Expressions - Collocations of the word " badly "

" badly "Collocations - Expressions
badly affect1) Some dogs are much more badly affected than others.

2) The local economy was also badly affected .

more badly affect sentences
badly beat1) Many detainees were reported to have been badly beaten .

2) Both had been beaten badly and had their throats slit.

more badly beat sentences
behave badly1) Dennis is the archetypal badly behaved schoolboy.

2) Children who behave badly are rejecting adult values.

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badly burn1) He had survived the crash despite being badly burned .

2) My hands and right arm had been badly burnt .

more badly burn sentences
badly damage1) An escort carrier was also badly damaged .

2) They are badly damaged by souvenir seekers.

more badly damage sentences
fare badly1) Concrete block construction fared badly, leaving many modern iconic buildings damaged.

2) In fact, the unemployed might expect to fare rather badly.

more fare badly sentences
badly hit1) The small market town has been hit very badly.

2) This has badly hit the middle classes.

more badly hit sentences
badly hurt1) She said rupee depreciation was badly hurting Indian economy .

2) His left arm was covered in blood and hurting badly.

more badly hurt sentences
badly injure1) Chung and another passenger were badly injured .

2) A second officer was badly injured in the attack.

more badly injure sentences
badly need1) A blueprint for change is badly needed .

2) This is an area where greater transparency is badly needed .

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react badly1) Most enamel paints react badly with foam.

2) A couple of them reacted rather badly.

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badly shake1) Russian move has badly shaken fruit and vegetable exporters here.

2) I was badly shaken by that pact.

more badly shake sentences
suffer badly1) Both suffered badly during hours of fierce fighting.

2) The film suffered badly that weekend and afterwards quickly disappeared.

more suffer badly sentences
treat badly1) Women were very badly treated in those times.

2) I believe my husband was badly treated .

more treat badly sentences
badly wound1) They both are badly wounded during the engagement.

2) Over two hundred others were badly wounded .

more badly wound sentences
badly abuse1) Imagine that you were badly abused repeatedly as a child.

2) Villagers who noticed the children being badly abused complained to the police .

more badly abuse sentences
badly act1) For the most part they were poorly-made and badly acted.

2) badly acted and badly written .

more badly act sentences
badly advise1) First they badly advise a club u0026 to save face remove that club, now they can't even organise venues !

2) He also went as far as to accuse Ribéry's former agent, Bruno Heiderscheid, of badly advising the player.

more badly advise sentences
badly afflict1) The young Hogan was badly afflicted by hooking the golf ball.

2) Wet or damaged timber is the appetising food for the insect but apparently sound wood may be equally badly afflicted.

more badly afflict sentences
badly battered1) But our tent was still holding though badly battered.

2) She had been badly battered about the head.

more badly battered sentences
badly behave1) Dennis is the archetypal badly behaved schoolboy.

2) There is clearly an unwarranted preoccupation with badly behaving cyclists .

more badly behave sentences
badly bite1) You may otherwise find yourself being badly bitten by fleas.

2) It had died after being badly bitten by at least two dogs.

more badly bite sentences
badly bleed1) He then teleports away, badly bleeding.

2) Mays helped the badly bleeding (but not severely injured) Roseboro off the San Francisco field.

more badly bleed sentences
badly blister1) Harper had to drop out of the race with badly blistered feet after completing 80.53 miles.

2) He joined a party of friendly Arabs and returned to Sidi Barrani on 2 July with badly blistered feet.

more badly blister sentences
badly bring1) France he judges a L'anglaise' 'the women, badly brought up, don't read the Bible, are too fond of dancing, interested in nothing but clothes.

2) He watched the two girls, who, to do them justice, thanked him very nicely, they weren't so badly brought up when you came to think about it, approach the shop by the side door.

more badly bring sentences
badly broken1) The recovery process is much like a badly broken leg.

2) It is obvious that the inscription is badly broken.

more badly broken sentences
badly bruise1) The assault left the girl badly bruised.

2) Briggs walked away without a scratch but with badly bruised feet.

more badly bruise sentences
badly charred1) Marc's body was badly charred in the fire.

2) A badly charred map was found in his hand, next to his compass.

more badly charred sentences
badly chip1) It was badly chipped and covered with rust marks.

2) It is presently badly chipped and marked and looks very dingy.

more badly chip sentences
badly corroded1) The joint was pretty badly corroded away .

2) The rest of the wreck was badly corroded.

more badly corroded sentences
badly cracked1) Several brick buildings were badly cracked.

2) The engine was badly cracked.

more badly cracked sentences
badly decayed1) The bodies had lain for seven weeks in the pit while the fires were extinguished and were badly decayed.

2) This material will also bond well to stainless steel rods so that badly decayed timber can be drilled, stitched and glued to achieve higher strengths than the original construction.

more badly decayed sentences
badly deformed1) We get the impression that he is badly deformed.

2) He is very poor, badly deformed and desperately in need of help.

more badly deformed sentences
badly dent1) The armor would be left badly dented but still serviceable.

2) It is badly dented, and every single window has been smashed.

more badly dent sentences
badly design1) This failure was caused by badly designed and badly executed modifications.

2) The Federal attack was badly designed and badly executed.

more badly design sentences
badly deteriorate1) The bottom part of this mosaic is badly deteriorated.

2) By the 1960s Yagan's head was badly deteriorated.

more badly deteriorate sentences
badly disfigure1) Due to his badly disfigured face he always wore a mask.

2) Some bodies were so badly disfigured, you couldn't identify them.

more badly disfigure sentences
badly disrupt1) Transport was badly disrupted from West Virginia to southern New Jersey.

2) The distribution of food, never well organised, has been badly disrupted.

more badly disrupt sentences
badly draft1) Although he did criticise its guidelines which he said were badly drafted.

2) But, equally, well-intentioned laws that are badly drafted or not readily accessible are also a form of tyranny.

more badly draft sentences
badly draw1) Much of the work is badly drawn and badly executed.

2) I can only describe it as a very badly drawn eagle on his bicep.

more badly draw sentences
badly dress1) He had been badly dressed, awful clothes.

2) WHY are so many leading Tories so badly dressed?

more badly dress sentences
badly equip1) He was badly equipped for the task.

2) The 20,000 soldiers stationed there were badly equipped.

more badly equip sentences
badly erode1) It measured 1.5 m high and has been badly eroded.

2) Both badly eroded, but are obviously a stylistic set.

more badly erode sentences
badly execute1) This failure was caused by badly designed and badly executed modifications.

2) The Federal attack was badly designed and badly executed.

more badly execute sentences
badly fit1) Four wards are particularly badly fitted.

2) I see three badly fitted suits.

more badly fit sentences
badly flawed1) The law is so badly flawed, it cannot be fixed.

2) The draft's description is badly flawed, but that is not the problem.

more badly flawed sentences
badly frightened1) But he was a badly frightened man.

2) I was badly frightened and my whole body was trembling.

more badly frightened sentences
badly hamper1) He was badly hampered and discouraged by the lack of a studio.

2) The strike badly hampered British troop movements until December 1920 when it was called off.

more badly hamper sentences
badly handicapped1) You won't be badly handicapped by that kind of performance, even in highly competitive company.

2) He won two handicap hurdles last season over this course and has had two races to tune him up again and he is not badly handicapped.

more badly handicapped sentences
badly handle1) In the U.S., that research has been badly handled.

2) On another occasion a badly handled communication cost the 25th Division valuable time.

more badly handle sentences
badly house1) Poor people eat badly in general and suffer all sorts of health problems and are badly housed.

2) The homeless and the badly housed of the capital do not want glossy charters waved under their noses.

more badly house sentences
badly infected1) Her lower back and abdomen were badly infected.

2) They'd obviously been badly infected at some time.

more badly infected sentences
badly informed1) But he was badly informed again and hadn't calculated for the Americans.

2) We are, moreover, certain that his Majesty has been badly informed upon Netherland matters.

more badly informed sentences
badly injured1) Chung and another passenger were badly injured.

2) A second officer was badly injured in the attack.

more badly injured sentences
badly lag1) Gold stock valuations had badly lagged the gold price increase, particularly in Australian dollars for local producers.

2) Her returns have badly lagged yours." The client elects to maintain his holdings in Sherman's fund.

more badly lag sentences
badly light1) Rain and Oliver went back down the badly lit stairs.

2) Many work in terrible places which are cramped, dirty and badly lit.

more badly light sentences
badly lit1) Rain and Oliver went back down the badly lit stairs.

2) Many work in terrible places which are cramped, dirty and badly lit.

more badly lit sentences
badly manage1) Most Islamic countries are weak and badly managed.

2) Unfinished, badly managed product at any rate.

more badly manage sentences
badly maul1) The 69th, already badly mauled, suffered 60% casualties.

2) badly mauled, the Persians sued for peace.

more badly maul sentences
badly miscalculate1) However, he and his supporters had badly miscalculated.

2) Unfortunately, the difficulty of mustering the parade had been badly miscalculated and it was behind schedule.

more badly miscalculate sentences
badly misjudge1) Conversely they could just be badly misjudging their base quantity value.

2) They badly misjudged the reaction of the education community to their patents suits.

more badly misjudge sentences
badly mismanage1) Knowles was accused of badly mismanaging the action and faced a court martial in December 1749.

2) That is happening simply because the prison service has been so badly mismanaged that the staff are disaffected.

more badly mismanage sentences
badly miss1) They are badly missing Alonso, never mind Ronaldo.

2) John happily jumped first, but badly missed the ball.

more badly miss sentences
badly mistaken1) Cochems was, in fact, badly mistaken.

2) We would be badly mistaken to consider their problems in military terms alone.

more badly mistaken sentences
badly mutilate1) Others were so badly mutilated their remains were unidentifiable.

2) Their search turns up a badly mutilated woman and an eviscerated man.

more badly mutilate sentences
badly neglected1) The bottom part of the pyramid has been badly neglected .

2) Animal cruelty investigators find two badly neglected boxers wandering the city streets.

more badly neglected sentences
badly off1) Washington was caught badly off guard when China started restricting supplies .

2) In Shiraz they are very badly off.

more badly off sentences
badly organize1) The badly organized Democratic party also supported Greeley.

2) Nevertheless, there was widespread criticism that the relief operation was slow and badly organized.

more badly organize sentences
badly organized1) The badly organized Democratic party also supported Greeley.

2) Nevertheless, there was widespread criticism that the relief operation was slow and badly organized.

more badly organized sentences
badly paid1) My impression though is that these musicians were rather badly paid.

2) Meaning, that must be boring and badly paid.

more badly paid sentences
badly paint1) That is, badly painted or painted in an unnatural way.

2) A large, badly painted portrait of Mayor Donlevy hung over the desk.

more badly paint sentences
badly park1) He might have been in a rush, with a car badly parked or a taxi ticking.

2) It was as they left the café that Kelly noticed a Lamborghini, bearing the number plate FAY 1, badly parked outside a chemist's shop on the High Street.

more badly park sentences
badly play1) Just a handful of badly played notes to have led to all of this.

2) The Munster final against Waterford was a badly played affair, with players being sent off.

more badly play sentences
badly polluted1) The Lochrig Burn was badly polluted, however the Annick Water escaped major contamination.

2) That China's air and water are badly polluted following three decades of breakneck growth is not news.

more badly polluted sentences
badly prepare1) It's being badly prepared for everything!

2) The police were in many respects badly prepared for the riot.

more badly prepare sentences
badly print1) With badly printed leaflets full of abstract slogans ?

2) They were badly printed by a local printer, and few read them.

more badly print sentences
badly put1) It's such poor material and it's often badly put together.

2) Why on earth would the US if it wanted someone that badly put together a plan that would involve a double extradition?

more badly put sentences
badly receive1) The show lasted just two weeks after being badly received.

2) They were badly received by viewers and heavily criticised in the media.

more badly receive sentences
badly run1) I think the big national companies are badly run.

2) They're just a badly run team.

more badly run sentences
badly rust1) badly rusted or corroded drain pans must either be repaired or replaced.

2) The bodywork is now so badly rusted that the car has fallen completely apart.

more badly rust sentences
badly scar1) His clothes caught fire and his face was badly scarred.

2) His face was badly scarred by the disease.

more badly scar sentences
badly scratch1) It hasn't failed since and loads even the most badly scratched games.

2) There was also a badly scratched veneered cabinet which had once housed a gramophone.

more badly scratch sentences
badly shaken1) Russian move has badly shaken fruit and vegetable exporters here.

2) I was badly shaken by that pact.

more badly shaken sentences
badly shocked1) He'd been badly shocked last night.

2) But Geraci was able to reassure him: Ivy had arrived home three hours earlier, badly shocked but unharmed.

more badly shocked sentences
badly structure1) Likewise large business corporations were often badly structured and sometimes plainly fraudulent.

2) badly structured manuscripts can suffer from all kinds of faults.

more badly structure sentences
badly suffer1) I came in from Baja, badly suffering from a burn.

2) All these connections were badly suffered by the activities of Taliban and the army operation against them.

more badly suffer sentences
badly swell1) My ankles and knees badly swollen, gums prominent.

2) Her sheep were all lying down, their stomachs badly swollen.

more badly swell sentences
badly swollen1) My ankles and knees badly swollen, gums prominent.

2) The leg is badly swollen and it is limping heavily.

more badly swollen sentences
badly take1) The moderate republicans, in the middle, did very badly taking just 70-80 seats.

2) Juan Sebastián Verón tells the story of swearing in Mancini's direction during an argument about a badly taken corner.

more badly take sentences
badly tarnish1) Hong Kong's image was badly tarnished by them.

2) Today he wore a tiepin shaped like a St Bridget's cross, of badly tarnished grey metal.

more badly tarnish sentences
badly tear1) Despite a badly torn biceps sustained a week prior, McGuinness accepted the challenge.

2) When they arrived on the scene Morten Goosey-Gander was badly torn, and bleeding, but he was still fighting.

more badly tear sentences
badly time1) The official action was badly timed and over-officious.

2) A badly timed injury or illness can prematurely put an end to your season.

more badly time sentences
badly torture1) All of them were badly tortured during the NKVD questioning.

2) One source records that 283 nuns were killed, some of whom were badly tortured.

more badly torture sentences
badly trail1) The ruling Conservative Party has badly trailed Labor in recent polls.

2) Once badly trailing in the all-time series, Pittsburgh has a commanding 67-57 edge in that department today.

more badly trail sentences
badly trained1) By later standards enforcement immigration officers were badly trained and equipped.

2) Private tutors were available in some cities but tended to be badly trained.

more badly trained sentences
badly treat1) Women were very badly treated in those times.

2) I believe my husband was badly treated.

more badly treat sentences
badly twist1) It's gotten pretty badly twisted.

2) Sgt Ian Charnock badly twisted his ankle early on but kept on running.

more badly twist sentences
badly underestimate1) Campbell's research shows that victims tend to badly underestimate the risks.

2) However, he badly underestimated the public's distaste for Francoism.

more badly underestimate sentences
badly upset1) Sadly, our testing badly upset the small shop vendors.

2) I have been Ill recently and her sale has badly upset me.

more badly upset sentences
badly want1) Some commentators have found his leadership badly wanting.

2) I badly want a story to tell.

more badly want sentences
badly weaken1) The unit was now badly weakened, with its commander dead.

2) badly weakened by these circumstances, the French military position collapsed.

more badly weaken sentences
badly wear1) These coins are only known in copper and are badly worn.

2) As dismantling continued many other parts were found to be badly worn.

more badly wear sentences
badly weather1) It is badly weathered and dates to 613.

2) Even grains which are badly weathered or altered still register the typical emission.

more badly weather sentences
badly work1) But their other eight awards were squandered as a result of a badly worked routine.

2) The re-biopsy psychosis movement made that coburn opposed medicaid ash by badly working the education when he returned a code for the opportunity pain.

more badly work sentences
badly wounded1) They both are badly wounded during the engagement.

2) Over two hundred others were badly wounded.

more badly wounded sentences
badly write1) Books are well written or badly written.

2) Anders was a horrible character and badly written .

more badly write sentences
badly wrong1) An elite police raid on a criminal compound goes badly wrong.

2) It was then that things had gone badly wrong.

more badly wrong sentences
badly1) Our user guides are really badly outdated.

2) These poor farmers are being badly used!

more badly sentences

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