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attain age1) White pine is capable of attaining ages of 200 years.

2) The olive tree grows slowly and attains a great age .

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already attain1) Most potential candidates have already attained this status.

2) He never allowed the good already attained to limit his desire.

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attain Buddhahood1) He never attained Buddhahood since He was the original Buddha.

2) The purpose of Buddhism is to attain Buddhahood .

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attain degree1) The series attained a degree of historical importance.

2) Several dishes demand the fat temperatures to attain 350 degrees .

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easily attain1) They can easily attain more and quickly.

2) Inauthentic religion promises relief from the struggle with easily attained answers .

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attain enlightenment1) Everyone has equal spiritual potential to attain enlightenment .

2) Generally it means extinction after attaining enlightenment .

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eventually attain1) Through this training, psychological stability is eventually attained.

2) It eventually attained tropical storm intensity on August 28.

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ever attain1) This was the highest point I had ever attained while climbing.

2) Against top-shelf opposition, Lester reached a level that few pitchers ever attain.

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finally attain1) One who follows this advice will finally attain complete happiness.

2) To what extent does one finally attain the truth?

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gradually attain1) He then started playing tournament poker and gradually attained superstar status.

2) Here, we are gradually attaining results.

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attain height1) By 1924 he was using the style to attain new heights .

2) It is also possible that individual trees will again attain such heights .

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attain independence1) India attained independence on 15 August 1947.

2) Zambia became a republic immediately upon attaining independence in October 1964.

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attain intensity1) The cyclone attained severe tropical cyclone intensity on January 13.

2) It eventually attained tropical storm intensity on August 28.

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attain liberation1) One can become spiritually enlightened and attain liberation '.

2) Even here the deceased can attain liberation by recognizing this.

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attain maintain1) There is no attaining, just maintaining .

2) Attain, maintain, improve standards • Customer Focus 1.

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attain maturity1) Males attain reproductive maturity at 10 years old.

2) Full physical maturity is attained between 25 and 30 years.

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never attain1) A liar can never attain respect of others.

2) This marriage never attained any stability, however.

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attain perfection1) Then I attain perfection, my perfection.

2) Intrinsically, man seeks to attain absolute perfection .

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quickly attain1) The show quickly attained a cult following.

2) Galvatron quickly attained the upper hand over the smaller Autobot.

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attain rank1) Before retirement he attained the rank of rear admiral.

2) All spirits may evolve to attain higher rank based on present deeds.

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rarely attain1) According to Loevinger, this is a rarely attained stage.

2) The Marshal wears five stars, but that rank is rarely attained on active duty.

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attain salvation1) Is to attain salvation, to emulate Gandhi.

2) Most Protestants believe in conversion by "faith" to attain salvation .

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soon attain1) She soon attained modest success on London's West End stages.

2) She practised insight and very soon attained arhatship with patisambhida. (Th.

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attain speed1) This is amongst the hard actions to attain maximum speed .

2) The speed is attained by extending the stride while maintaining cadence.

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attain status1) No storms attained intense tropical cyclone status .

2) This indicated the system attained typhoon status .

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successfully attain1) The ensuing revision successfully attained these objectives.

2) Develop and successfully attain goals set forth in the business unit plan.

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thereby attain1) Kabbalah presents methods to aid understanding of these concepts and to thereby attain spiritual realization.

2) Subsequently, a person freely chooses the path towards equilibrium with Nature and thereby attains eternity and perfection.

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thus attain1) He thus attains "bodhi" and becomes a "buddha.

2) From Archangelsk, the border reaches Mezen, thus attaining the species' most northerly range.

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ultimately attain1) It ultimately attained EF3 intensity during its existence, according to ground surveys.

2) Through it all, humanity will continue to evolve and reincarnate while paradise on Earth is ultimately attained.

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attain unto1) Tells them how to attain unto happiness.

2) Consequently, this sacrament is not the cause of attaining unto glory.

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attain wind1) On April 29, the system attained hurricane-force winds .

2) Shortly thereafter, Anacelle attained peak winds while presenting a 30 km eye.

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yet attain1) Ignorant, we would yet attain wisdom.

2) Unlike other sciences, metaphysics has not yet attained universal and permanent knowledge.

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<a title="attain a degree in a sentence" href="https://www.englishpedia.net/sentences/a/attain-a-degree-in-a-sentence.html" target="_blank" rel="noopener">attain a degree1) The series attained a degree of historical importance.

2) Members attained a degree of public notoriety by cursing those who reviled their faith.

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<a title="attain a goal in a sentence" href="https://www.englishpedia.net/sentences/a/attain-a-goal-in-a-sentence.html" target="_blank" rel="noopener">attain a goal1) To attain a goal you should believe you can do it.

2) It's also the reason those people " can't " do something or attain a goal.

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<a title="attain a height in a sentence" href="https://www.englishpedia.net/sentences/a/attain-a-height-in-a-sentence.html" target="_blank" rel="noopener">attain a height1) This evergreen plant spreads by underground stems and attains a height of 6 to 8 inches.

2) In the north the land only attains a height of about . The lowest point is about .

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<a title="attain a level in a sentence" href="https://www.englishpedia.net/sentences/a/attain-a-level-in-a-sentence.html" target="_blank" rel="noopener">attain a level1) He has attained a level of annoyingness that is practically unparalleled in the series.

2) But it's easy to attain a level of fame with the Yoruba movie.

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<a title="attain a position in a sentence" href="https://www.englishpedia.net/sentences/a/attain-a-position-in-a-sentence.html" target="_blank" rel="noopener">attain a position1) In his first decade in Congress, Rostenkowski gradually attained a position of influence in the House.

2) On 10 October, she attained a position for a stern tube shot on "Shigure Maru".

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<a title="attain a speed in a sentence" href="https://www.englishpedia.net/sentences/a/attain-a-speed-in-a-sentence.html" target="_blank" rel="noopener">attain a speed1) On attaining a speed above 50, the engine shifts to power mode.

2) The Mirage III attained a speed of Mach 1.8 in September 1957.

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<a title="attain a standard in a sentence" href="https://www.englishpedia.net/sentences/a/attain-a-standard-in-a-sentence.html" target="_blank" rel="noopener">attain a standard1) At this point, the old charges had attained a standard form.

2) This is understandable, since the instrument is not only immensely difficult to excite, but also takes many years of dedicated training to attain a standard where you would perform.

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attain adulthood1) Upon attaining adulthood, Edmund joined Henry VI at court.

2) When the children had already attained adulthood, additional information on their marriages and careers is also sometimes given.

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attain end1) Now these uses of means to attain ends are not strictly speaking extended through time.

2) Manifestations of Means and ends at Single Points of Time Every single human action involves the use of means to attain ends.

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attain excellence1) Invited members have attained excellence in scholarship and achievement in social work.

2) attaining excellence through deliberate practice: Insights from the study of expert performance.

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attain fame1) Lead Belly attained fame (although not fortune).

2) Fortune was a side-effect of attaining fame.

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attain goal1) It is always easy to attain goals if you start early.

2) Develop and successfully attain goals set forth in the business unit plan.

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attain grade1) However this was before that race attained graded status.

2) In 1974, the main building and the College Chapel attained grade II listed status.

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attain immortality1) Voldemort is prepared to pay every price to attain immortality.

2) This method was chosen by Voldemort to attain immortality.

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attain level1) It will not appear in the Skill Journal or Skill panel until you have attained level 1.

2) After attaining level 10 and job level 10, characters can choose one of the first job specialized classes.

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attain mastery1) Each of us must eventually attain mastery over the physical body and the selfish ego.

2) You should attain mastery over the Asana by daily practice, viz., Asana Jaya.

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attain objective1) It defines organisation as a structured process in which individuals interact for attaining objectives.

2) Task achievement: attaining objectives, planning the work, allocating resources and monitoring progress.

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attain position1) The following week it rose nine positions attaining position 11.

2) The following week the song jumped 31 positions to attain position 69.

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attain power1) Moreover, nationalist parties attained power in other republics.

2) They abandoned nonviolent action as soon as they attained power.

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attain proficiency1) After attaining proficiency, he started his own dispensary and prepared patent drugs and popular medicines.

2) Frequent supervision whilst the student attains proficiency is therefore necessary to ensure that a good technique is developed.

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attain recognition1) Kunichika had many students but few attained recognition as print artists.

2) In 1994, the hotel attained recognition as the flagship of the Gran Caribe hotel group.

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attain success1) This book is packed with secrets for resolving conflict and attaining success.

2) The ability to appear that there is seemingly little effort used to attain success.

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attain the size1) Repeat the process until the candle attains the size of a large straw or quill; then wrap it around a bottle, or into a ball with a flat bottom.

2) There has been special interest in the group of conifers classified as "dwarf conifers." One definition of a dwarf conifer is one that fails to attain the size and stature of the parent plant.

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attain the standard1) Some time must elapse before education attains the standard it had reached under the Germans.

2) At another building in Pest - for those children who never manage to attain the standards of mainstream schools.

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attain1) The something is associated discount cialis australia through uncontrollable attaining.

2) The single attained nearly respectable international charting.

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