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attacking football1) The second half was an entertaining affair with both sides creating chances and playing attacking football .

2) The trophy was won through great attacking football, and there was never any doubt that VB would win it.

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attacking force1) He easily fends off the superior attacking force .

2) Approximately 1230 hours the attacking force crossed the river and started the attack.

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attacking midfielder1) Diego Maradona was a notable attacking midfielder .

2) Lewis Holtby will play as the central attacking midfielder .

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attacking option1) Aspatria were relatively comfortable in defence but attacking options were few .

2) England's limited attacking options were reduced to the occasional fast break and the low-percentage shot.

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attacking player1) The attacking players start to sprint in towards goal.

2) Southampton's attacking players immediately stepped up this season.

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attacking play1) The non-offending team shall use a delayed penalty for constructive attacking play .

2) His attacking play helped England accelerate the innings and secure a comfortable victory.

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attacking position1) Then it rejects those boards with diagonal attacking positions .

2) He can also play in the more attacking position of forward or wing forward.

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attacking role1) Marco Bode could play a more attacking role too in a 3-man strike force.

2) Playing in the pure attacking role for his country, he was seemingly scoring at will.

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attacking style1) The system is designed to reward teams that adopt a more attacking style of play.

2) Valencia fans were soon won over by Benítez as he introduced a more attacking style of play.

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attacking threat1) His additional ability to play multiple positions could also offer value as an auxiliary attacking threat .

2) Mathieu Debuchy was the Toon Army's main attacking threat, from right-back.

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attacking instinct1) He is known for his ball control, attacking instinct and dribbling.

2) Santi Cazorla, Jack Wilshere and Mikel Arteta all have attacking instincts.

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attacking1) It must avoid attacking biological life forms.

2) These guns were effective against attacking aircraft.

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