Court Martial or General Court Martial only.

more bad conduct discharge sentences
bad conductor1) Air is a very bad conductor.

2) These are Hertzian waves, and good conductors for every-day electricity may be bad conductors for them.

more bad conductor sentences
bad conscience1) The real explanation of bad conscience is quite different.

2) With a bad conscience it is difficult to meditate.

more bad conscience sentences
bad consequence1) Not doing so can have bad consequences.

2) And sometimes, it was a choice with very bad consequences.

more bad consequence sentences
bad cough1) And I have a very bad cough.

2) I started to have a bad cough.

more bad cough sentences
bad cramp1) At first she had excruciating tummy pain; really bad cramps.

2) I had some really really bad cramps this month but think I've actually been eating better.

more bad cramp sentences
bad cut1) He is still nursing a bad cut .

2) Multiple scratches can cause a bad cut.

more bad cut sentences
bad day1) He was officially having a very bad day.

2) Even the best athletes have bad days.

more bad day sentences
bad deal1) bad deal for whatever buzz was worth.

2) Big corporations should go bankrupt for making bad deals.

more bad deal sentences
bad deed1) But nevertheless, the real bad deed is already done.

2) This is for the Christians whose bad deeds outweigh good.

more bad deed sentences
bad defeat1) It's the worst defeat of my career.

2) It was a worst defeat for Liverpool in nine years.

more bad defeat sentences
bad diet1) Viagra side effects the anxiety and bad diet lack of.

2) Alcohol and a bad diet are partly to blame .

more bad diet sentences
bad dog1) This is a very bad dog food.

2) Who says I have a bad dog?

more bad dog sentences
bad dream1) Well actually everyone was just having bad dreams.

2) Then she has some super bad dreams.

more bad dream sentences
bad driver1) People in general are already bad drivers without modern distractions !

2) There are way to many bad drivers on the road already .

more bad driver sentences
bad driving1) Thames valley police are cracking down on bad driving.

2) Police say bad driving is still the biggest danger.

more bad driving sentences
bad economy1) A bad economy means less money for science .

2) Do teens screw around less in a bad economy?

more bad economy sentences
bad egg1) Any "bad eggs" negatively affects anyone.

2) There are no bad eggs in training.

more bad egg sentences
Bad Ems1) His burial ground is in the city of Bad Ems near Koblenz.

2) The presentation of this working model takes place in Bad Ems in October.

more Bad Ems sentences
bad end1) The worst end to the worst Halloween ever.

2) It was a bad end for a great king.

more bad end sentences
bad ending1) Instead the game will play a bad ending.

2) I f!cking hate bad endings!

more bad ending sentences
bad etiquette1) You have bad etiquette, and 3.

2) I offered a draw, not realizing it was bad etiquette.

more bad etiquette sentences
bad example1) The hint system is a particularly bad example.

2) Japanese right wing has set a very bad example here .

more bad example sentences
bad excuse1) He adds that this bad excuse is better than nun.

2) Could this be a bad excuse for having none?

more bad excuse sentences
bad experience1) Natalie had bad experiences with gambling addiction.

2) Your hotel was a bad experience on many levels.

more bad experience sentences
bad eyesight1) Spike and Audrey had nothing in common but bad eyesight.

2) Opium was used for treating asthma, stomach illnesses, and bad eyesight.

more bad eyesight sentences
bad fairy1) Different wild yeast species occur in differing regions and you may have caught a bad fairy.

2) One is sent on quests by good and bad fairies where no doubt magic spells are used for protection and defense.

more bad fairy sentences
bad fall1) Na had two bad falls during the match.

2) Al had been ill and had suffered some bad falls recently.

more bad fall sentences
bad father1) My father never seemed like a bad father.

2) Is this the difference between bad mothers and bad fathers ?

more bad father sentences
bad feeling1) I was healed instantly: every bad feeling was destroyed.

2) There was much bad feeling between these two warring women.

more bad feeling sentences
bad film1) Things may be the worst film ever made.

2) He and critics consider it his worst film.

more bad film sentences
bad fit1) The job may simply have been a bad fit.

2) They are usually a bad fit for younger transitioners.

more bad fit sentences
bad flu1) The worst flu illness in many years.

2) In middle of August whole family got a really bad flu.

more bad flu sentences
bad food1) More recently coconut milk was spared the bad food label.

2) The world is full of bad food.

more bad food sentences
bad for1) This is very bad for many reasons.

2) Historic low rates are bad for bonds.

more bad for sentences
bad form1) Everybody is saying we have got bad form.

2) This is bad form and just plain unnecessary.

more bad form sentences
bad fortune1) Up is upward good fortune, down is downward bad fortune.

2) bad fortune for him became good fortune for us.

more bad fortune sentences
Bad Godesberg1) Mussolini distributed a proposal similar to Hitler's Bad Godesberg terms.

2) Seidel died in Bad Godesberg on 10 November 1955.

more Bad Godesberg sentences
bad grade1) Nature gets bad grades and talks back.

2) Finished school with bad grades and joined a school.

more bad grade sentences
bad grammar1) A hard character limit is no excuse for bad grammar.

2) My apologies for bad grammar and spelling .

more bad grammar sentences
bad hair day1) I never have a bad hair day.

2) I will not be held responsible for bad hair days.

more bad hair day sentences
bad haircut1) The worst haircut he ever had?

2) And yeah, it's the worst haircut of my adult life.

more bad haircut sentences
bad hand1) A bad hand pump has stranded me before.

2) It's not saying he has bad hands.

more bad hand sentences
bad handwriting1) It is almost wasted on my bad handwriting!

2) Using the on-line registration form will remedy any bad handwriting but typing and spelling errors can still abound.

more bad handwriting sentences
bad hangover1) Several studies have examined whether certain types of alcohol cause worse hangovers.

2) The next day Habey Cox woke up with a bad hangover.

more bad hangover sentences
bad harvest1) The increase in taxes and bad harvests led to crises.

2) bad harvests caused distress, but they were usually localized.

more bad harvest sentences
bad headache1) He had been complaining about having bad headaches.

2) Started off with sore throat and bad headache.

more bad headache sentences
bad health1) It gave my wife really bad health problems.

2) There is nothing more expensive than bad health!

more bad health sentences
bad hearing1) He had spend a lot of time in the engine room which had left him with bad hearing.

2) We play very loud heavy metal in the office all day long, so bad hearing is an advantage.

more bad hearing sentences
bad heart1) Dad had four bad heart attacks in 1946.

2) This objection betrays a bad heart.

more bad heart sentences
bad hip1) He has been having bad hip and back pain .

2) One is hip quality; dogs with bad hips will not be used.

more bad hip sentences
bad housekeeping1) They are also susceptible to casual misuse and damage through bad housekeeping.

2) Finding myself at wit's end of an era bad Housekeeping.

more bad housekeeping sentences
bad housing1) These ailments were attributed to bad housing and malnutrition.

2) However, African-Americans faced bad housing and poor jobs during this time period.

more bad housing sentences
bad humour1) In fact, no real protest, just a sense of impotent bad humour.

2) If one ever mentioned the killing of a dove, it put him in a bad humour.

more bad humour sentences
bad imitation1) And I wrote some very bad imitation Hopkins.

2) Most artists you hear are really doing bad imitations of other people.

more bad imitation sentences
bad impression1) This kind of thing gives a very bad impression elsewhere.

2) Only, more bad impressions will mean greater struggle.

more bad impression sentences
bad incident1) He has shown remorse after a bad incident.

2) The worst incident happened in May 2006.

more bad incident sentences
bad influence1) He was a bad influence without doing anything.

2) Jessica's bad influence had started already.

more bad influence sentences
bad injury1) The worst injury it too awful to show.

2) Yes, other occupations suffer worse injuries.

more bad injury sentences
bad insult1) That, somehow, was the worst insult of all.

2) That's the worst insult Claire can give.

more bad insult sentences
bad intelligence1) Never mind that torture doesn't work and generates bad intelligence.

2) It has the appearance not of good imaging but of bad intelligence.

more bad intelligence sentences
bad intention1) Surely not everyone in the room has bad intentions?

2) This proves that this woman has no bad intentions.

more bad intention sentences
bad investment1) Much research outcome measures and bad investment in overweight humans.

2) His grandfather had made a series of bad investments .

more bad investment sentences
bad job1) Neither does a bad job by tablet standards.

2) What was the worst job you ever had?

more bad job sentences
bad joke1) It is far too early for bad jokes .

2) A good judge who tells bad jokes.

more bad joke sentences
bad judge1) The worst is if I had a bad judge.

2) I am probably the world's worst judge of male attractiveness.

more bad judge sentences
bad karma1) A bad action creates bad karma, as does bad intent.

2) Feel the grand drama of bad karma coming inevitably back home.

more bad karma sentences
bad kind1) You are the worst kind of human being!

2) It was the worst kind of arduous.

more bad kind sentences
bad knee1) Duncan has missed four straight games with a bad knee .

2) The bad knee still gave Akins problems.

more bad knee sentences
Bad Lands1) The Bad Lands are 100 miles East of Sturgis SD.

2) His Grandfather "ZIP" Davis's road construction company built the first commercial road through the Bad Lands SD!

more Bad Lands sentences
bad language1) For the bad language and little girl.

2) There was a lot of bad language.

more bad language sentences
bad leg1) The bent lady with the bad legs was helped out.

2) There are no good legs and bad legs.

more bad leg sentences
bad liar1) She's a worse liar than most politicians.

2) An' I don't mean that like he was a bad liar.

more bad liar sentences
bad light1) bad light stopped play 15 minutes before stumps.

2) They perch too far away in bad light.

more bad light sentences
bad lighting1) bad lighting and badly placed cables and furniture can cause unnecessary accidents.

2) You might also need to fix bad lighting from fluorescent or incandescent lighting.

more bad lighting sentences
bad link1) This will make cleaning up bad links much faster.

2) You can help fixing bad links or add new links.

more bad link sentences
bad loser1) They may enjoy competition but are very bad losers.

2) And he is a very bad loser".

more bad loser sentences
bad man1) I really believe these "bad men" are sacrifices.

2) He was a very evil bad man.

more bad man sentences
bad management1) Or report physical attacks or bad management practices.

2) We wasted that much through bad management and sheer stupidity.

more bad management sentences
bad manner1) People without manners or bad manners were looked down upon.

2) Black comedy of bad manners holds nothing back!

more bad manner sentences
bad mannered1) It was incredibly immature and bad mannered .

2) She is very rude, bad mannered and ignorant.

more bad mannered sentences
bad mark1) I really hate having any bad marks on my credit.

2) Edward often obtained bad marks due to quarreling and bad conduct.

more bad mark sentences
bad meat1) Turakina wrinkled her nose as if she was smelling bad meat.

2) A rank, fetid odour clogged his nostrils and reminded him of bad meat.

more bad meat sentences
bad memory1) bad memories put boundaries to your future plans.

2) Will some other name evoke bad memories?

more bad memory sentences
bad mistake1) Or your kid makes a bad mistake.

2) What was your worst mistake in {topic}?

more bad mistake sentences
bad moment1) The worst moment is the elongated car chase.

2) Some bad moments may arise paying fares on buses.

more bad moment sentences
bad mood1) Learn strategies that might help bad moods pass sooner.

2) He was obviously in a very bad mood.

more bad mood sentences
bad moral1) So, Paul may have been warning against women teachers with bad morals.

2) Or they would think that she was a woman with bad moral behaviour.

more bad moral sentences
bad mother1) Why do white cats make bad mothers?

2) I felt a like a bad mother.

more bad mother sentences
bad move1) bad move indeed to remix this track.

2) For analysis purposes, bad moves are indicated by "?

more bad move sentences
bad movie1) I found myself making really bad movies, too.

2) The whole thing sounded like some bad movie.

more bad movie sentences
bad name1) Good technology has gained a bad name.

2) He gives civil disobedience a bad name .

more bad name sentences
bad neighbourhood1) St-Roch was a VERY bad neighbourhood.

2) Approaching a bad neighbourhood one can notice the environment change, growing disorder at how houses and people look like.

more bad neighbourhood sentences
bad nerve1) I have bad nerves and anxiety at the best of times.

2) And erm Marie Ann thinks she got over her worst nerves at that time.

more bad nerve sentences
bad night1) And last night was a bad night.

2) It was a bad night last night.

more bad night sentences
bad off1) The person may end up worse off.

2) There was consolation in knowing that others were worse off.

more bad off sentences
bad omen1) Returning home for forgotten things is a bad omen.

2) To break a dish is a very bad omen.

more bad omen sentences
bad outcome1) The latter is not a bad outcome .

2) It did, only a much worse outcome.

more bad outcome sentences
bad paper1) Ever gotten one of those really bad paper cuts?

2) Someone said it was the worst paper they had ever seen.

more bad paper sentences
bad parent1) There are several signs of bad parenting.

2) They are made bad by bad parents!

more bad parent sentences
bad patch1) Every team goes through a bad patch.

2) I had my bad patches last season but finished relatively strongly.

more bad patch sentences
bad people1) Even the worst people deserve more humane treatment.

2) Jonah brings bad news to bad people.

more bad people sentences
bad performance1) Discover lead several result each morning opposite direction - worse performance!

2) His regular season began with an extraordinarily bad performance.

more bad performance sentences
bad person1) I guess that makes me bad person.

2) My husband is not a bad person.

more bad person sentences
bad place1) A bad place for poor little babies–decidedly.

2) He had made tea in worse places.

more bad place sentences
bad play1) What bad play calling on those failed goal line conversions.

2) Luck is one thing; bad play is something entirely different.

more bad play sentences
bad poetry1) Rimbaud announces himself to be followed by some excruciatingly bad poetry.

2) Then again, there can be a terrible beauty in bad poetry.

more bad poetry sentences
bad point1) The worst points for drifts are very soon determined.

2) This approach has good and bad points.

more bad point sentences
bad posture1) bad posture for mom equals bad position for baby!

2) Your bad posture started out as just another bad habit.

more bad posture sentences
bad precedent1) The lawyers found bad precedents to justify a bad measure.

2) It was a bad precedent to set.

more bad precedent sentences
bad presentation1) Michael Foot probably had even worse presentation skills than Red Ed though he was a better man.

2) I got tired of people blaming the tool and not owning the responsibility for the really bad presentations getting delivered every day.

more bad presentation sentences
bad pronunciation1) By then you will have got used to some bad pronunciation habits.

2) bad pronunciation costs 'Wheel of Fortune' player chance to win $1 million

more bad pronunciation sentences
bad publicity1) Does the department perhaps want bad publicity ?

2) Only once did a major piece of bad publicity prove false.

more bad publicity sentences
bad rap1) This movie has really given sharks a bad rap.

2) Capitalism has been getting a bad rap lately.

more bad rap sentences
bad reaction1) Or they can cause a bad reaction.

2) This preparation will lessen the chance of a bad reaction.

more bad reaction sentences
bad reception1) Together these are all possible reasons for bad reception.

2) This may have been part of their bad reception in Mexico.

more bad reception sentences
bad recession1) Obama inherited the worst recession if not depression since 1929 .

2) And then came Europe's worst recession since the war.

more bad recession sentences
bad record1) His teams finished with progressively worse records.

2) It was their worst record since 1994.

more bad record sentences
bad reference1) Many offers are withdrawn over bad references.

2) bad mouth employees who have left, give bad references.

more bad reference sentences
bad report1) Four bad reports came together last week.

2) One bad report could lose a girl her badge.

more bad report sentences
bad reputation1) So why does human smuggling have such a bad reputation?

2) Some countries have very bad reputations for fraud.

more bad reputation sentences
bad review1) One bad review equals a thousand satisfied customers.

2) Have you ever received a bad review?

more bad review sentences
bad risk1) Every carrier gets bad risk since insurance is a future facing concern.

2) Like all bad risks ...they deserve to lose.

more bad risk sentences
bad road1) The post conducted its wanting service mostly under bad road conditions.

2) Riding over really bad roads must receive special mention.

more bad road sentences
bad run1) So 16 years wasn't a bad run.

2) This is their worst run since .

more bad run sentences
bad science1) That ideology is both bad theology and bad science .

2) She often had eyes rolling with her bad science.

more bad science sentences
bad score1) I am worried that this one bad score hurts my chances.

2) Teachers and principals lose their jobs because of bad scores .

more bad score sentences
bad seed1) Original sin is the bad seed in everyone.

2) It contains the tomato tissue, bad seeds and pulp.

more bad seed sentences
bad sense1) This teaching rapidly became intellectualised in a bad sense.

2) Shut off enclosed, masturbatory in the bad sense.

more bad sense sentences
bad service1) This means a worse service for passengers heading west.

2) No bad service for an original £500 investment.

more bad service sentences
bad shape1) Both infantry regiments are in bad shape.

2) Our infrastructure is in very bad shape .

more bad shape sentences
bad shot1) These guys eat opponents' bad shots for breakfast.

2) It is difficult to take a bad shot.

more bad shot sentences
bad side effect1) I had very bad side effects after the procedure.

2) I've not seen any bad side effects.

more bad side effect sentences
bad sign1) A high turnover rate is a bad sign.

2) Significant weight loss is a bad sign.

more bad sign sentences
bad situation1) This is a bad situation for several reasons.

2) This added more confusion to an already bad situation.

more bad situation sentences
bad smell1) It had very bad smell from beginning .

2) Pretty bad smell, but nothing too drastic.

more bad smell sentences
bad spell1) Bristol City had a bad spell as well.

2) Remove bad spells from homes, business u0026 customer attraction etc. 4.

more bad spell sentences
bad sportsmanship1) As such, those who engage in fights aren't usually accused of bad sportsmanship.

2) Evidence of bad Australian sportsmanship may be valid, but does not excuse bad sportsmanship by your lot .

more bad sportsmanship sentences
bad start1) Montgomery is off to a bad start.

2) The season was off to a bad start.

more bad start sentences
bad state1) However bad states make us behave inappropriately.

2) Silvia had been in a bad state last night.

more bad state sentences
bad storm1) It must have been a bad storm.

2) Its roots are deep and can withstand the worst storm.

more bad storm sentences
bad strain1) Another possibility might be drugs that kill only the bad strains .

2) Exclusively killing the bad strains would be more beneficial, says Li.

more bad strain sentences
bad strategy1) So talking law instead of business is a bad strategy.

2) The truth is this is a very bad strategy.

more bad strategy sentences
bad stutter1) She had a bad stutter and her squat-mates gave her a hard time because of it.

2) He suffered from a bad stutter, and the delighted hilarity of his classmates as he stumbled through simple texts was agony.

more bad stutter sentences
bad tackle1) It was a bad tackle and a bad break .

2) Never have I seen such bad angles to the ball and such bad tackling.

more bad tackle sentences
bad teacher1) The problem is not bad teachers or too few schools hours.

2) The most accomplished academics are often the worst teachers.

more bad teacher sentences
bad tempered1) The patient is often nervous and bad tempered.

2) Why was I so unreasonable and bad tempered?

more bad tempered sentences
bad thought1) I suffered nightmares, bad thoughts while awake.

2) My mind runs rampant with bad thoughts at times.

more bad thought sentences
bad throat1) She kept getting a bad throat.

2) She's got a bad throat.

more bad throat sentences
bad time1) Americans have less patience for bad times.

2) However this usually comes at bad times.

more bad time sentences
bad timing1) It was more than bad luck and bad timing.

2) It was a case of very bad timing.

more bad timing sentences
bad tooth1) He was a dull man with bad teeth.

2) So can bad teeth and unpaid debts.

more bad tooth sentences
bad traffic1) What are its best and worst traffic laws or situations?

2) But all cars suffer range loss from cold weather and bad traffic .

more bad traffic sentences
bad translation1) But this is simply a bad translation.

2) It's a really, really bad translation.

more bad translation sentences
bad trip1) A bad trip you can call your own.

2) He tried psilocybin and had a "bad trip".

more bad trip sentences
bad trouble1) But the worst trouble was in Dresden.

2) Your child has new or worse trouble moving his arm.

more bad trouble sentences
bad winter1) Sheep died in the worst winter since 1996.

2) bad winters and deep snow kill more elk then wolves do .

more bad winter sentences
bad word1) The end result bad words and sloppy play.

2) There were no bad words or feelings.

more bad word sentences
bad workmanship1) He resorted to bad workmanship and using cheap materials.

2) bad materials and fewer of them, and bad workmanship, reduced the costs of building.

more bad workmanship sentences
bad writing1) A unique combination of thin plot and bad writing .

2) Similarly, bad spelling did not mean bad writing.

more bad writing sentences
bad year1) We had four bad years of regulation taxes.

2) She admitted 2006 had been her worst year.

more bad year sentences
bad1) Discount car radio car loan financing insurance bad credit mortgage.

2) bad credit personal loan venture capital investment personal loans.

more bad sentences
bad-tempered1) bad-tempered people are much more liable to get sick.

2) Often bad-tempered but a capable military leader.

more bad-tempered sentences
be bad tempered1) Drakes can be bad tempered and aggressive and are not suitable as pets.

2) I do not believe in the hypothesis that people are bad tempered by birth.

more be bad tempered sentences
embarrassingly bad1) Yet another game which the English invented and are now embarrassingly bad at.

2) The second goal that was called back was an embarrassingly bad call by the linesman.

more embarrassingly bad sentences
enough bad1) The family has had enough bad luck.

2) That alone says enough bad things about his ability.

more enough bad sentences
equally bad1) People are slowly realizing that both parties are equally bad.

2) While having love is great, losing love is equally bad.

more equally bad sentences
especially bad1) This was especially bad in rough conditions.

2) The last few months have been especially bad.

more especially bad sentences
extremely bad1) Their condition was " extremely bad".

2) Weather conditions throughout the whole operations were extremely bad.

more extremely bad sentences
fairly bad1) Whatever it was, it was fairly bad.

2) Humans thankfully are fairly bad at killing for abstractions.

more fairly bad sentences
incredibly bad1) The sanitary conditions of factories in general were incredibly bad.

2) Just incredibly bad timing on everyone's part.

more incredibly bad sentences
inherently bad1) Is genetic modification inherently bad or dangerous?

2) These energies are neither inherently good, nor inherently bad.

more inherently bad sentences
laughably bad1) The Venice Pilot is soap opera junk, is laughably bad!

2) I like the looks, but the name is laughably bad.

more laughably bad sentences
not half bad1) The music itself is actually not half bad.

2) The backhand wasn't half bad either.

more not half bad sentences
notoriously bad1) Computers are notoriously bad at understanding language.

2) Journalists are notoriously bad at reporting risks.

more notoriously bad sentences
taste bad1) Each word was forced out like something that tasted bad.

2) This actually doesn't taste bad with does it?

more taste bad sentences
terribly bad1) And he is a terribly bad actor.

2) Because my back is getting terribly bad!

more terribly bad sentences
truly bad1) I believe this woman is truly bad.

2) Oh it's well and truly bad!

more truly bad sentences
turn bad1) It turned worse while attending middle school.

2) Things were turning bad on the front.

more turn bad sentences
unbelievably bad1) Cut scenes in particular are unbelievably bad .

2) The product is inconsistent, and their support is unbelievably worse.

more unbelievably bad sentences
very bad tempered1) She is very kind and caring as well as very bad tempered.

2) I feel horrendous very bad tempered and irritable with my husband and son it a livivg nightmare.

more very bad tempered sentences

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