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clump bamboo1) And then there is the tropical clumping bamboo.

2) These forests have some conspicuous tree species such as golden shower tree, Flame of the Forest and " clumping bamboo".

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petrify bamboo1) But these petrified bamboos appeared under the ground so deep, though they are not produced in that place today.

2) This underground space contained hundreds of petrified bamboos still intact with roots and trunks, "all turned to stone" as Shen Kuo wrote.

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bamboo basket1) The bamboo basket rival beans roller of the roller assistant! !

2) Saying "a bamboo basket".

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bamboo cane1) Ann's boyfriend hits Tommy around the head with a bamboo cane spiked with nails.

2) What began as policemen beating black-suited lawyers with bamboo canes has now become a murderous intrigue.

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bamboo curtain1) An analogue of the Iron Curtain, the bamboo Curtain, surrounded the People's Republic of China.

2) CONGRATULATIONS on your recognition that rugby has crossed beyond the bamboo curtain ( Rugby World u0026 Post, July 1992 ).

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bamboo fence1) Eventually a bamboo fence was built to protect him.

2) The shoot included various scenes including Rowland pinned against a bamboo fence and numerous semi-naked shots.

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bamboo fibre1) bamboo textiles are cloth, yarn, and clothing made out of bamboo fibres.

2) The Swiss company Litrax is one company involved in the manufacturing of bamboo fibre.

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bamboo flooring1) This specific issue normally occurs when installing solid strandwoven bamboo flooring .

2) Stranded bamboo flooring throughout the main and upper floors.

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bamboo flute1) This was an arrangement for bamboo flute and guitar.

2) Try hanging a bamboo flute above your headboard.

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bamboo forest1) Several paper industries are surviving on bamboo forests.

2) Their ancestral home is a huge fortress surrounded by bamboo forest.

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bamboo frame1) It is made out of bamboo tubes attached to a bamboo frame.

2) They have a bamboo frame, with porch, often on low poles.

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bamboo grove1) Many Buddhist temples also have bamboo groves.

2) It can also be found in bamboo groves.

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bamboo grows1) Golden bamboo grows well in full sunlight or partial shade.

2) bamboo grows in abundance throughout the city and surrounding areas.

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bamboo hut1) Stucco homes replace the bamboo huts of Inle.

2) Super cute bamboo hut set-up .

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bamboo mat1) Past a house draped with bamboo mats against the sun.

2) Position the seaweed on top of the bamboo mat.

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bamboo network1) In Southeast Asia, economic development was fueled by the growth of the bamboo network.

2) After the crisis, business relationships were more frequently based on contracts, rather than the trust and family ties of the traditional bamboo network.

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bamboo plant1) The bamboo plant is considered a lucky object.

2) Will salt water cause bamboo plants to wilt ?

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bamboo scaffolding1) The place looked like a bamboo scaffolding company .

2) bamboo scaffolding is widely used in Hong Kong, with nylon straps tied into knots as couplers.

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bamboo shoots1) And we had erm chicken noodles with bamboo shoots.

2) Variations of the dish contain chicken and bamboo shoots.

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bamboo skewer1) We only had to stop when the bamboo skewer snapped.

2) Thread each piece on a bamboo skewer.

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bamboo stake1) Sharp bamboo stakes were thickly sown into the grounds around the fort.

2) In Burma, bamboo stakes would be placed on both sides of a path frequented by tigers.

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bamboo stalk1) The elephant grabbed a bamboo stalk that had been offered by a keeper .

2) Traditional music is played on wind instruments made from gourds and bamboo stalk.

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bamboo steamer1) The sticky rice is rolled into balls and cooked in bamboo steamers.

2) Freshly made to order, they arrive in individual bamboo steamers.

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bamboo stem1) Keepers encourage their foraging behavior by placing tall bamboo stems in their exhibit.

2) The main sail was 15 by 18 ft on a yard of bamboo stems lashed together.

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bamboo stick1) Ricky chose the shortest bamboo stick and he was playing.

2) We used bamboo sticks for staking up tomato plants.

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bamboo thicket1) Several attacks were repulsed and the enemy was driven into the bamboo thickets.

2) The merciless campaign lasted 2 months in terrain laced with tank traps, wire, mines and bamboo thickets.

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bamboo tree1) Undeniably adorable -- unless you 're a bamboo tree.

2) His 615-ha land in Wokha is full of teak and bamboo trees.

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bamboo tube1) The weapon consisted of firing bullets from bamboo tubes.

2) Water may be added through a bamboo tube to create steam.

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bamboo wall1) A house was divided into three rooms by woven bamboo walls.

2) It has a wooden structure, with bamboo walls.

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bamboo1) The nuns plant bamboo near the retreat huts.

2) It is crafted from 100% bamboo chanel espadrilles outlet .

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