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baffled about1) I'm baffled about what sort of incident is envisaged!

2) I'm honestly a bit baffled about the case.

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baffled as to1) Police are baffled as to why the attack took place.

2) Doctors and scientists were baffled as to the cause.

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baffled by1) He was baffled by his obvious expertise.

2) Local police are baffled by the crime.

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baffled expression1) She saw his baffled expression and smiled faintly.

2) The Doctor stood frozen with his legs waving wildly and a baffled expression on his face.

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baffled look1) I like the troupe of Italian clowns descending on North Texas in Days of Heaven, and the baffled look on Colin Farrell's face when he shows up in Greenland for three seconds.

2) With a slightly baffled look, he replied: "Because I want as much real estate as I can afford." Even more than the Suburban, Infiniti's newly renamed QX80 is the king of road real estate.

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baffled1) It has been utterly disappointed and baffled.

2) Behavior toward humans has baffled and intrigued scientists.

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be baffled1) It was happening every few seconds and engineers were baffled.

2) He was baffled by his obvious expertise.

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completely baffled1) Watching performances of this had me completely baffled.

2) When I realized, I was completely baffled.

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feel baffled1) At first we felt baffled and let down.

2) The Archdeacon felt baffled.

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look baffled1) I looked baffled; my friend looked embarrassed.

2) The physicist just in from Colorado looked baffled.

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remain baffled1) Yet its author remains baffled by all the attention.

2) Had no idea where babies came from, even on her wedding night she remained baffled.

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totally baffled1) I was a witness: he was honestly, totally baffled for several minutes.

2) The whole crew applauded Nelson when he finished and he looked around totally baffled .

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utterly baffled1) They therefore are utterly baffled by individuals who choose the religious path.

2) Miss Harker blinked at the boy, utterly baffled.

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