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" bag "Collocations - Expressions
bag available1) They have bags available anywhere from $40.

2) However, additional bags are available for purchase.

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ban bag1) Many countries have implemented policies banning single use plastics bags.

2) Do you think England should ban free plastic bags ?

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buy bag1) buying the right sleeping bag is crucial.

2) I recently bought a 50lb bag of potatoes.

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carrier bag1) Louise dived into her carrier bag again.

2) Colin dug out a huge carrier bag.

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carry bag1) He was carrying a brown paper bag.

2) One person carries bags of torn up clothes.

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check bag1) First and second bag checked in are free .

2) And yet, I never check bags.

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clutch bag1) Her bag was clutched to her chest like a shield.

2) As he returns, a paper bag is clutched within his hands.

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dump bag1) He pretty much dumped the bag into his mouth.

2) He dumped that bag on the ground .

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fill bag1) The next step is filling the bag.

2) The bags were actually filled with mashed potatoes.

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bag full1) Yes sir yes sir three bags full .

2) No more worrying about three bags full .

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garbage bag1) There are garbage bags and filth everywhere.

2) These pellets are eventually made into garbage bags.

more garbage bag sentences
bag good1) Smaller bags are better than full bin bags.

2) Overall this bag is much better than my current backpack.

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grab bag1) They grabbed two money bags, winning $10,000.

2) It makes it easy to quickly grab a poop bag.

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bag great1) The small handled paper bags are just great .

2) The functionality of this bag is not great .

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hang bag1) The new compartments were large enough to lay hanging bags completely flat.

2) A bait bag is hung in the middle of the trap.

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leather bag1) But leather bags go beyond this range.

2) Each of them has a large leather money bag.

more leather bag sentences
mixed bag1) The performances are a mixed bag too.

2) The media here is a mixed bag.

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bag online1) I bought one such bag online, after a few hours of research.

2) Thus, you get innumerable benefits when you shop for your favourite Chanel bags online .

more bag online sentences
bag open1) A tube shaped bag is open at both ends.

2) This structure will keep the bag open as it flies.

more bag open sentences
pack bag1) I had a warm bath while packed a bag.

2) There is a plastic bag packed hard with white powder.

more pack bag sentences
paper bag1) paper bags also produce more greenhouse gases.

2) paper bags also produce substantially more landfill waste.

more paper bag sentences
bag perfect1) This bag is perfect for the m43 system.

2) But "Work" size bag is just perfect !

more bag perfect sentences
plastic bag1) The levy is currently 22 cent per plastic bag.

2) More recently, plastic bags are are gaining popularity.

more plastic bag sentences
punching bag1) Not many entrepreneurs can handle being a punching bag.

2) I was a punching bag for those guys.

more punching bag sentences
punch bag1) We are a sort of punching bag during elections.

2) Alex mostly plays the physical and emotional punching bag of others.

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bag ready1) Your completed bug out bags are ready by the door.

2) Get your barf bags ready, you will need them.

more bag ready sentences
reusable bag1) Many stores also began purchasing reusable bags.

2) The apparel industry promotes reusable shopping bags as sustainable fashion.

more reusable bag sentences
seal bag1) He sealed the bag holding the pipe.

2) seal the bag before throwing it away.

more seal bag sentences
shopping bag1) The apparel industry promotes reusable shopping bags as sustainable fashion.

2) Different stores may have different colored shopping bags.

more shopping bag sentences
sleeping bag1) The volunteers should bring a sleeping bag.

2) My sleeping bag got a little wet.

more sleeping bag sentences
sleep bag1) Temperature ratings on sleeping bags are highly subjective things.

2) How much is $900 worth of sleeping bags?

more sleep bag sentences
bag sling1) She slung the bag over her shoulder and stepped towards the front door.

2) She slung a canvas bag over her shoulder, the gun inside it.

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bag stuff1) They transport leaf in jute bags stuffed to capacity.

2) My assignment: stuffing plastic swag bags to be handed out to attendees upon arrival.

more bag stuff sentences
tea bag1) Use cold tea bag or cold milk.

2) I ordered hot tea and the tea bags disappeared too soon.

more tea bag sentences
tote bag1) Order quantity limited to three grocery tote bags.

2) They are a nice tote size bag.

more tote bag sentences
trash bag1) The broken cameras followed in a plastic trash bag .

2) Carry trash bags and never throw your garbage overboard .

more trash bag sentences
Vuitton bag1) By using denim Louis Vuitton shopping bags you should.

2) Cheap Louis Vuitton baby bag I love online shopping.

more Vuitton bag sentences
bag and baggage1) So I left the ship bag and baggage and then went ashore.

2) They moved bag and baggage to Ashiana Utsav in 2012 .

more bag and baggage sentences
bag contains1) The one pound bag contains approximately 30 crystals of varying size.

2) The bag contains anywhere from 15 to 18 ears of corn.

more bag contains sentences
bag job1) Why are they not able to bag jobs despite having good skills?

2) These kinds of FBI burglaries were known as "black bag jobs.

more bag job sentences
bag lady1) You mean bag ladies or street ladies?

2) She practised being a bag lady.

more bag lady sentences
bag of bones1) This poor soul was a bag of bones.

2) His cancer had reduced him to a bag of bones.

more bag of bones sentences
bag of tricks1) The bag of tricks is pretty empty.

2) She was a nice old bag of tricks.

more bag of tricks sentences
bag of wind1) Just look at this, the sail is far too full for the conditions, the foot is billowing out and the luff is horribly wrinkled which has got too much power there, it's a bag of wind.

2) The root of the word "fool" is from the Latin "follis", which means "bag of wind" or that which contains air or breath.

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bag search1) At the entrance, Beyhum had his bag searched.

2) The cathedral reopened with new security measures, such as bag searches, in place.

more bag search sentences
bag stuffed with1) He returned an hour later with a number of large boxes and bags stuffed with stuff.

2) Finally the first 500 attendees will receive free entrance bags stuffed with great health information and deals .

more bag stuffed with sentences
bag up1) Step2 bag up the substrate.

2) Then put in plastic bag, close bag up.

more bag up sentences
bag1) Such bags fit tightly between five stainless steel plates.

2) Prada bags 2nd hand mulberry bags expensive?

more bag sentences
barf bag1) That particular issue would come with a barf bag.

2) At some point he emptied the contents into the barf bag.

more barf bag sentences
beach bag1) beach bag, towels and sun screen.

2) Bring a small beach bag for your personal items.

more beach bag sentences
bin bag1) Smaller bags are better than full bin bags.

2) She had been left covered by a black bin bag.

more bin bag sentences
body bag1) I practically came home in a body bag .

2) A cross body bag is the most functional and stylish choice.

more body bag sentences
book bag1) book bags are stored in trays inside the classroom.

2) Please bring all book bags with you into the library.

more book bag sentences
brown bag1) I was happy to find the brown bag method.

2) The last one we did was brown bagging lunch challenge.

more brown bag sentences
burlap bag1) One has a burlap bag thrown over his shoulder.

2) Guys with baby Burmese pythons in burlap bags shoved down their pants.

more burlap bag sentences
camera bag1) This is the National Geographic camera bag.

2) The SLR never got out of my camera bag.

more camera bag sentences
canvas bag1) I see moms taking canvas bags to the grocery store.

2) He was holding a long canvas bag and a cardboard box.

more canvas bag sentences
carry on bag1) I have also used it as a carry on bag.

2) There are no weight restrictions and no checked vs. carry on bag decisions .

more carry on bag sentences
changing bag1) Most mums value a really good changing bag.

2) What it's like: zipped, padded changing bag with shoulder strap.

more changing bag sentences
check in bag1) Most business day travellers can go straight through to their departure gate if not checking in bags.

2) in 2009, Ryanair abolished airport check-in and replaced it with a fast bag drop for those passengers checking in bags.

more check in bag sentences
close the bag1) close the bag and let it sit overnight.

2) close the bag and shake very well 6.

more close the bag sentences
cloth bag1) Your cloth bag should feel that way.

2) Soft cheese was made using cloth bags filled with soured milk.

more cloth bag sentences
crisp bag1) Playing 'catch' with crisp bags full of water.

2) Glue is generally sniffed from bags, often freezer or crisp bags.

more crisp bag sentences
diaper bag1) The diaper bag and toy bag are very nice extras.

2) Coach diaper bag outlet factory is so comfortable and dramatic.

more diaper bag sentences
diplomatic bag1) It arrived via the diplomatic bag on Saturday morning.

2) diplomatic bags are routinely sent to Wandsworth prison for laundering.

more diplomatic bag sentences
doggy bag1) Fortunately, this is the land of the doggy bag.

2) We'll get a doggy bag for Elaine.

more doggy bag sentences
drawstring bag1) The game is sold with an orange drawstring bag for storage.

2) Touch: Put several objects in a drawstring bag.

more drawstring bag sentences
drop bag1) Riders will be given a numbered clothing drop bag.

2) We will NOT mail drop bags after the event.

more drop bag sentences
duffel bag1) duffel bags are best options for travel purpose.

2) And those duffel bags were full of marijuana.

more duffel bag sentences
dustbin bag1) It was a black plastic dustbin bag.

2) I put the dustbin bag out on the Wednesday and it and and and it should have been Thursday and .

more dustbin bag sentences
empty bag1) They found the empty bag in the nearby woods.

2) Police found the empty bags in a garden.

more empty bag sentences
evening bag1) Waterproof canvas and satin were used for evening bags.

2) Pouch a gathered or straight bag evening bag.

more evening bag sentences
freezer bag1) An entire woman in little pieces put into freezer bags.

2) Pack in freezer bags in serving sizes.

more freezer bag sentences
gift bag1) Juan is creating gift bags for his birthday party guests.

2) You need a cheap and easy gift bag filler!

more gift bag sentences
golf bag1) A golfer typically transports golf clubs in a golf bag.

2) Double check your golf bag before leaving your vehicle.

more golf bag sentences
goody bag1) Put together a goody bag that reviews is.

2) Guests also leave with a goody bag.

more goody bag sentences
grocery bag1) Art journals made from paper grocery bags?

2) Write on a brown paper grocery bag.

more grocery bag sentences
gym bag1) For extra security, put the gym bag in your car.

2) It also used a large gym bag hanging on my bathroom wall.

more gym bag sentences
haul bag1) haul bags are often affectionately known as "pigs" due to their unwieldy nature.

2) Once the haul bag has been hauled to the next anchor, leash it in.

more haul bag sentences
heavy bag1) Many types of fish are currently under heavy bag restrictions.

2) She had a heavy bag of vegetables.

more heavy bag sentences
hold bag1) A large wooden embroidery ring can be used to hold bags open.

2) In the UK, we call a woman's hand held bag a bag (or a handbag).

more hold bag sentences
into bag1) It was also packer into bags here.

2) The robbers opened the strongroom and packed the cash into bags.

more into bag sentences
leave bag1) Do not leave bags unattended in your car.

2) Then, that we left bags in our home is an Inside Cause.

more leave bag sentences
lift bag1) Within a month, tug boats and lift bags were employed and rolled the Spiegel Grove onto her starboard rail.

2) As you can imagine, I don't get a lot of opportunities to deploy lift bags diving in the caves.

more lift bag sentences
lunch bag1) lunch bags and directions for the meals are going home today.

2) Most other kids' lunch bags have them.

more lunch bag sentences
mail bag1) The gas bag opens the mail bag.

2) Delivered mail bags were just tossed off the moving train.

more mail bag sentences
medical bag1) He went off to fetch his medical bag.

2) It had a top hat, cape and medical bag.

more medical bag sentences
mesh bag1) I recently added a 180 micron mesh bag over the gate valve for the skimmer.

2) In my experience, a mesh bag works very well for storing clothes on a bike.

more mesh bag sentences
messenger bag1) The bike messengers eventually created the demand for messenger bags.

2) Think messenger bag without the bag u0026hellip.

more messenger bag sentences
money bag1) He credits his strength to "lifting money bags.

2) The process should prevent money bags from hijacking the process .

more money bag sentences
open bag1) They are transported in open bags to avoid fermentation.

2) An open bag reveals stolen money, which is dispersed by the wind.

more open bag sentences
out of bag1) Water's gone out of bag.

2) They ran out of bags so the used Monty as a goalpost.

more out of bag sentences
overnight bag1) She collected an overnight bag and left.

2) The overnight bags have little hooks or ties for this purpose.

more overnight bag sentences
polythene bag1) An example of polythene bag container for growing carrots.

2) Inside the cavity is a polythene bag.

more polythene bag sentences
rubbish bag1) He's collecting all the rubbish bags into a big pile.

2) Get me a rubbish bag son, will you?

more rubbish bag sentences
sandwich bag1) And then put it inside of a sandwich bag.

2) Add the ice cubes to the sandwich bag and seal it.

more sandwich bag sentences
school bag1) Participants received soap and branded school bags.

2) Your school bag's in my car you know.

more school bag sentences
search bag1) There were surveillance cameras and police on rooftops and checkpoints to search bags.

2) Male and female security screeners were in place to search bags on the route.

more search bag sentences
shoulder bag1) Claire jams the black box into her shoulder bag.

2) You could of had a shoulder bag.

more shoulder bag sentences
sick bag1) Pass the sick bag, Alice Springs.

2) An even more extreme example was his notorious "sick bag" prank.

more sick bag sentences
sling bag1) sling bag Trendy sling bags are in vogue these days.

2) sling bag Trendy sling bags are in vogue these days.

more sling bag sentences
small bag1) Smaller bags are better than full bin bags.

2) The small bag usually contains money or toys.

more small bag sentences
sponge bag1) It's like being zipped into a sponge bag - yuck.

2) Numerous sponge bags hung on pegs, some with rubber ducks poking out!

more sponge bag sentences
sports bag1) The first 1000 athletes to register get a free sports bag!

2) She held up the sports bag she held in one hand.

more sports bag sentences
string bag1) She shifted her string bag in her rigid lap.

2) She gathered up Wordsworth and the string bag.

more string bag sentences
throw bag1) Our lost soul is the throw bag.

2) Demonstrate throwing assists using a throw bag and a ring buoy with line attached.

more throw bag sentences
toilet bag1) Graham zipped up his toilet bag and put it in the holdall.

2) Several items belonging to Figard, including photographs and a toilet bag, were recovered from his house.

more toilet bag sentences
toiletry bag1) Place your toiletries bag on top of this.

2) Put toiletries bag on top, as well as any bras.

more toiletry bag sentences
travel bag1) I keep my camera grip in my travel bag .

2) Viagra and condoms were always found in his travel bag .

more travel bag sentences
travelling bag1) There was just my two suitcases and my travelling bag.

2) She was carrying a lightweight jacket and a travelling bag of solid leather.

more travelling bag sentences
unzip the bag1) He unzipped the bag and lifted out a chainsaw.

2) Hey Charlie, unzip the bag on that one, he's still moving.

more unzip the bag sentences

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