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choreograph ballet1) In the original production the ballet was choreographed by de Mille.

2) Nijinsky took the creative reins and choreographed ballets which pushed boundaries and stirred controversy.

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compose ballet1) From 1843 until 1850, he composed nearly every new ballet presented at the theatre.

2) Another "Salome" ballet was composed by the Japanese composer Akira Ifukube in 1948.

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dance ballet1) The nymphs then danced a ballet.

2) She also enjoys talking to people, writing stories and dancing ballet as well.

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ballet premier1) The ballet was premiered by the Bolshoi ballet on at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.

2) The ballet was premiered by the ballets Russes in Paris on 25 June 1910 conducted by Gabriel Pierné.

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revive ballet1) Petipa would spend the remainder of his career primarily reviving older ballets.

2) The ballet was revived several times, but after 1868 the ballet disappeared in Paris.

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ballet stage1) However despite the great variety of demi-caractère ballets staged since 1789 there appear to be only three main sources of gesture which contribute to a particular style for a particular ballet.

2) Don Quixote is a ballet originally staged in four acts and eight scenes, based on an episode taken from the famous novel "Don Quixote de la Mancha" by Miguel de Cervantes.

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stage ballet1) For the next several years, several people staged the ballet.

2) By 1893, this grew to a troupe large enough to stage large ballets.

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study ballet1) Copeland never studied ballet or gymnastics formally until her teenage years.

2) In his youth he studied ballet, tap dancing and singing.

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ballet class1) She attends regular school as well as ballet class.

2) Morever, she found ballet class oppressive.

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ballet company1) Currently, major Italian opera theaters maintain ballet companies.

2) Few ballet companies have utilized the collection in modern times.

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ballet dancer1) Rogers watches ballet dancers and demonstrates a musical triangle.

2) This is a common problem in ballet dancers.

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ballet flats1) Damn those cute leopard print pony ballet flats from Saks !

2) I don't love ballet flats though – just a personal preference.

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ballet lesson1) The girls were given a ballet lesson.

2) She is taking ballet lessons and studying nursing.

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ballet master1) He became the company's ballet master and choreographer in 1938.

2) Diaghilev also worked with dancer and ballet master Léonide Massine.

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ballet mistress1) People talked about "That severe ballet mistress of yours, Sally, goodness!

2) Coaching the dancers are artistic director Douglas Martin and the company's ballet mistress Mary Barton, who starred in "Our Town" at its premiere.

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ballet music1) Minkus was contracted to compose ballet music on demand.

2) Khachaturian is best known internationally for his ballet music.

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ballet performance1) The ball usually has lovely ballet performances.

2) The opening ceremony includes a wonderful ballet performance.

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ballet school1) The ballet school children ran up to distribute presents.

2) They both attended Franklin's ballet school.

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ballet shoe1) ballet shoes are intentionally created for ballet dancing.

2) The ballet shoes are more appropriate don't you?

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ballet skirt1) Local girls dressed in green and yellow ballet skirts performed dances and sang praise to Saddam.

2) Carrie is standing in a New York street in a ballet skirt, the sort that toddlers wear.

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ballet slipper1) No, not those ballet slippers, but close enough.

2) Her feet were wrapped in thin-soled ballet slippers.

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ballet star1) Her partner was international ballet star, Carlos Acosta.

2) Her partner was the Russian ballet star Leonid Sarafanov.

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ballet studio1) The video ends showing Madonna lying on the ballet studio floor.

2) Stage 212 and a ballet studio cultivate the performing arts.

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ballet suite1) The Triumph of Neptune - ballet suite.

2) For good measure Lord Berners's quirky ballet suite The Triumph of Neptune is included.

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ballet teacher1) Volkova was the best ballet teacher in London.

2) That same year, her ballet teacher had her training the younger girls.

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ballet technique1) This is a ballet technique class designed for incoming dance majors.

2) Its alumni were influential in teaching classical Russian ballet technique in European schools.

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ballet training1) Bob loved people who had ballet training.

2) It presumes no former ballet training but requires well-developed movement skills.

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ballet1) The ball usually has lovely ballet performances.

2) The opening ceremony includes a wonderful ballet performance.

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classical ballet1) One rarely sees a black swan in classical ballet.

2) Each grade incorporates classical ballet, free movement and character dance.

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modern ballet1) Very likely or commonly used in modern ballet, as well.

2) There is a necessary distinction to be made between modern style and modern ballet.

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romantic ballet1) There are two kinds of romantic ballet.

2) Although Mayerling is not itself a romantic ballet, it is involved with love affairs.

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