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adopt badge1) The Crusaders' next badge was adopted following the 2007 season.

2) A simple canary badge was first adopted in 1922.

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badge award1) The combat infantryman badge was originally awarded for valor in combat.

2) Merit badges are awarded only when all requirements are met as stated.

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bear badge1) The cars themselves bear Malibu badges, unlike the past generation Classic.

2) HMS "Warwick" is the first to bear an official badge.

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belly badge1) His belly badge features a gift box with a heart inside.

2) He is green and has a four leaf clover belly badge.

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cap badge1) Brigade cap badges superseded the regimental cap badge in 1959.

2) Brigade cap badges superseded the regimental cap badge in 1959.

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carry badge1) However, he still carries a badge nevertheless.

2) All station wagons carried a Cross Country badge.

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clan badge1) clan Maclachlan has two clan badges attributed to it.

2) Today, the clan badge attributed to clan MacNeil is dryas.

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coaching badge1) Walsh has since taken his coaching badges.

2) O'Connor began taking his coaching badges in 2013.

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crest badge1) This crest badge contains the heraldic crest and heraldic motto of the clan chief.

2) Up until 1964, the Wolfsburg crest badge was placed on the bonnet.

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design badge1) Testing was carried out to ensure that the badges were designed appropriately to identify ships.

2) Initially, the badges were designed and assigned to ships by the Royal Navy.

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display badge1) The home pages of these accounts display a badge indicating their status.

2) He doesn't drink, and proudly displays a lapel badge proclaiming the fact.

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earn badge1) Have you started earning any merit badges?

2) The last stage required Bánáthy to earn 25 merit badges.

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embroider badge1) These badges were embroidered with silk thread, switching to cotton in 1940.

2) The shirt has a distinctive white hoop and an embroidered old-style rampant lion MFC badge.

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badge engineer1) Vega body styles were used for several badge engineered variants.

2) The badge engineered Nissan Skyline will continue on sale.

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feature badge1) Electra 225s featured a badge that was circled on the deck lid.

2) A special color scheme was used inside and out and Collector Edition badges were featured .

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heraldic badge1) Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council was granted supporters and a heraldic badge.

2) The Prince of Wales' heraldic badge is also sometimes used to symbolise Wales.

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identification badge1) identification tags and security identification badges a. identification tags.

2) Volunteer identification badges will be provided by the hospital.

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ID badge1) They can also serve as ID badges.

2) Check those ID badges - these cool dudes are the security!

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badge introduce1) The current club badge was introduced in 1974.

2) Their first badge was introduced in 1924.

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issue badge1) Both badges were first issued in 1993.

2) They were issued badges and vehicle markings different from troopers.

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lapel badge1) She glanced briefly at his lapel badge.

2) I don't have my 34 second "A" lapel badge yet.

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marksmanship badge1) A score needed for the marksmanship badge would be 75% of the total score.

2) After qualifying, a Marine will receive a marksmanship badge commensurate with the score they obtained.

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merit badge1) The merit badge includes many opportunities for teamwork and group play.

2) This is a completely new merit badge.

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badge place1) Family Fun badges are placed in the purchaser's packet.

2) Up until 1964, the Wolfsburg crest badge was placed on the bonnet.

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rank badge1) However, rank badges on mounting loots of Hauptfeldwebel and Oberfähnrich are identically.

2) rank badges were as for infantry NCOs and officers and worn in the same fashion.

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receive badge1) All Scion RS' receive special badges indicating the serial number.

2) He has received a badge of office for each of the positions.

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regimental badge1) Brigade cap badges superseded the regimental cap badge in 1959.

2) In 1969 permission was granted to revert to the old regimental badge.

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Scout badge1) The Eagle Scout badge is worn on the left shirt pocket by youth.

2) Since its introduction, the Eagle Scout badge has undergone several design changes.

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wear badge1) A special badge was worn by both teams.

2) The school badge is worn above the left chest pocket.

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Webelos badge1) There is no specific Webelos activity badge that Scouting for Food ties into.

2) I have a boy that completed Webelos I and earned his Webelos badge.

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badge holder1) badge holders are exempted from tolls at certain river crossings.

2) Limited on street parking for blue badge holders.

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badge of honor1) Its our call sign or badge of honor.

2) The patent just becomes a badge of honor.

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badge of honour1) That, more a badge of honour.

2) A badge of honour!" she replied.

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badge of office1) And there were more badges of office.

2) He has received a badge of office for each of the positions.

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badge of pride1) Names given in derision accepted as badges of pride.

2) But I ended up getting kind of excited to show the bump, as a badge of pride.

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badge1) There are currently nine adventure skills badges.

2) The current shirt badge has been used since 1992.

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button badge1) She went to a high-level management meeting wearing a button badge proclaiming her news.

2) Some skinheads wear button badges or sewn-on fabric patches with designs related to affiliations, interests or beliefs.

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name badge1) That is why we have name badges.

2) I notice that the Minister is wearing his name badge.

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police badge1) Many press passes were shaped like police badges.

2) police confiscated a false police badge and handcuffs .

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