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air balloon1) Hot air balloons are commonly used in advertising.

2) The hot air balloon is no longer available.

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balloon angioplasty1) balloon angioplasty is often done with angiography.

2) There's balloon angioplasty, which becomes more popular all the time.

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balloon ascent1) First South American military balloon reconnaissance ascent .

2) In total, she had made 67 balloon ascents .

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barrage balloon1) A ring of barrage balloons protected the docks.

2) They flew barrage balloons, commissioned perspectives and held a public inquiry.

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blow balloon1) If you prefer you could have the balloons blown through straws.

2) On that occasion a balloon was blown off course and landed in the desert .

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balloon bouquet1) balloon bouquets are great gifts for practically any occasion.

2) A balloon bouquet starts at around $5 at most party stores.

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burst balloon1) Will Cyprus be the pin to burst euro balloon?

2) Here are several links to high-speed videos of water balloons being burst .

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balloon catheter1) For additional safety, the balloon catheter is actually a double balloon.

2) Owner of more than 100 surgical patents, including the Fogarty balloon catheter .

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balloon collide1) Five hundred homes had their power supplies cut when a hot air balloon collided with high voltage cables.

2) A Brazilian tourist has died and at least 20 people are injured after two hot air balloons collided in Turkey .

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deflate balloon1) The balloon is then deflated and the catheter is removed.

2) The tube has a deflated balloon in the tip.

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balloon dilatation1) Esophageal strictures are treated by balloon dilatation with fluoroscopic guidance.

2) balloon dilatation (pneumatic dilatation) – balloon dilatation mechanically stretches the contracted LES.

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balloon dilation1) Three subsequent balloon dilations were unsuccessful and finally the patient was referred to our institution.

2) It was planned that Bella would return in 4 to 5 weeks for another balloon dilation .

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balloon envelope1) The electrode structure is inclined within the balloon envelope .

2) The balloon envelope was made of goldbeaters skin.

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fill balloon1) Today is a green balloon filled with concrete .

2) We filled balloons with water today instead of popping them.

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balloon flight1) It is the first overnight balloon flight .

2) Newbery made 40 balloon flights in three years.

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float balloon1) One family floated a balloon over each table that said "Why wait?

2) There were presents for every child, disco dancing, party games, fizzy drinks and floating gas balloons.

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balloon framing1) Platform framing superseded balloon framing and is the standard wooden framing method today.

2) The main difference between platform and balloon framing is at the floor lines.

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helium balloon1) A common helium-filled toy balloon is something familiar to many.

2) Helium-filled balloons rocketed to the ceiling of the canteen.

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high balloon1) A prototype of the SPIRE imaging camera flew on the BLAST high-altitude balloon.

2) Some believe that Mantell died while chasing a then-secret Skyhook high-altitude weather balloon.

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hot balloon1) Early experimenters even went aloft themselves in hot-air balloons.

2) These combine the structures of both hot-air balloons and small airships.

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inflated balloon1) The attic is pressurized like an inflated balloon.

2) They can be stuffed with smaller inflated balloons.

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balloon inflate1) The balloon was inflated with air in 50 ml increments.

2) These grants inflated the balloons which have burst !

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kite balloon1) These are called kite balloons.

2) A kite balloon is distinct from a kytoon, which obtains a portion of its lift aerodynamically.

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latex balloon1) The latex balloon was 6.9 cm long.

2) Mica is added to latex balloons to provide a colored shiny surface.

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balloon loop1) The balloon loop is past the station.

2) balloon loops are common on tram or streetcar systems.

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balloon molly1) The fish that is currently in isolation is a sweet little balloon molly that I have had for nearly a year.

2) I'm sorry for laughing but I've had this same problem myself. u003e My tank contains a black angel, a balloon molly, a platy, a crab, a Plecostomus and now two clown loaches.

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observation balloon1) The earliest military aviation was conducted with observation balloons.

2) These were used to attack observation balloons and were reasonably successful.

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occlude balloon1) For intestinal perfusion a tube assembly with a proximal occluding balloon was used.

2) A fourth lumen enabled removal of endogenous secretions proximal to the occluding balloon.

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pilot balloon1) He also proposed that Lowe pilot the new balloon.

2) There were two methods of piloting balloons: free flight or captive.

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pop balloon1) Goals entail flying through rings or popping large balloons before landing.

2) You think you pop balloons for sport?

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prick balloon1) Public confidence subsided like a pricked balloon.

2) Like a pricked balloon.'

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puncture balloon1) It's so easy to puncture an employee's balloon.

2) puncture the balloon and note the change in the balance reading.

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balloon ride1) The festival and balloon rides are free.

2) Hot air balloon rides can be arranged.

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rub balloon1) Now rub the balloon on your hair .

2) If you wanted to run the blender, you had to rub balloons on your head.

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balloon safari1) Your sunrise balloon safari includes a champagne bush breakfast upon landing.

2) The camp offers excellent camp activities ranging from game walks, bush breakfasts and balloon safaris .

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speech balloon1) A political poster using speech balloons from 1792 has been attested.

2) Many digital artists generate speech balloons with general-purpose illustration software.

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balloon streamer1) Add balloons, streamers or pinwheels to your sign to catch attention.

2) Overjoyed family and friends had festooned her house with colourful balloons, streamers and banners.

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tethered balloon1) Modern tethered gas balloons are made by Aerophile SAS.

2) A tethered balloon or a kite can serve as a temporary support.

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balloon tether1) Generally speaking the best conditions for flying or tethering balloons are early mornings or late evenings.

2) Turner was so intent on his compass that he did not notice the cable tethering the balloon.

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trial balloon1) Most likely scenario: Public outcry will pop this trial balloon.

2) No, this was a trial balloon, some misleading pundits say.

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balloon valvuloplasty1) Bella returned for a follow-up examination 4 months after the balloon valvuloplasty .

2) Successful balloon valvuloplasty was defined as a 50% decrease in transpulmonic velocity.

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weather balloon1) This approach relied on data collected from weather balloons.

2) Nope, it's a weather balloon!

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balloon animal1) Not to mention the pornographic balloon animals .

2) There was face paint, balloon animals, a band, a fire truck, and pizza.

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balloon basket1) This gives an idea of the height and size of the balloon basket.

2) The hot air balloon era is represented by a balloon basket and trophy won by Dayton balloonist Warren Rasor.

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balloon frame1) balloon frames were built faster and generally only required one carpenter.

2) The studs in a balloon frame extend two stories from sill to plate.

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balloon loan1) Are mortgage balloon loans safe if the bubble bursts.

2) The balloon loan calculator will help you to calculate the monthly mortgage.

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balloon mortgage1) The pros and cons of balloon mortgage rates currency.

2) The mortgage securities fraud involved many of these balloon mortgages .

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balloon payment1) balloon payments are not available on all loans.

2) TValue software can easily handle balloon payments.

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balloon race1) The balloon race ride is removed from the park.

2) The first event held at Indy was a balloon race in 1909.

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balloon tire1) Some tires are balloon tires, mud-terrain tires and paddle tires.

2) balloon tires became available in 1925.

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balloon tyre1) They offer a full range of classic designs in ladies and gents options with a choice of gears and options such as these fabulous balloon tyres as featured on this Victoria Balloon.

2) Sometimes, too, when there's only the occasional need to change direction, you have to 'hint' at the steering wheel before that need is telegraphed to the wide balloon tyres.

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balloon1) This technique is called "balloon mapping".

2) The hot air balloon pic is really cool.

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ballooning1) This behavior is commonly known as "ballooning".

2) Which month is best for hot air ballooning?

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blow up a balloon1) blow up a balloon and observe what happens.

2) But there are two ways of blowing up a balloon.

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burst a balloon1) Archers shoot at the targets, until they burst a balloon.

2) The plan goes sour when Namond bursts a balloon on himself and his friends all flee.

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by balloon1) Ulster's position is further enhanced by ballooning advertising revenue.

2) It was the first nonstop trip around the world by balloon.

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go up in a balloon1) Dorothy felt as if she were going up in a balloon.

2) Irish oratory, on the contrary, is a sort of aëronaut: it is always going up in a balloon, and breaking its neck, or coming down in the parachute.

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hot air balloon1) The hot air balloon pic is really cool.

2) hot air balloons are commonly used in advertising.

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inflate a balloon1) inflate a balloon and tie a knot .

2) inflate a balloon and fasten its mouth over the cork.

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