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ballistic vest1) Most cooling vests can be worn under ballistic vests .

2) The carrier is the visible part of a ballistic vest .

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ballistic missile1) A ballistic missile training building was constructed in 1959.

2) The system is also effective against short range tactical ballistic missiles.

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ballistic pendulum1) Robins used the ballistic pendulum to measure projectile velocity in two ways.

2) In 1742, Benjamin Robins invented the ballistic pendulum.

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ballistic trajectory1) This ballistic trajectory is referred to as the bullet path.

2) Well I understand how ballistic trajectories work .

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ballistic1) This is termed "ballistic flight".

2) A unique ceramic material protects against ballistic penetration.

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ballistics1) These interactions between bullet and bore are termed internal ballistics.

2) One practical application was ballistics in gunnery.

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