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billiard ball1) A simple example generally given concerns two billiard balls.

2) But the earth is not a billiard ball.

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bounce ball1) And follow the bouncing ball the nation did.

2) A rather fun bouncing ball appears as the screenshot is processed.

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ball bounce1) The ball bounces twice on your side.

2) Jardine believed the ball had bounced lower than usual.

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bowling ball1) She has a bowling ball attached to each big toe.

2) I felt like I was juggling bowling balls.

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bowl ball1) Watson bowled a full length ball outside off stump.

2) Woods bowled 5 no balls and 1 wide.

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cannon ball1) In an excavation seventeen cannon balls were found.

2) We used cannon balls for shock putt .

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catch ball1) Cooper caught five balls for 61 yards.

2) My goal is always to catch 100 balls .

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cotton ball1) Our personal favorite is cotton from cotton balls.

2) A few cotton balls works just the same.

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cricket ball1) The motion is similar to bowling a cricket ball.

2) The circular design was meant to denote the cricket ball.

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ball cross1) Television replays showed the ball had indeed crossed the line.

2) Did the ball cross the line ?

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crystal ball1) So crystal ball gazing has become extremely difficult.

2) The crystal ball is of little help.

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cue ball1) Her maneuvers with the cue ball are fantastic.

2) The cue ball is placed anywhere the breaker desires inside the "".

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ball dead1) The ball is dead until put in play again.

2) The ball is dead and no runners may advance.

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ball deep1) His biggest fear was Troi going balls deep on him.

2) The Louisiana Tech lead-off hitter sent a ball deep to center field.

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ball deflect1) The ball deflects out for another corner off an England shirt .

2) With just seven minutes left, the ball deflected off Gareth Bale.

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ball drop1) This is colloquially referred to as "balls dropping ".

2) The same ball dropped from a greater height has much more energy.

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drop ball1) Apple certainly dropped the ball two years ago .

2) The court system said they " dropped the ball.

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fly ball1) A high wind caused both teams trouble with judging fly balls.

2) Home runs per fly ball tends to fluctuate wildly .

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ball fly1) His provisional ball flew 363 yards off the tee .

2) A black metal ball flew from his right hand.

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ball foul1) Both objects are used to determine whether a ball is foul or fair.

2) This newer version of nine-ball awarded ball-in-hand on any cue ball foul .

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foul ball1) A ton of foul balls are going to be whacking investors.

2) What's the best ticket to buy for catching a foul ball?

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fumble ball1) He had fumbled the ball away twice earlier .

2) You may always recover a fumbled ball.

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golf ball1) The golf ball is ruining the game .

2) How does temperature affect the golf balls?

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ball go1) I hit more balls then go home.

2) Cos your red ball went down it counts double.

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ground color: rgb(69, 209, 209);>ground ball1) They start taking ground balls hit by coaches .

2) Fielding a ground ball at second base.

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hit ball1) The double play ball was hit pretty hard .

2) Get a great workout while hitting tennis balls.

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ball hit1) England review, ball was hitting the stumps.

2) balls hit had to be run out.

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ball inbounded1) The ball was inbounded to Michael Jordan, who went for a jump shot.

2) Other times, we never left the inbounder to trap after the ball was inbounded .

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ball inbounds1) They can also see if they ball was inbounds or out-of-bounds and decide what they need to do for the next hit.

2) If your team is struggling to get the ball inbounds, try this play and I can almost guarantee you'll see a big difference and reduce turnovers.

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ball joint1) You can still see the original purple plastic inside the elbow ball joint .

2) A ball joint in the front suspension may wear out causing the vehicles to be difficult or sometimes impossible to steer.

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kick ball1) Therefore the game is essentially " kick ball".

2) One team kicks the ball towards the opposition starting play.

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ball land1) The ball landed atop an ant hill.

2) The ball landed in the goal post.

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ball loose1) With Payne in the middle, loose balls aren't so loose .

2) The ball was loose on the ground and he went in to retrieve it.

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loose ball1) Australian players came rushing through and jumped upon the loose ball.

2) Plenty of loose balls from both teams .

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move ball1) But their offense was unable to move the ball.

2) Still their offense was totally unable to move the ball.

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musket ball1) The approaching barges were peppered with musket balls.

2) He needed to have a musket ball removed, however.

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pass ball1) The study passed sponge rubber balls through the system.

2) The catcher had three passed balls on the night .

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ball potted1) For every red ball potted, the player will receive 1 point.

2) When the final ball is potted, the player with more points wins.

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punt ball1) His ability at punting the ball was especially noted.

2) Dodge punted the ball seven times for 302 yards.

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ball rebound1) However, the ball rebounded to safety from the far post.

2) Barber then denied John Hendrie as the ball rebounded into play.

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recover ball1) Police chased the thief and eventually recovered the ball.

2) Brown lost seven yards, but recovered the ball.

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ball red1) The ball is perhaps red or round because it is red.

2) In the AFL, the balls are red for day matches and yellow for night matches.

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roll ball1) Or else be rolling balls down airline aisles.

2) This tea comes in hand rolled pearl shaped balls.

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ball roll1) The ball rolls slowly inside the near post.

2) He then set the ball rolling to provide necessary help.

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soccer ball1) Synthetic soccer balls are still used today.

2) The earliest soccer balls were unconventional at best.

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ball spin1) Inflated rubber balls made ball spinning easier and more readily accessible.

2) Both will have to cope with the ball spinning away from them .

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ball strike1) Hot Spot clearly shows what the ball has struck .

2) The ball struck Martin on the shoulder and bounced away.

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ball striking1) So, how does poor alignment lead to poor ball striking ?

2) One could work on the full swing and ball striking .

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ball swing1) James Anderson was sub-par, and the ball was not swinging .

2) It then snapped the thread, and the minute silver ball swung gently free.

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tennis ball1) Get a great workout while hitting tennis balls.

2) The ball is the peeled tennis ball.

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throw ball1) He clearly had trouble throwing the ball.

2) The ball is thrown straight above for the optimal serving point.

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ball touch1) The ball touches the ground outside the court.

2) He tries sliding onto home plate but is touched by the ball.

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touch ball1) He makes things happen without ever touching the ball.

2) The sticks must not touch the ball.

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ball travel1) Assume that balls travel with constant velocity.

2) The cannon ball travels forward this distance before striking the ground.

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turn ball1) He has turned bad balls into good ones.

2) He gets great drift and then turns the ball.

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ball unplayable1) A player must not make the ball unplayable by falling down.

2) A player may, at any time except when the ball is in a water hazard, declare his ball unplayable and seek relief.

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ball unused1) In the first match against England, Blackwell ran out Holly Colvin to end the innings with 15 balls unused .

2) Rusby returned 15.1-4-39-5 as Felixstowe lost to Mistley by one wicket with five balls unused .

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ball wide1) We created chances, headed the ball wide from good position.

2) They spread the ball too wide, too soon, too often.

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at a ball1) at a ball, an assembly, or play.

2) They attended an opera together and flirted at a ball.

more at a ball sentences
at the ball1) But he didn't swing at the ball.

2) Jacobson takes less than a half swing at the ball.

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bad ball1) Brewer is extremely fast albeit an extremely bad ball handler .

2) Also bad offensive team and bad ball park .

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ball ammunition1) Best reliability with NATO specification ball ammunition.

2) Note: standard Japanese ball ammunition was very similar to the British Mk 7 cartridge.

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ball and chain1) Bad debt is a ball and chain.

2) I dont want this ball and chain anymore!

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ball and socket joint1) These are both ball and socket joints.

2) Small ball and socket joints are readily available and fairly inexpensive.

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ball bearing1) The ball bearing is one complete assembly.

2) ball bearings "bear" the friction.

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ball bowl1) Scoring quickly means trying to score at least one run per ball bowled.

2) Rain caused the abandonment of the third Test without a ball bowled.

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ball boy1) Rob Wood - ball boy number 4.

2) He launched his tennis career in 1923 as a ball boy.

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ball buster1) You are not a ball buster !

2) Lauren is a ball buster in every sense of the word and admirable for speaking her mind .

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ball cap1) No ball caps in the dining room.

2) He was a collector of belt buckles, ball caps and coins.

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ball carrier1) The ball carrier may not guard his flag.

2) Just keep him away from the ball carrier.

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ball cartridge1) Of ready-made balled cartridge there remained only two full boxes and one half full.

2) It usually carried about 273kg gunpowder, 7,000 ball cartridges and 60 rifles as stock.

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ball clay1) Near which towns are the ball clay quarries?

2) The ball clay industry is now highly mechanised and very successful.

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ball club1) Plus I thought we had a pretty good ball club.

2) The Olympic ball club accepted the challenge.

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ball cock1) Lastly, you must verify the ball cock of the tank.

2) If the ball cock washer is worn or damaged, simply remove and replace it.

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ball control1) This session looks at core ball control skills.

2) He has excellent ball control, balance and skill.

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ball foot1) On molded and carved base and ball feet.

2) On molded base, with plain plinth and ball feet.

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ball from1) It draws six balls from 1 through 49.

2) Both players contested the ball from opposite directions.

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ball game1) The list of ball games is quite extensive.

2) It makes a whole new ball game.

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ball girl1) Maybe the other boy's girl kisses Eight Ball's girl in the street.

2) The ball girl was the main person in charge of Botafogo's first goal in the match that the ball quickly reinstated Maicosuel, and with her beauty, drew the attention of Fagner and RĂ´mulo.

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ball gown1) Women guests wear ball gowns; men wear evening dress.

2) Choose your perfect dress or ball gown today!

more ball gown sentences
ball handling1) Shooting and ball handling are always the staple.

2) Pressure defense against an inexperienced, poor ball handling team.

more ball handling sentences
ball hawk1) After the game Hall stated he was a "ball hawk".

2) It will be hard seeing the ball hawk in another uniform .

more ball hawk sentences
ball hockey1) Burrows began playing organized ball hockey at the age of 19.

2) The Pakistan national ball hockey team is formed from Canadian Pakistanis.

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ball lightning1) It is sometimes confused with ball lightning.

2) ball lightning is an unexplained atmospheric electrical phenomenon.

more ball lightning sentences
ball mill1) Eventually the modern ball mills were introduced.

2) Energy consumption is typically half that of a ball mill.

more ball mill sentences
ball of fire1) His eyes shone like balls of fire.

2) These little balls of fire will roam freely around the stage.

more ball of fire sentences
ball of wax1) It's a whole ball of wax.

2) Search engine positioning isn't the whole ball of wax.

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ball peen hammer1) The liberal is trying to fix my wristwatch with a ball peen hammer.

2) I finally had to shelve that game for fear I 'd take a ball peen hammer to my Vita.

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ball race1) Sportsman with twin ball races - designed for FAI Power FF event.

2) As Jason says, woodturners often use ball races in their fixed steadies.

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ball return1) Sometime that summer Paige's fast ball returned.

2) ball returned on the episode that aired April 9, 2009.

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ball sail1) Very poor strike from Cook, the ball sails well wide.

2) The ball sailed past his bat, and the spectators hooted.

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ball skills1) Lodge has excellent hands and ball skills.

2) Johnson is a solid athlete who has natural ball skills.

more ball skills sentences
ball turning1) Its what keeps this old ball turning and sustaining life .

2) Upstairs, a ritzier room, with the lights low, and a glitter ball turning overhead.

more ball turning sentences
ball up1) Walker held the ball up approx 2 times from memory .

2) The second time he got a ball up again.

more ball up sentences
ball valve1) I used individual ball valves for each burner.

2) The ball in ball valves rotates within plastic seats.

more ball valve sentences
ball1) You need 2 cucumber balls per portion.

2) You need 10 potato balls per portion.

more ball sentences
bat ball1) How fast can a batted ball go?

2) All action as a result of the batted ball stands.

more bat ball sentences
beach ball1) An apparatus with the beach ball was nearby.

2) The beach ball serves to illustrate what is going on.

more beach ball sentences
charity ball1) I have done my last charity ball.

2) That was it, Henry's charity ball.

more charity ball sentences
chase ball1) They need to sprint chasing balls going out of bounds and saving them.

2) Having a typical terrier prey drive, it tends to be highly interested in toys especially chasing balls.

more chase ball sentences
clear ball1) The game, consisting of controlling a monkey trapped in a clear ball, sparked the project forward.

2) Roddick motioned to the umpire, pointing to the clear ball mark on the clay indicating the ball was in, and the call was consequently changed.

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college ball1) More recently an annual college ball has commenced.

2) Played sports all my life including college ball.

more college ball sentences
cross ball1) A crossed ball in towards the central defensive pairing was chipped over his head cutting through Ben Haim and Jaidi before he chipped the 'keeper from close range.

2) Sims threaded a pass to Richardson, who, after two shots against the 'keeper, changed his angle to put a cross ball to the right post.

more cross ball sentences
fiery ball1) The sun hung in a fiery ball above the trees.

2) A dazzling fiery ball as bright as the Sun came into view.

more fiery ball sentences
give away the ball1) the effort is great because we give away the ball that much and we have got to run to get it back.

2) ESPN writes that the Bears could capitalize on the Vikings' tendency to turn the ball over, as they gave away the ball to the Detroit Lions four times in week one.

more give away the ball sentences
go to ball1) At least those who go to ball games are not.

2) Nursery governesses and companions didn't go to balls.

more go to ball sentences
good ball1) This really was a good ball game tonight .

2) The aftertouch is really used for better ball placement.

more good ball sentences
great ball1) The forwards were giving him great ball.

2) It is a great ball of flame.

more great ball sentences
hand ball1) It's hand ball by Stone surely.

2) It looked hand ball but what a finish all the same .

more hand ball sentences
handle ball1) He had a miserable time handling balls in the dirt, not just from Folty but from Theron Geith as well.

2) The red handled ball valve can be seen set at about half open regulating the flow of water to the fish tank.

more handle ball sentences
handle the ball1) You need to have someone to handle the ball though.

2) He runs the plays off fast and handles the ball well.

more handle the ball sentences
have ball1) This guy had balls the size of Texas !

2) VC, you have balls of titanium.

more have ball sentences
head ball1) The head ball selected may sit too proud on the stem.

2) He has been heading balls in training and looking back to his old self.

more head ball sentences
high ball1) Percentage of safety under the high ball is average. 2.

2) high ball : A tall boulder problem.

more high ball sentences
hold ball1) The square was meant to be a place to hold balls.

2) The official called a held ball .

more hold ball sentences
hunt ball1) An invitation to the hunt ball is traditionally met with ranks of red or black.

2) Nicandra and her naughty girlfriend, Lalage, were dressing for the hunt Ball.

more hunt ball sentences
long ball1) Yes, chicks dig the long ball.

2) One long ball though, game over.

more long ball sentences
lose ball1) Raiders are challenging a lost ball call against them .

2) Bad players play slower because they hit bad shots or lose balls .

more lose ball sentences
low ball1) low low balls are getting called strikes.

2) In low ball the lowest possible score wins.

more low ball sentences
match ball1) Since March 2013, Nike has supplied the official match ball.

2) Graham Cornes has presented the match ball ( ?

more match ball sentences
miss ball1) We are playing okay, not making many silly mistakes but the Americans are missing balls.

2) Wilson said that's typical for this group, whether it's missing balls or gloves or umbrellas.

more miss ball sentences
play ball1) The double play ball was hit pretty hard .

2) He loves playing ball and is very food motivated.

more play ball sentences
play with ball1) One group will play with balls in the gym.

2) Even America's greatest past time, baseball, is played with balls stitched together in Costa Rica .

more play with ball sentences
quick ball1) But more importantly a very dangerous backline with quality quick ball.

2) A fizzing, quick ball that snakes past off-stump.

more quick ball sentences
retain the ball1) He manages to retain the ball .

2) retain the balls in their respective holes or channels with TransGel or Vaseline.

more retain the ball sentences
roll into ball1) roll into balls slightly bigger than a golf ball.

2) Divide dough into 12 equal pieces and roll into balls.

more roll into ball sentences
rugby ball1) They ain't shaped like rugby balls.

2) That is not shaped like a rugby ball.

more rugby ball sentences
send ball1) Raquel spent all afternoon sending balls at the snowman.

2) Otherwise, you will create a hazardous condition by sending balls into a point in progress.

more send ball sentences
short ball1) He hooked the short ball superbly".

2) Bradman pulled many short balls and reached 50 in 76 minutes.

more short ball sentences
slow ball1) The disguise of slower balls has also improved.

2) Chesbro also began working on a "slow ball".

more slow ball sentences
stop ball1) All are capable of stopping balls that get past most infielders, and LaRoche turns what could be throwing errors into outs.

2) For a known left-handed pull hitter, the first baseman will position himself closer to the foul line in order to stop balls hit down the line.

more stop ball sentences
strike ball1) There was no foul territory; all struck balls were in play.

2) A properly struck ball will have a "12 to 6'' rotation.

more strike ball sentences
superb ball1) The stocky right-hander would escape a bases-loaded situation and pitch superb ball the rest of the way.

2) Get Back to Running Efficient Plays superb ball movement was the key to the Knicks ' offensive efficiency early in the season.

more superb ball sentences
through ball1) Ozil can't thread a through ball?

2) Scientifically it was another break through ball from adidas.

more through ball sentences
tight ball1) She curved herself into a small, tight ball.

2) The muscle suddenly contracts, often causing a very tight ball or knot.

more tight ball sentences
trap ball1) This modification may trap balls.

2) In trap ball, played in England since the 14th century, a ball was thrown in the air, to be hit by a batsman and fielded.

more trap ball sentences
win ball1) Arthur's job was to win ball games minus talent.

2) Bunts and singles are what win ball games .

more win ball sentences

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