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bald assertion1) None of these bald assertions is substantiated with a single fact!

2) But let it be based upon facts, and not upon rumors nor bald assertions .

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completely bald1) The top of her head was completely bald.

2) And that bit there's completely bald.

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bald cypress1) bald cypress has been noted for its high merchantable yields.

2) bald cypress and Spanish moss are the dominant plants in bayous.

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bald eagle1) bald eagles live alone until they mate.

2) Young kids are sometimes seized by bald eagles .

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bald forehead1) Many a crown Covers bald foreheads .

2) Mr. Dyer was a tall, powerfully-built man with a large head, benevolent bald forehead and a genial smile.

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bald head1) They are famous for their bald head .

2) The chaplain is nodding his little, bald head .

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bald ibis1) Several countries have produced postage stamps which depict the northern bald ibis .

2) The northern bald ibis has declined for several centuries, at least partly as a consequence of unidentified natural causes.

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nearly bald1) His dark brown head, nearly bald, is strong and round.

2) She was a pale flower, nearly bald and dressed in a rough shift.

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bald nest1) Q : How big is the bald eagle nest ?

2) Q : Where is this bald eagle nest ?

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partially bald1) A pensioner with shifted bit and partially bald head.

2) She is often shown as partially bald, another effect of the poison.

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bald patch1) I've had a bald patch for twenty years.

2) Also avoid touching pets with bald patches on the skin.

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bald pate1) But this bald pate was the price I paid.

2) At this point Jerry collapsed forward, suddenly and completely, his bald pate between his knees.

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bald Pat1) bald deaf Pat brought quite flat pad ink.

2) And by the door deaf Pat, bald Pat, tipped Pat, listened.

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prematurely bald1) But the prematurely bald young man was not among them.

2) In "Thunder Dog" it is revealed that he is prematurely bald.

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resident bald1) This is also the favorite fishing site for the three resident bald eagles.

2) Crab Orchard is no exception and is home to six nesting pairs of resident bald eagles and their offspring .

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bald scalp1) Another bright spot appeared, glinting off a bald man's scalp .

2) His black hair, streaked with grey, was plastered across a bald scalp .

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bald spot1) That left a 3 inch bald spot .

2) And he had an absolutely cracking bald spot .

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bald tyre1) PHOTO: Rick Smolan Camels have feet like bald tyres .

2) Perhaps PC Dickens would arrest his wife for being drunk in charge of a bike with bald tyres ?

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almost bald1) His head was shaved almost bald and he was tanned.

2) They have the same head shape and skin, but Henry is almost bald.

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bald faced1) Anything that disagrees with these findings is a bald faced lie.

2) It is a bald faced lie .

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bald fact1) That is the bald fact.

2) The bald fact is that real life nurses doing their jobs well just aren't that entertaining.

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bald statement1) This sentence is a bald statement of fact.

2) Such a bald statement deserved an equally blunt rejoinder.

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bald1) Permanent hair decline is bald with man.

2) My early childhood memories are bald and factual.

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balding head1) SHE rubbed sun cream on his balding head.

2) He had a round, cherubic face and balding head.

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balding pate1) He was fastidious about his hair, which he grew long and lacquered in place over a balding pate.

2) This I can't avoid doing while clambering over rubber - straighten up, bounce, strike balding pate on roof repeatedly.

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balding1) I'm still a balding white dude.

2) High levels of stress can cause hair loss and premature balding.

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be bald1) Permanent hair decline is bald with man.

2) My early childhood memories are bald and factual.

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go bald1) I felt horrible and was going bald.

2) He was going bald rapidly and hated it.

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quite bald1) He was not yet quite bald, but nearly.

2) quite bald, with a knitted red and blue waistcoat.

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totally bald1) Their heads were totally bald and very wide.

2) Our bozo is completely, totally bald.

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