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absentee ballot1) The absentee ballot was introduced as well.

2) They may also vote by absentee ballot.

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ballot Access1) Election Administration, Polling Hours and ballot Access .

2) ballot Access : Utah "(5 Electoral)"

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ballot access1) The early due date is not needed to regulate ballot access .

2) None of them gained automatic ballot access .

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audit ballot1) For smaller margins, ballot polling can require auditing many more ballots; however, there are more efficient risk-limiting methods.

2) Even though PPEB tends to select larger batches, the savings in the number of ballots audited can still be dramatic.

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blank ballot1) Vermont was evenly split, and cast a blank ballot.

2) Carl I. Hagen was re-elected with 113 against 0 votes, and with 44 blank ballots.

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ballot box1) The ballot boxes are being piled high now .

2) Even the plastic ballot boxes were transparent .

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ballot Box1) Allen McCurdy, "Wanted – A ballot Box .

2) Open the ballot Box (the bin labeled "ballot Box ") underneath the scanner.

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ballot cast1) But each specific ballot cast is never associated with a particular voter.

2) Any player named on 75% or more of all ballots cast is elected.

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cast ballot1) The voter may then cast a regular ballot.

2) All 232 ballots were cast for her.

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contest ballot1) When Crean resigned the Labor leadership, Latham contested the ballot for leader against Beazley.

2) The legality of about 600 absentee ballots were contested during the count, including Senator Gillibrand's ballot.

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ballot counting1) Nearly 30 countries volunteered election monitors for polling stations and ballot counting .

2) The ballot is entirely paper-based, and all ballot counting is done by hand.

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ballot count1) If they match, the ballot is counted .

2) In villages, the ballots are even counted manually.

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election ballot1) National election ballots are distributed according to a members Primary Base.

2) Why do we allow party names on an election ballot?

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ballot envelope1) Florida uses signature matching: the voter signs the provisional ballot envelope .

2) Regular Voters voting back-up paper ballots do NOT need to complete a provisional ballot envelope .

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exhaustive ballot1) A system closer to IRV is the exhaustive ballot.

2) Like the exhaustive ballot the STV requires the successive exclusion of the candidates having the fewest votes.

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exhaust ballot1) Similarly the source listed "Total ballots" to include eligible and exhausted ballots.

2) Repeat 3-5 until winners fill all seats, or all ballots are exhausted .

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ballot initiative1) State ballot initiatives in many cases side step politicians .

2) The ballot initiative was defeated by a landslide.

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invalidate ballot1) These ballots would be undetectable as invalidated ballots are quite common during elections.

2) The Assembly then invalidated enough Republican ballots to give the election to Goebel.

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mail ballot1) The election process is accomplished by mail-in ballots.

2) There are mail-in written ballots only in select countries.

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ballot mail1) All residents may request a ballot be mailed to them .

2) FSA will mail ballots to eligible voters beginning November 3, 2014.

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ballot measure1) There are ten ballot measures before Oregon voters.

2) A 1958 statewide ballot measure gave the university its present name.

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November ballot1) The council previously voted to place both on the November ballot.

2) The referendum will be on the November general ballot.

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paper ballot1) We must have voter verified paper ballots.

2) The old paper ballot is giving way to electronic voting.

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ballot paper1) Only independents should be allowed on the ballot paper .

2) Black smoke from the burned ballot papers means no pope .

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postal ballot1) All elections were conducted by postal ballot.

2) Further laws banned workplace ballots and imposed postal ballots.

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ballot print1) The outcome is rigged before the ballots are printed .

2) Most people never thought about how or where their ballots were printed .

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ballot proposition1) Last year, California voted down a similar ballot proposition .

2) This was a result of an elected ballot proposition approved by its citizens.

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provisional ballot1) These voters will be issued a provisional ballot.

2) If the signatures match, the provisional ballot shall count.

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recount ballot1) Requires Secretary of State to adopt regulations for recounting ballots for each voting system in use.

2) Ipsos interviewed 210, 000 voters and recounted 500,000 ballots, across 1,400 voting stations in 52 constituencies.

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ballot referendum1) Moreover, a ballot referendum stopped a nuclear plant in Eugene, Oregon.

2) However, in 2004, the amendment was removed from the constitution via another ballot referendum .

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request ballot1) And you are requesting a written ballot?

2) When can I request an absentee ballot?

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ballot rigging1) ballot rigging only strengthened the opposition in the long run.

2) If she has evidence of ballot rigging, Baroness Warsi has a public duty to produce it.

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rig ballot1) In some strips the king is elected to his monarchial position (albeit through rigged ballots).

2) That order varies because the party in power in each state generally tries to rig the ballot to its own benefit.

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ballot secret1) I wonder why the ballots were secret ?

2) A secret ballot is hardly secret when your boss knows who's pro-union.

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secret ballot1) The 200 delegates are elected by secret ballot.

2) Assembly comprises 120 deputies elected by secret ballot.

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spoiled ballot1) Yet there were nearly 1,000,000 spoiled ballots.

2) Note: There were five spoiled ballots.

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spoil ballot1) There were 332 spoilt ballots and the electorate was 53,128.

2) Yet even spoiling a ballot is not using the electoral franchise to its fullest.

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statewide ballot1) On November 3, 2009, the issue was put on a statewide ballot.

2) In March 2010, it qualified to be on the November statewide ballot.

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ballot stuffing1) There were accusations of blatant ballot box stuffing .

2) The model established in 2008 was designed to eliminate voter bias and ballot stuffing .

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ballot tabulate1) The central count method tabulates ballots from multiple precincts at a central location.

2) These systems use a precinct count method that tabulates ballots at the polling place.

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ballot tally1) When the ballots were tallied that night, I placed second.

2) We hope that percentage is substantially higher by the time the final ballot is tallied Tuesday night.

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vote ballot1) These audits include a manual tally on the Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail printers and vote-by-mail ballots.

2) The next major deadline is October 28th, which is the last day to request a vote-by-mail ballot.

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voter ballot1) At no point should any judge look at a voter's ballot.

2) Nowhere is clarity in writing more important than on a voter's ballot.

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ballot box stuffing1) There were accusations of blatant ballot box stuffing.

2) Accusations of corruption in the Palestinian elections, including ballot box stuffing, were never investigated.

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ballot fraud1) The analysis shows 491 cases of absentee ballot fraud and 400 cases of registration fraud.

2) Ramos was charged with two counts of absentee ballot fraud and two counts of mutilation of election materials.

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ballot1) The voting process uses printed voting ballots.

2) Another critical factor has been ballot access law.

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balloting1) British officials experimented with allowing electronic balloting on local tax issues.

2) The issue of balloting and counting is equally demanding.

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