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easily attainable1) At semi-automatic, 300 rpm is easily attainable.

2) With such methods employed, gigahertz frequencies are easily attainable.

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attainable goal1) They would take calculated risk and establish moderate, attainable goals .

2) Leaders should establish milestones that commit their organizations to reaching attainable goals .

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goal attainable1) But what happens if the productivity goals are not attainable?

2) So, the first psychological principle is to make your goals attainable.

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maximum attainable1) The site also estimates the maximum attainable speed on your line.

2) The density of the photoreceptors is critical in determining the maximum attainable visual acuity.

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only attainable1) There he shows that Sonship is only attainable through Sarah, not through Hagar.

2) That unity is only attainable when both husband and wife share an objective faith in the Gospel.

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realistic attainable1) Is your ideal reputation realistic and attainable?

2) Even more useful are her realistic, attainable suggestions for change.

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attainable standard1) The Fourth World Conference on Women asserts that men and women share the same right to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health.

2) HTML5 is a more attainable standard than any before it, eliminating countless situations where browser quirks forced people to deviate from standards-compliant code.

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attainable by1) Improbable which is attainable by simple incremental steps .

2) The highest rank attainable by an NCC officer is Lieutenant Colonel.

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attainable target1) We also need to set challenging, but realistically attainable targets.

2) Next are some practical tips for being successful: Determine attainable targets In advance of hitting the gym, put together your program, goals and objectives.

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attainable1) This vision is an eminently attainable position.

2) Independence is already attainable in certain circumstances.

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be attainable1) But there is hope and recovery is attainable.

2) These figures are attainable with good building practice.

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become attainable1) American cars, mechanized farming equipment,radios, and later televisions became attainable luxuries for upper-class families.

2) For many cases, divorce mediation being a prime example, helping the parties to sort out their needs and interests is a base from which agreement becomes attainable.

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readily attainable1) Strategies are the more readily attainable skills in historical thinking.

2) It is the most popular and readily attainable form of exercise.

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seem attainable1) On that article, truth seemed attainable.

2) For many ordinary people Therese spoke a word of life and of holiness that seemed attainable.

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