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balmy breeze1) There is hardly any wind, just a balmy breeze .

2) Kind skies and balmy breezes instead of the cutting east wind off the marshes.

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balmy evening1) Beautiful sunny days and warm balmy evenings .

2) The stunning views of the cityscape were breathtaking in the warm balmy evening .

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relatively balmy1) Thursday was a relatively balmy 45 degrees .

2) When they launched on day 2 at Bull Shoals, Sunday's temperatures in the teens were replaced by relatively balmy conditions in the upper 20s, albeit with the addition of sleet and light rain.

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balmy Swami1) Likewise in A balmy Swami, Bluto the hypnotist has Olive all alone.

2) A balmy Swami finds Popeye endangering Olive's life when he interferes with a hypnosis trick.

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balmy climate1) climate Our balmy climate is like a magnet.

2) Australia, a country famed for its stunning landscapes and balmy climate.

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balmy conditions1) Snow, rain, sunshine, freezing and (almost) balmy conditions are all possible in a single day.

2) Even in the days after the 3-day show (that's when I take my groups on visits to breeders, clubs, and regional attractions) we had balmy conditions.

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balmy day1) Those balmy days are a blessing, all right.

2) Indeed JC seemed to be particularly hot under the collar on what was a balmy day.

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balmy night1) Those were golden days and balmy nights!

2) And the balmy night in Seville against Spain?

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balmy summer1) On a warm, balmy summer afternoon this is heaven.

2) The balmy summer months before Harry's birth was a time of contentment and mutual devotion.

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balmy temperature1) A sudden chill crept over my skin, despite the balmy temperature.

2) Flags blew in the wind amid a sun-filled sky and balmy temperatures.

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balmy weather1) We could only dream of having balmy weather in the twenties or thirties.

2) Planning a family picnic, but not sure if the nice balmy weather will hold out?

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balmy1) Those were golden days and balmy nights!

2) Beautiful sunny days and warm balmy evenings.

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