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acoustic ballad1) There's screaming rock 'n' roll and acoustic ballads.

2) Naldo performs "Llego El Domingo", a piano lead acoustic ballad.

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broadside ballad1) About 10,000 English broadside ballads of the entire seventeenth century survive.

2) A fascinating feature of early modern broadside ballads is their lively woodcut impressions.

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ballad co1) The album's second single "Art of Love" is a ballad co-written by Sebastian and Adam Rielly.

2) She co-write a soft ballad, "Mãi yêu" (Endless Love), with Nguyen Quang.

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folk ballad1) It is a very long folk ballad.

2) Where documented history allows only conjecture, folk ballads offer delightful certainty.

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gentle ballad1) His repertoire consisted of early rock'n'roll standards and gentle ballads.

2) Even the softest and gentlest ballads sound like little more than very subdued anthems.

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heartfelt ballad1) The fourteenth bonus track is a final heartfelt ballad sung over the lightest piano accompaniment.

2) The heartfelt ballad "The Great Divide" is sung atop a full yet gentle arrangement.

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love ballad1) Later, primitive love ballads and heroic tales would have arisen.

2) The DJ plays a love ballad by Foreigner .

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lyrical ballad1) The earliest printed text - from lyrical ballads (1800) - is given here.

2) One of the easier lyrical ballads will serve to bring out the main points of critical debate.

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ballad metre1) This was "Prussian Nights" – nearly two thousand lines in ballad metre – published in 1977.

2) Sternhold and Hopkins wrote almost all of their Psalms in the "common" or ballad metre .

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mid ballad1) The mid-tempo country power ballad opens with piano chords, played by Haywood.

2) Hamasaki describe the song as a mid-tempo ballad and a feeling of gratitude towards someone.

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midtempo ballad1) The midtempo ballad finds the guys gushing expressions of romantic affection.

2) It is a midtempo pop ballad accompanied by piano, strings, and drum machine beats.

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ballad opera1) ballad opera was attempted in America and Prussia.

2) In this respect, jigs anticipate the ballad operas of the 18th century.

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orchestrate ballad1) The song is a richly orchestrated power ballad about deep love and commitment to one's lover.

2) Meadows Of Heaven finishes off the album and it's a richly orchestrated piano ballad with very strong vocals by Anette.

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pen ballad1) The Mercury penned ballad, "Love of My Life", featured a harp and overdubbed vocal harmonies.

2) Following the first single, he released a Tagalog ballad penned by Vehnee Saturno, entitled "Bakit Pa Ba".

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piano ballad1) An unexpected piano ballad softens the album in "That Way.

2) They promised power ballads, piano ballads, string arrangements and a duet.

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pop ballad1) Her favored genre and personality in her music is pop ballad.

2) Her album genre is pop ballad, and the first single released was "Mírame".

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ballad print1) Chapter 31 reprints a cheaply printed ballad written by one of Billy's shipmates as an elegy.

2) The ballad was first printed by Walter Scott (1803) then by Robert Jamieson (1806).

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recite ballad1) Little Dollie Bell recited a sad ballad entitled At the Stage Door .

2) Topic: Dana Gioia reads Summer Storm Dana Gioia: Let me recite a ballad that begins at a wedding.

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romantic ballad1) The song is indeed a true romantic rock ballad of sheer intensity.

2) Teng was known for her folk songs and romantic ballads.

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sentimental ballad1) Wills himself largely sang blues and sentimental ballads.

2) Sweet Home!, a sentimental ballad as an energetic rockabilly clip.

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ballad singer1) Lau is locally known as an 84 -year-old hakka ballad singer .

2) They were traditionally ballad singers, and would often sing at weddings.

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ballad singing1) Evening entertainment at the bar frequently includes ballad singing and some traditional irish music.

2) Three years later Kenny would be credited for bringing the group to global success with his unusual high tenor ballad singing .

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sing ballad1) The students would sing mountain ballads and traditional songs.

2) He liked to sing Irish ballads learned from his father.

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soar ballad1) There are several ballet sequences, instant reprises, jazzy pop songs, classical spoofs and soaring ballads.

2) They put a glorious spin on traditional songs and Cuttings fine original compositions, from soaring ballads and stirring sea chanteys to blazing fiddle and accordion tunes.

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soulful ballad1) This single was particularly new for The Verve as it was a soulful ballad.

2) This included a softer representation, articulated by lush, soulful ballads and up-tempo dance beats.

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ballad tune1) They were eclectic collections country and soul ballads, blues tunes, and updated versions of earlier recordings.

2) In that opera Veracini included the well-known Scots ballad tune "The Lass of Paties Mill".

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Ballad of Reading Gaol1) Oscar Wilde, 'The Ballad of Reading Gaol'.

2) John Adams (president from 1797-1801) Who wrote the Ballad of Reading Gaol in 1898?

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ballad1) Our recent emotional power ballad album has seen great success.

2) The music incorporates nicely ballad and metal edged rock.

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