Expressions - Collocations of the word " attack "

" attack "Collocations - Expressions
attacking football1) The second half was an entertaining affair with both sides creating chances and playing attacking football .

2) The trophy was won through great attacking football, and there was never any doubt that VB would win it.

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attacking force1) He easily fends off the superior attacking force .

2) Approximately 1230 hours the attacking force crossed the river and started the attack.

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attacking midfielder1) Diego Maradona was a notable attacking midfielder .

2) Lewis Holtby will play as the central attacking midfielder .

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attacking option1) Aspatria were relatively comfortable in defence but attacking options were few .

2) England's limited attacking options were reduced to the occasional fast break and the low-percentage shot.

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attacking player1) The attacking players start to sprint in towards goal.

2) Southampton's attacking players immediately stepped up this season.

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attacking play1) The non-offending team shall use a delayed penalty for constructive attacking play .

2) His attacking play helped England accelerate the innings and secure a comfortable victory.

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attacking position1) Then it rejects those boards with diagonal attacking positions .

2) He can also play in the more attacking position of forward or wing forward.

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attacking role1) Marco Bode could play a more attacking role too in a 3-man strike force.

2) Playing in the pure attacking role for his country, he was seemingly scoring at will.

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attacking style1) The system is designed to reward teams that adopt a more attacking style of play.

2) Valencia fans were soon won over by Benítez as he introduced a more attacking style of play.

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attacking threat1) His additional ability to play multiple positions could also offer value as an auxiliary attacking threat .

2) Mathieu Debuchy was the Toon Army's main attacking threat, from right-back.

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attack ad1) attack ads feature negative information about an opponent.

2) Negative advertising techniques, such as attack ads .

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attack aircraft1) The Su-20 were pure ground attack aircraft .

2) attack aircraft are equipped to strike ground or naval targets.

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air attack1) PR suffered relatively few enemy air attacks.

2) The city had previously suffered extensive damage from air attacks.

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bomb attack1) Wild rumours of fresh bomb attacks spread.

2) Both ships retired after the bomb attack.

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attack capability1) Flight tests proved successful and the night attack capability was validated.

2) The Mi17s are reported to have some attack capability .

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chemical attack1) Assad has denied launching a chemical attack .

2) Both sides accused each other of launching chemical attacks.

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attack common1) Others analyses suggest heart attacks are more common in night workers .

2) These kinds of attack are common and they work.

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condemn attack1) Kosovo authorities condemned the attack and police were investigating.

2) This attack was condemned by several local and international institutions.

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coordinate attack1) Two soldiers were killed during coordinated attacks on multiple targets.

2) The day following the fire coordinated attacks began.

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counter attack1) Only 120 fighters were made available to counter German attacks.

2) Obama's team said it will counter inevitable attacks.

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attack craft1) However it was very dominant among the coastal attack craft .

2) Today the class is generally known as "fast attack craft ".

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cyber attack1) Thousands of serious cyber attacks occur daily.

2) Businesses are increasingly the victims of cyber attacks.

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attack difficult1) Protecting yourself against SQL injection attacks is not very difficult .

2) Making choices after an attack are difficult and costly.

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attack dog1) These Black attack dogs are well fed.

2) Put a leash on your attack dog .

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attack due1) He survived their attack due to Kronos saving him.

2) Taani's father suffers a major heart attack due to the news.

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attack effective1) This attack is apparently more effective when running forward.

2) The Jets rushing attack was also effective .

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enemy attack1) PR suffered relatively few enemy air attacks.

2) This building has only moderate protection against enemy missile attacks.

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German attack1) Only 120 fighters were made available to counter German attacks.

2) These units participated in wearing down German tactical attacks.

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attack graph1) Automated generation and analysis of attack graphs .

2) This approach is less general than our treatment of attack graphs .

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heart attack1) He has had too many heart attacks.

2) At least 14 deaths due to heart attacks were recorded.

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attack helicopter1) attack helicopters were also used by government forces.

2) The attack helicopter normally has two crew but can carry more.

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attack imminent1) The radio operator got news that an attack was imminent .

2) All indications are that an attack is imminent .

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attack impossible1) Sneak attacks are impossible against this creature.

2) The German armies' lack of fuel made a sustained armored attack impossible .

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Japanese attack1) Some had arrived only days before the Japanese attack.

2) Further Japanese air attacks came in the afternoon.

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launch attack1) Immediate attacks were launched against both forts.

2) They would normally launch nighttime attacks against specific targets.

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attack likely1) A similar attack is likely against Libya.

2) Intelligence experts warn that another great attack is likely in America.

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attack mission1) The unit flew mostly ground attack missions during this time.

2) He abandoned ground attack missions whenever he could.

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mount attack1) The attack was mounted by eight armed men.

2) A railroad cut and fence line soon halted the mounted attack.

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order attack1) Another attack was ordered but cancelled later.

2) Gray ordered several other attacks during the 1792 voyage.

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panic attack1) She has never worked and suffers panic attacks.

2) Many symptoms may occur during a panic attack.

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plan attack1) Rumors were spread that attacks were planned .

2) As they plan the attack very carefully.

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attack possible1) This is what makes SQL injection attacks possible .

2) Divided attacks are possible at level three.

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prevent attack1) There are several ways to prevent migraine attacks.

2) Network attacks are better off prevented than cured.

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attack rare1) He also claimed such attacks are relatively rare .

2) New Zealand shark attacks are relatively rare .

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repel attack1) The spokeswoman said the army repelled the attack.

2) The attack was repelled by Ukrainian troops.

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repulse attack1) This attack was repulsed with heavy losses.

2) The attack was repulsed and two tanks were disabled.

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resist attack1) It is designed specially to resist missile attacks or bombs.

2) The Israeli ability to resist mortar attacks is limited.

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rocket attack1) In addition four elderly died of heart attacks during rocket attacks.

2) Three civilians were also killed in loyalist rocket attacks.

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attack similar1) Limited symptom attacks are similar to panic attacks, but have fewer symptoms.

2) Its combination sequence and final attack are similar to those of Great Fighbird.

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attack squadron1) The attack squadron approached Karachi and fired four missiles.

2) The ground attack squadrons provided close air support to ground force operations.

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stage attack1) The group has staged ongoing major attacks within Somalia for years .

2) But it soon becomes clear that the attack was staged .

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stop attack1) German combined arms fire stopped the attack.

2) Second, settings rarely stop real attacks.

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attack stroke1) And she has suffered a heart attack, stroke and three miscarriages.

2) As she says, associated conditions are heart attacks, strokes and cancer.

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attack submarine1) Most military submarines are either attack submarines or ballistic missile submarines.

2) They were the largest attack submarines ever built.

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attack successful1) The attack further north was much more successful .

2) Their next attack was far more successful –and brutal.

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attack such1) attacks such as these were commonly targeted toward the same vendor.

2) attacks such as this are often called "evil maid attacks".

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suffer attack1) PR suffered relatively few enemy air attacks.

2) She has never worked and suffers panic attacks.

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suicide attack1) Lebanon had seen around 50 suicide attacks between 83-99.

2) The insurgents responded with daily bombings and suicide attacks.

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surprise attack1) Even a simple surprise attack takes practice.

2) The surprise attack was a total success.

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survive attack1) Mann has done very well surviving these attacks.

2) Learn more about surviving a heart attack .

more survive attack sentences
attack survivor1) So what can heart attack survivors do ?

2) Heart attack survivors, for example, experience a phenomenon called stunned myocardium.

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terrorist attack1) terrorist attack kills 241 U.S. marines stationed in Lebanon.

2) terrorist attacks will be a recurring part of our future.

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terror attack1) Witnesses feared that it was another terror attack.

2) A worse disaster followed the Mumbai terror attacks .

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attack transport1) She was his second "Haskell"-class attack transport .

2) The attack transport remained at Milne Bay through Christmas Day.

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attack underway1) Recognizing that a major Japanese attack was underway, Puller requested reinforcement.

2) He decided the early-warning signals were false and that no surprise American missile attack was underway .

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attack unlikely1) Israeli intelligence experts consider an Iraqi attack unlikely for four main reasons.

2) Heavy snowfall continued on the eastern border, making an immediate German attack unlikely .

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attack unsuccessful1) All attempts to stop these attacks were unsuccessful .

2) Communications failed, and the attacks were unsuccessful .

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attack vector1) The researchers also found a possible mass attack vector .

2) It is yet another attack vector in the browser .

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attack victim1) Myth 4 Heart attack victims should lie down, rather than sit up.

2) The medical profession is even using enzyme therapy for stroke and heart attack victims .

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violent attack1) There has been yet another violent attack with mass casualties.

2) In 1985 ADC offices suffered a series of violent attacks.

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acute attack1) During an acute attack, treatment is directed toward supportive measures.

2) It is painless and does not have acute attacks.

more acute attack sentences
aircraft attack1) Six aircraft attacked armoured column positions, four attacked bridges.

2) A new era in aircraft attacks on ships had been initiated.

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all out attack1) all out attack, but played in a passing style.

2) all out attack and entertainment as the teams shared eight goals over the 90 minutes .

more all out attack sentences
army attack1) A Covenant army attacks the academy causing confusion and panic.

2) The Maratha army attacked and took seventeen fortresses by siege.

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arson attack1) In October 2005 the hall was targeted in an arson attack.

2) An investigation has begun into an arson attack on a school.

more arson attack sentences
article attack1) This journal published articles attacking conservative Chinese morality and promoting individualism.

2) He published several articles attacking "The Town".

more article attack sentences
asthma attack1) These medications quickly control acute asthma attacks.

2) An asthma attack is a serious situation.

more asthma attack sentences
attack against1) They would normally launch nighttime attacks against specific targets.

2) All hostile attacks against that position were repulsed.

more attack against sentences
attack an opponent1) This can drastically affect how one attacks an opponent.

2) attack an opponent bare-handed with Martial Arts.

more attack an opponent sentences
attack bacteria1) Some viruses attack bacteria, others attack body cells.

2) Hydrogen peroxide producing enzymes: attack bacteria. 7.

more attack bacteria sentences
attack base1) Should we tolerate attacks based on falsehoods and misrepresentation ?

2) A healthcare provider can diagnose a heart attack based on several assessment findings.

more attack base sentences
attack by1) America has been attacked by cowardly fanatics.

2) They were attacked by 30 enemy fighters.

more attack by sentences
attack camp1) Most refugees from the attacked camps moved to the large Mugunga camp.

2) In 1871, a group of six white Americans, forty-eight Mexicans and almost 100 Papago warriors attacked camp Grant.

more attack camp sentences
attack cell1) Viruses attack cells by several distinct routes.

2) Earlier research using rhesus monkeys helped scientists understand how the virus attacks cells.

more attack cell sentences
attack civilian1) The pilots claimed they were ordered to attack civilians.

2) Why did Israel attack civilians in the Mediterranean?

more attack civilian sentences
attack come1) The next attack comes from the right.

2) The attack came suddenly and with devastating power.

more attack come sentences
attack continue1) The air attacks continued for 39 days.

2) The next day revenge attacks continued against the police action.

more attack continue sentences
attack convoy1) May 27 – 108 German aircraft attack convoy PQ-16 in the Arctic Ocean.

2) At night, torpedo-carrying Vickers Wellingtons of 38 Squadron also played an important part in attacking convoys.

more attack convoy sentences
attack corruption1) Using this platform Mrs. Bradwell also attacked corruption.

2) In response to widespread criticism, Kadhafi strongly attacked corruption and favouritism in the government administration.

more attack corruption sentences
attack country1) They are aligned with a policy of attacking countries that are building new economic models.

2) The actual message is that the U.S. only attacks countries that cannot defend themselves.

more attack country sentences
attack directly1) A separate military attack directly targeting Sweden remains unlikely.

2) Do attack directly the people who are guilty.

more attack directly sentences
attack enemy1) Fighters protect your bombers or attack enemy airfields.

2) The player controls an airplane along two axes while attacking enemies.

more attack enemy sentences
attack fail1) The attack failed and further attempts were postponed until after nightfall.

2) The attack failed in the face of determined opposition.

more attack fail sentences
attack fort1) They attacked fort Beauséjour the following day.

2) February 4, 1837 – Seminoles attack fort Foster in Florida.

more attack fort sentences
attack fortress1) Of the 291 attacking fortresses, 77 B-17s were lost.

2) His systematic approach remained the standard method of attacking fortresses until the 20th century.

more attack fortress sentences
attack from1) Greeley found himself under attack from several directions.

2) attacks from all quarters are being executed.

more attack from sentences
attack happen1) Both attacks happened in the early hours.

2) A fatal heart attack happens in Britain every three minutes.

more attack happen sentences
attack neighbour1) The constitution does not allow Iraq to be used as a staging ground to attack neighbouring countries.

2) Shaka expanded the Zulu clan into a tribe, by attacking neighbouring clans and assimilating the survivors; his aggression caused the catastrophe of the "Mfecane".

more attack neighbour sentences
attack occur1) Both attacks occurred during daily prayer sessions.

2) The attacks occurred indiscriminately and without warning.

more attack occur sentences
attack of anxiety1) No headaches at all today and only a slight attack of anxiety this morning.

2) For the occasional attack of anxiety or depression, as is most common, essential oils will certainly lift your spirits.

more attack of anxiety sentences
attack of conscience1) Tell us how they protect themselves against attacks of CONSCIENCE.

2) At the end of the movie, "Paul Doyle" has an attack of conscience, confesses, and testifies against Lugo.

more attack of conscience sentences
attack on1) We find ourselves being attacked on every conceivable front.

2) Critics tone down attacks on legal reform plans.

more attack on sentences
attack opponent1) Right-wingers have frequently used LGBT issues to attack opponents and boost conservative turnout.

2) Tsvangirai has been accused of allowing activitists to attack opponents within his own party.

more attack opponent sentences
attack patrol1) Nevertheless the scattered airborne troops maximised their opportunities, attacking patrols and creating confusion wherever possible.

2) This was the first attempt at night flying attack patrols by the American Air Service.

more attack patrol sentences
attack problem1) Most people go out and attack problems with complicated tools.

2) This is a powerful resource that can be used to attack problems.

more attack problem sentences
attack rate1) attack rates are similar for men and women.

2) attack rates are higher in institutions and in areas of overcrowding.

more attack rate sentences
attack rebel1) Troops were attacking rebels' defences from three directions.

2) During this attack rebel forces used BMD-2s and automatic fire.

more attack rebel sentences
attack ship1) Coastal Command attacked shipping and mined waters around invasion ports.

2) They fend off the attack, destroying the attacking ship.

more attack ship sentences
attack succeed1) A second night attack succeeded in extending the bridgehead.

2) Neither attack succeeds, and Joyce calms both individuals.

more attack succeed sentences
attack take place1) The last and definitive attack took place the next morning.

2) The attack took place in the main post office.

more attack take place sentences
attack target1) It can attack targets at 40 km.

2) These weapons would select and attack targets without human control.

more attack target sentences
attack threat1) Misogyny is the tool used to attack threats to the position of masculinity.

2) After that, though, Chelsea neutered United's attacking threat pretty effectively.

more attack threat sentences
attack upon1) These were all implicit attacks upon higher ecclesiastical authority.

2) This indirect attack upon him was not left unanswered.

more attack upon sentences
attack vessel1) These weapons threw a pattern of warheads ahead of the attacking vessel to bracket a submerged contact.

2) PICARD: Mister Crusher, move the Enterprise out of range of the attacking vessel!

more attack vessel sentences
attack with1) There has been yet another violent attack with mass casualties.

2) Numerous attacks were attempted attacks with explosives.

more attack with sentences
attack1) Ozone "attacks" virus particles directly.

2) The latest attack has left club members stunned.

more attack sentences
attacking instinct1) He is known for his ball control, attacking instinct and dribbling.

2) Santi Cazorla, Jack Wilshere and Mikel Arteta all have attacking instincts.

more attacking instinct sentences
attacking1) It must avoid attacking biological life forms.

2) These guns were effective against attacking aircraft.

more attacking sentences
attacks are rare1) Heart attacks are rare in kids and teens.

2) However, attacks are rare as few humans enter its oceanic habitat.

more attacks are rare sentences
bad attack1) One Sunday morning he had a bad attack during the service.

2) This was the worst attack on Turkish nationals in nearly 10 years.

more bad attack sentences
be subjected to attack1) The Christians and Jews of Jerusalem were subjected to attacks.

2) Without air cover was, the convoy was subjected to attack by sea and air.

more be subjected to attack sentences
be under attack1) They find the camp is under attack.

2) He was under attack on three sides.

more be under attack sentences
biological attack1) biological attacks against large populations would most likely be disseminated by aerosol.

2) Media attention toward the seriousness of biological attacks increased in 2013-2014.

more biological attack sentences
bitter attack1) The second communiqué contained a bitter attack on the Palestinians.

2) Philip Snowden turned back to journalism, penning increasingly bitter attacks on MacDonald.

more bitter attack sentences
blistering attack1) Three years ago Policy Exchange published a report that contained a blistering attack on social housing .

2) Calhoun, back in the Senate but too feeble to speak, wrote a blistering attack on the compromise.

more blistering attack sentences
block attack1) First, Ryu can stand still and attempt to block attacks.

2) You have the use of shields to block attacks .

more block attack sentences
brutal attack1) Twelve suspects are facing charges for the brutal attack.

2) Father finds son on ground after brutal attack.

more brutal attack sentences
brutally attack1) Baer mentioned that "er character is brutally attacked.

2) She had been brutally attacked and then murdered.

more brutally attack sentences
carry out an attack1) A person or organization carrying out an attack.

2) Amjad and Hakim Awad had decided to carry out an attack on Itamar days before.

more carry out an attack sentences
carry out attack1) Sometimes they carried out attacks on bridge defense posts.

2) Some Chechen separatists also carried out attacks against civilians in Russia.

more carry out attack sentences
cause attack1) His shameless and merciless strategies often cause attacked nations to lose all hope of ever rising again.

2) It is possible that a pre-existing condition affecting the temporal lobe may both cause attacks of TEA and interfere with the handling of memories.

more cause attack sentences
come under attack1) The convoy came under attack by enemy fire.

2) This assumption has often come under attack.

more come under attack sentences
concerted attack1) India did well to orchestrate concerted attacks from the flanks .

2) At this the Prince ordered his attendants to make a concerted attack.

more concerted attack sentences
copycat attack1) That incident sparked a rash of copycat attacks on pedestrians using both heavy machinery and normal cars.

2) The police suspected that Mlýnek was preparing a copycat attack inspired by the 2011 Norway attacks.

more copycat attack sentences
critic attack1) critics attacked the studies because they were not published in peer-reviewed journals.

2) A number of critics attacked the subjects and harshness of the story.

more critic attack sentences
deadly attack1) Rebels conducted deadly attacks on arriving troops.

2) Numerous deadly attacks were carried out against political parties in April.

more deadly attack sentences
deliver an attack1) Foakes-Jackson and Lake delivered an attack on Liberal Protestantism.

2) Q. Did any planes deliver an attack on the ENTERPRISE ? A. Yes, they did attack.

more deliver an attack sentences
demonstrator attack1) The demonstrators attacked the police; stones and fireworks were thrown at the police and burning barricades set up.

2) Order was restored after 400 city police moved in, but the next day, demonstrators attacked the police.

more demonstrator attack sentences
devastating attack1) The Maratha army was routed and fled under the devastating attack.

2) It was replaced by more devastating attacks using improved sighting and weapons technology.

more devastating attack sentences
direct attack1) This is yet another direct attack on agriculture.

2) Presumably less direct attacks on the appointed wisdom were more common.

more direct attack sentences
directly attack1) You could win without ever directly attacking a tower.

2) The government does not directly attack Judaism.

more directly attack sentences
dodge attack1) The player can also help the partner character dodge attacks.

2) During the fight, Alyssa must dodge attacks while firing arrows.

more dodge attack sentences
dog attack1) Fatal dog attacks are always media sensations and heavily reported.

2) Livestock and poultry are protected under Virginia law against dog attacks.

more dog attack sentences
experience attack1) When you experience attacks and possession for yourself then judge.

2) The staff experience attacks of vertigo, and one woman passes out.

more experience attack sentences
fatal attack1) The last fatal attack before that was in 1992.

2) fatal attacks by sharks are rare in New Zealand .

more fatal attack sentences
fierce attack1) Rylsky's apolitical poetry provoked fierce attacks from official critics.

2) Cannon and his co-workers launched a fierce attack on James.

more fierce attack sentences
fiercely attack1) Those who fiercely attack the CNRT are forgetting something.

2) Opponents of slavery fiercely attacked the Dred Scott decision.

more fiercely attack sentences
flank attack1) The French had defeated both Chinese flanking attacks.

2) Hardee told him that it was subject to both frontal and flanking attacks.

more flank attack sentences
frenzied attack1) He was certainly the subject of a frenzied attack.

2) It was just a frenzied attack," he said.

more frenzied attack sentences
frontal attack1) He was killed while leading the frontal attack.

2) Males without harems sometimes opt for a frontal attack.

more frontal attack sentences
full scale attack1) Following this a full scale attack was ordered in November.

2) Simultaneously, the IDF launched a full scale attack into Sinai.

more full scale attack sentences
go on the attack1) Clint defends herself by going on the attack.

2) In April 1598 he went on the attack.

more go on the attack sentences
guerrilla attack1) Ewing's responsibilities included keeping the border safe from guerrilla attacks.

2) The frequency of guerrilla attacks rose as the insurgency gathered steam.

more guerrilla attack sentences
gun attack1) There were also frequent gun attacks on foot patrols.

2) Neighbours were alarmed by the early morning gun attack.

more gun attack sentences
have attack1) James has attacked others in the same fashion.

2) All units have attack and defense ratings.

more have attack sentences
homophobic attack1) Drybutter was often the victim of homophobic attacks.

2) Many have and are victims of violent homophobic attacks by neo-nationalists sin .

more homophobic attack sentences
horrific attack1) Meanwhile several children who saw the horrific attack were left traumatised.

2) Nearly a week has passed since the horrific attacks on America.

more horrific attack sentences
insurgent attack1) Netherlands lost two soldiers in separate insurgent attacks.

2) Trucks are often the target of insurgent attacks.

more insurgent attack sentences
knife attack1) The suspect avoids multiple knife attacks and grabs the gangbanger's arm.

2) Similarly, a knife attack is always a disaster for an unarmed person.

more knife attack sentences
launch an attack1) The opposing army was launching an attack.

2) The air force had launched an attack with chemical weapons.

more launch an attack sentences
lead attack1) Indigenous outlaw Musquito defied colonial law and led attacks on settlers.

2) Aoun led attacks against Syrian troops that resulted in heavy civilian casualties.

more lead attack sentences
line of attack1) The first line of attack is getting informed.

2) There is another important line of attack, however.

more line of attack sentences
lion attack1) A lion attacked the lambs and David fought the lion.

2) The lions attack in broad daylight, bringing down an elephant calf.

more lion attack sentences
major attack1) The base prepared for a major attack.

2) The submarines made six major attacks on this patrol.

more major attack sentences
make attack1) An open country makes attack more successful then defense.

2) Still, some Ju 87s made attacks.

more make attack sentences
mild attack1) I have had a very mild attack.

2) A mild attack: a touch of the flu.

more mild attack sentences
missile attack1) They have moderate protection against missile attacks.

2) This building has only moderate protection against enemy missile attacks.

more missile attack sentences
mob attack1) The next day the mob attacked again.

2) These clerical directives led to mob attacks and public executions.

more mob attack sentences
mock attack1) What exactly will the mock attack involve.

2) A mock attack was planned for strategic targets in Brandon.

more mock attack sentences
monster attack1) The story started with a giant monster attacking a village.

2) During a picnic, a monster attacked the gods.

more monster attack sentences
mortar attack1) Six others were wounded around the city in scattered mortar attacks.

2) Dominican troops were under constant mortar attacks but suffered no casualties.

more mortar attack sentences
motiveless attack1) Mr Lavender died 12 days after the motiveless attack in Battersea, South London.

2) It was a motiveless attack.

more motiveless attack sentences
mount an attack1) A decision was then made to mount an attack.

2) On July 19, the angry passengers mounted an attack.

more mount an attack sentences
nasty attack1) It was a nasty attack and a very strange one.

2) He says it was a nasty attack and the attackers were violent.

more nasty attack sentences
nuclear attack1) Why does the navy need 80 nuclear attack submarines?

2) This is the one hour nuclear attack .

more nuclear attack sentences
open to attack1) Japan have laid themselves wide open to attack.

2) Anything less renders the system insecure and open to attack .

more open to attack sentences
outspoken attack1) Before doing so, however, he made an outspoken attack on the government.

2) And it was one of the most outspoken attacks by a Royal on a foreign power.

more outspoken attack sentences
personal attack1) These are scientific facts not personal attacks.

2) Their vicious personal attacks ruin each others' lives.

more personal attack sentences
physically attack1) They sometimes physically attacked black voters and community leaders.

2) He was physically attacked four times in total.

more physically attack sentences
press attack1) He was eventually sacked amid intense press attacks.

2) Cui wrote a "characteristically savage press attack" on the opera.

more press attack sentences
press home attack1) The "Regia Aeronautica" also pressed home attacks with determination.

2) While India's grip on what had been East Pakistan tightened, the IAF continued to press home attacks against Pakistan itself.

more press home attack sentences
provoke attack1) But that conclusion provoked attacks from Arab historians and Israeli revisionists .

2) However, defending against a provoked attack is not considered "necessary self defense".

more provoke attack sentences
racial attack1) These precautions are essential because of the danger of racial attacks.

2) You are right when you say it was not a vicious racial attack.

more racial attack sentences
racist attack1) In which case it probably wasn't a racist attack.

2) They were determined to defend the local black community from racist attacks.

more racist attack sentences
rapist attack1) The rapists attack Jennifer specifically to give Matthew a chance to lose his virginity ; their actions are both a joke and an initiation.

2) On Tuesday, police acknowledged that another 1997 assault - one they had classified as a burglary - was in fact one of the rapist's attacks.

more rapist attack sentences
rebel attack1) The rebel attack on Donetsk airport continued relentlessly around the clock.

2) The rebels attacked while the convoy was in the base.

more rebel attack sentences
recurrent attack1) She experienced recurrent attacks of thrush ever since.

2) In Herefordshire there is the additional problem of recurrent attacks by the Welsh.

more recurrent attack sentences
renew attack1) There have been renewed attacks in Pakistan since the siege.

2) They renewed attacks on their old rival until they reached central Mali.

more renew attack sentences
repeatedly attack1) Then repeatedly attacked she was badly holed by more bombs.

2) Karen and Mark Glenn were shown repeatedly attacking one another verbally.

more repeatedly attack sentences
report attack1) There were restrictions on reporting attacks on ships.

2) There was a 35% increase on reported attacks involving guns.

more report attack sentences
retaliatory attack1) He organized retaliatory attacks against Barksdale territory.

2) The attacks enraged Hitler, who ordered retaliatory attacks on London.

more retaliatory attack sentences
savage attack1) Girolamo Cardano printed a savage attack on Seneca in 1562, in Basel.

2) A TWO-year-old girl is recovering in hospital after a savage attack by her family pet dog.

more savage attack sentences
savagely attack1) The mob savagely attacks news reporters covering the protest.

2) These people savagely attack those with whom they disagree.

more savagely attack sentences
scathing attack1) MORRISSEY has launched a scathing attack on former pal Vic Reeves.

2) Then on 24 October, he made another scathing attack on the differences.

more scathing attack sentences
scurrilous attack1) Such scurrilous attacks on a religious tradition and community are evil.

2) And then the Shah had allowed the publication of a scurrilous attack on his clerical enemy, Ayatollah Khomeini.

more scurrilous attack sentences
series of attack1) These series of attacks demonstrated an unexpected level of sophistication in planning.

2) The group has retaliated with a series of attacks against local security forces.

more series of attack sentences
serious attack1) Norway really never managed almost any serious attacks.

2) Robert suffered a serious attack of poisoning.

more serious attack sentences
severe attack1) The rupiah suddenly came under severe attack in August.

2) Sinkholing is not efficient for most severe attacks.

more severe attack sentences
shark attack1) Phantom camera capturing amazing slow motion shark attack footage !

2) Every year around 75 shark attacks are reported worldwide.

more shark attack sentences
slight attack1) Results showed that Buendia suffered from a slight attack and Hypokalemia.

2) No headaches at all today and only a slight attack of anxiety this morning.

more slight attack sentences
sneak attack1) During battle it allows easy sneak attacks.

2) Suicide bombers and sneak attacks on security forces are commonplace.

more sneak attack sentences
spate of attack1) West Tyrone has seen a spate of attacks linked to traditionalist republican groups.

2) They were arrested after a spate of attacks by the Animal Liberation Front.

more spate of attack sentences
spearhead attack1) Turtle Ships were used mostly to spearhead attacks.

2) Conversely, tanks can spearhead attacks when infantry are deployed in personnel carriers.

more spearhead attack sentences
stinging attack1) He launched his final stinging attack.

2) The PSNI chief also launched a stinging attack on the Policing Board.

more stinging attack sentences
strongly attack1) Consider also the scenario where you have been strongly attacked.

2) The regulars deployed to cover their flank as they were strongly attacked.

more strongly attack sentences
sudden attack1) These symptoms usually occur in a sudden attack.

2) People with panic disorder have sudden attacks of terror.

more sudden attack sentences
suffer from attack1) One in 50 people suffer from attacks of night terrors.

2) Derby had long suffered from attacks of gout which sent him to his bed, unable to deal with politics.

more suffer from attack sentences
sustained attack1) First came a sustained attack on segregation.

2) Zero sustained attack time in the enemy zone .

more sustained attack sentences
tank attack1) On March 12, Republican planes and tanks attacked.

2) The Egyptians estimated there were upwards of 80 Israeli tanks attacking their positions.

more tank attack sentences
trigger attack1) Infrequently, adjacent dental fillings composed of dissimilar metals may trigger attacks.

2) Androgens and fertility hormones have also triggered attacks.

more trigger attack sentences
troops attack1) Confederate troops attacked the line but were forced to retire.

2) Some 400 Chinese troops attacked the Indian position.

more troops attack sentences
under attack1) It had never fallen before under attack.

2) Our civil liberties are still under attack.

more under attack sentences
unleash attack1) But they likely unleashed attacks on the digital homeland in response.

2) At the same time, the Brotherhood has unleashed attacks on Egyptian Christians.

more unleash attack sentences
unprovoked attack1) unprovoked attacks on humans are therefore very rare.

2) The unprovoked attack has left the man critically ill in hospital.

more unprovoked attack sentences
vandal attack1) We forgive... no anger, just sadness after vandal attack.

2) In 2008, vandals attacked the statue, which was taken away, repaired, and reinstalled.

more vandal attack sentences
verbal attack1) Employees avoid using verbal attacks and unsupported data.

2) The same is true of insults and verbal attacks.

more verbal attack sentences
vicious attack1) This particularly vicious attack lasted two hours.

2) That fight turned into a vicious attack .

more vicious attack sentences
viciously attack1) Each confrontation resulted in Jericho viciously attacking each respective wrestler.

2) Demonstration is "viciously attacked by Hezbollah thugs.

more viciously attack sentences
victim of an attack1) Mann and others claim they're victims of an attack funded by "big oil".

2) victims of an attack by suspected Islamist militant gunmen on a Nigerian college arrive at hospital .

more victim of an attack sentences
vigorous attack1) For four days vigorous attacks by German armor threatened the beaches.

2) Gibbon's remarks on Christianity aroused particularly vigorous attack.

more vigorous attack sentences
vigorously attack1) Other animals are also vigorously attacked near the nest.

2) Smith vigorously attacked the antiquated government restrictions he thought hindered industrial expansion.

more vigorously attack sentences
violently attack1) Delivery vans and depots were frequently and violently attacked.

2) Dalton is then violently attacked in his room.

more violently attack sentences
virus attack1) Complete protection against known and unknown virus attacks.

2) A severe virus attacked her heart tissue.

more virus attack sentences
wave of attack1) The political struggle against the current wave of attacks will continue.

2) In March 2004, another wave of attacks shook the country.

more wave of attack sentences
withstand attack1) They had to withstand attacks of enemies with guns.

2) The new Audi A 8 L Security can withstand attack by military hand grenades.

more withstand attack sentences

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