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1) This tipped rotational axis gives rise to extreme seasons on Uranus.

2) Of course both the rotational axis and the equatorial plane wobble.

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3) The ball lightning has the same rotational axis as the rotating cylinder.

4) In most cases the orientation of the star's rotational axis is unknown.

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5) Precession is a change in the orientation of the rotational axis of a rotating body.

6) The two moments when the inclination of Earth's rotational axis has maximum effect are the solstices.

7) rotational axis Uranus' rotational axis is strongly tilted on its side (97.9°).

8) As with the gnomon, the hour-lines are all aligned with the Earth's rotational axis.

9) It is slightly shorter than the sidereal year due to the precession of Mars' rotational axis.

10) The dipole is slightly shifted (by 0.037 Rs) along Saturn's rotational axis towards the north pole.

11) The mass of Tharsis may have even altered the orientation of Mars' rotational axis, causing climate changes.

12) The globe dial is a sphere aligned with the Earth's rotational axis, and equipped with a spherical vane.

13) The collapse is often accompanied by bipolar outflows–jets–that emanate along the rotational axis of the inferred disk.

14) How is it measured ... length being the distance between the rotational axis and the point where the force is applied.

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15) First, the orbit of the Earth is not perfectly circular and its rotational axis not perfectly perpendicular to its orbit.

16) A planet's movement around its rotational axis must also meet certain criteria if life is to have the opportunity to evolve.

17) Saturn's magnetic dipole is strictly aligned with its rotational axis, meaning that the field, uniquely, is highly axisymmetric.

18) The sundials described above have gnomons that are aligned with the Earth's rotational axis and cast their shadow onto a plane.

19) The magnetic fields of Uranus and Neptune are strongly tilted relative the rotational axis and displaced from the centre of the planet.

20) Axial precession is the movement of the rotational axis of an astronomical body, whereby the axis slowly traces out a cone.

21) Over time changes in the rotational axis alters this alignment, resulting in very close approaches to the F ring by Prometheus.

22) ES By the event's axis I mean its rotational axis which if the post top does not move is at the center of this post.

23) It has seasons similar to Earth's because the tilt of its rotational axis (axial inclination) to the plane of its orbit about the Sun is about the same as Earth's.

24) This is so because any axis movement, whether by TPW or shift in Earth's overall true rotational axis, will result in changes both in latitude and elevation of any point on the surface.

25) axis OF SYMMETRY An axis of symmetry (also called a rotational axis) is an imaginary line around which an object can be rotated a certain number of degrees and look like the original shape.

26) In astronomy, precession refers to any of several gravity-induced, slow and continuous changes in an astronomical body's rotational axis or orbital path.

27) However, the inertia of the planet gear about the rotational axis of the planet arm should be algebraically added to the inertia of the planet arm on the planet arm shaft.

28) It holds that in any fast-rotating barotropic ideal liquid, the flows are organized in a series of cylinders parallel to the rotational axis.

29) They let the platform twist about any rotational axis (or, rather, they let the platform keep the same orientation while the vehicle rotates around it).

30) The lobe has a helical slot machined into it that has a helix angle of about 35° relative to the rotational axis of the camshaft.

31) The most popular model for the origin of the ice is climate change from large changes in the tilt of the planet's rotational axis.

32) Also popular with astronomers were variations such as eccentrics–by which the rotational axis was offset and not completely at the center.

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