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alleged attacker1) One of the alleged attackers was later arrested.

2) The identity of the alleged attacker has not been conclusively confirmed.

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allow attacker1) I was arrested while my attackers were allowed to go free.

2) How convenience would you allow an attacker in your own home ?

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armed attacker1) Nine armed attackers are dead, he added.

2) He had defeated an armed attacker without hurting him - without even touching him.

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attacker arrest1) The attacker was arrested but nothing more has happened.

2) One of the alleged attackers was later arrested .

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defeat attacker1) He had defeated an armed attacker without hurting him - without even touching him.

2) But I don't think any mechanical process can defeat a creative attacker.

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attacker describe1) Her attackers were described as "Satanists" in the media.

2) The attacker was described as white, wearing dark clothes and a black mask.

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deter attacker1) A strong block can of itself inflict sufficient pain to deter an attacker.

2) The poisonous saliva can be used in a secondary way to deter attackers.

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drive attacker1) But police drove the attackers away and tightened security around Buddhist areas.

2) After getting close enough to throw bombs, the attackers were driven off.

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enable attacker1) Yes, this hack enables the attacker to do the same.

2) XSS enables attackers to inject client-side script into Web pages viewed by other users.

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engage attacker1) Guéhenno said the refusal to engage the attackers reflected a deeper flaw with the mission.

2) Each fort had a detachment of infantry, to sortie from the fort to engage an attacker.

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extra attacker1) They scored once with the extra attacker before winning 4-3 in overtime.

2) With Canucks leading late, San Jose pulled their goaltender for the extra attacker.

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force attacker1) International diplomatic pressures force the attackers to withdraw.

2) Beck House was reached but further south the attackers were forced back.

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identify attacker1) The attackers were never officially identified, or convicted.

2) And yes, identifying an attacker is not always easy.

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attacker kill1) The attackers are quickly killed by his security staff.

2) One attacker was killed and two captured.

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multiple attacker1) Another consideration is a situation involving multiple attackers .

2) The possibility of multiple attackers was not immediately ruled out.

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potential attacker1) The NRC has sometimes used unrealistically modest assumptions about potential attackers.

2) Every passenger is a potential attacker.

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prevent attacker1) This helps prevent external attackers from obtaining sensitive configuration data.

2) Police say they prevented the unidentified attackers from causing more serious damage .

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remote attacker1) These vulnerabilities allow remote, unauthenticated attackers to compromise the affected products.

2) A remote attacker can cause the child process that is processing their request to die.

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repel attacker1) The attackers were repelled with the assistance of 100 Indians from Mission Valero.

2) Throughout the day and night, wave after wave of Zulu attackers are repelled .

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attacker shoot1) The 9 attackers were shot and killed on the spot .

2) Also the attacker was shot dead by Police officer.

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stop attacker1) The attacker is stopped by Melchett, Harper and Clithering.

2) The hit zone which a bullet must strike to stop an attacker is pretty small.

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suicide attacker1) Studies have shown conflicting results about what defines a suicide attacker.

2) Other researchers have identified sociopolitical factors as more central in the motivation of suicide attackers.

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unknown attacker1) The nice thing about solid security approaches is that they proactively defend against unknown attackers .

2) While escaping to the barracks, he is shot at by unknown helmeted attackers.

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would attacker1) A failed charge may leave the would-be attackers vulnerable to a counter-charge.

2) The sight of these great bastions gives any would-be attacker just pause for thought.

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attacker1) An attacker may exploit poorly configured network devices.

2) Females already face physical limitations against male attackers .

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