administer Collocations
administer annually1) Nearly 40 million anesthetics are administered annually in the United States.
2) JLPT is administered annually on the first Sunday in December.
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administer charity1) Both the High Court and the charities Commission are authorised to establish schemes administering charities .
1) It belongs to the church and is used by its laymen for committees and administering charity .
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administer daily1) Endurance exercises are generally administered daily .
2) The individualized dose was administered once daily on days 2 through 5 before the transplant.
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administer directly1) Auburn does not directly administer transit service.
2) The territory is currently being administered directly from Moscow.
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administer first aid1) O'Dell was injured by shrapnel while administering first aid .
2) Guides are trained and well practiced in administering first aid .
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administer intravenously1) Therapies administered intravenously are often called specialty pharmaceuticals.
2) Any medication that requires it to be administered intravenously .
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administer justice1) And the leading man administering justice was Spitzer himself.
2) Before that magistrates administered justice according to their whim.
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administer locally1) The monument was administered locally from 1953 onwards.
2) In Calgary provincial funds are administered locally .
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administer medical0) Since 2003 abortion clinics have been able to administer medical abortions.
1) Do you administer medical examinations only after an offer of employment is made?
2) Makes repairs to the Boyzz, and administers medical aid to humans where required.
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administer monitor1) A number of complications can come from administering or monitoring anesthesia during surgery.
2) During her tenure, she also designed in implemented service evaluations and administered and monitored grant funds.
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administer orally1) When administered orally , it is absorbed quickly.
2) orally administered medications are often effective for less severe discomfort.
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administer punishment1) Praeposters and monitors could administer punishment .
2) He would also adjudicate crew member conflicts, and administer punishment .
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administer separately1) Species are administered separately according to field trips .
2) It is still administered separately from the university.
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administer supervise1) administers and supervises emergency medical services to patients 10.
2) Temporary employees should not exclusively staff, administer , or supervise SCAs.
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administer territory1) How about other nations that administer territory without sovereignty overt?
2) Emir Faisal became in charge of administering the liberated territory .
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administer the estate1) Is failing to administer the estate .
2) the Malayan Plantation Agencies administered the estates on behalf of the cooperative.
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administer the fund1) Note that the Project Coordinatorâs institution is expected to administer the funds for collaboration costs.
2) After 1933 the Hospitals Trust Board administered the funds realised from the sweepstakes to hospitals.
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administer the law1) Isn't that the difference between administering the law and administering justice?
2) It is the function of the courts to administer the laws which Parliament has enacted.
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administer the oath1) the Judge has again administered the oath .
2) Election judges must administer the oath to each other before voting begins.
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administer the poison1) For both children, it was not clear how and when De Berk was able to administer the poison .
2) If Taczek had murdered Mills, he could not have administered the poison that had thrust Marek into a coma.
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administer the school0) From 1975 the Church of Tuvalu and the government jointly administer the school .
1) Gül Baba became the first headmaster of Galatasaray and administered the school for many years.
2) the five-member Board of Trustees of the Estate of Bernice Pauahi Bishop administers the schools .
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administer the test1) All public schools and charter schools must administer the tests .
2) Consequently, we need many teachers to administer the test .
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administer through1) The program is administered through existing agencies.
2) All club sports are administered through the student activities office.
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administer to1) How is massage administered to the horse?
2) A test was developed and administered to the students.
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administer to the need1) By 1710 the Franciscans were present on the island in the summer to administer to the needs of the pilgrims.
2) Laziness is a vile and shallow thing, practised by wicked individuals who refuse to administer to the needs of the Apathé.
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administered by1) These drugs are administered by continuous intravenous infusion.
2) The common law was administered by judges.
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administers the affair1) the Board administers the affairs of U.S. Soccer.
1) At that time, Zephyrinus imagines that he administers the affairs of the Church --an uninformed and shamefully corrupt man.
1) Thus God's law is His system of rules by which He shows and instructs in His will and administers the affairs of the world.
2) There is a Hall Council that administers the affairs of the Hall, assisted by the Tutorial Board and the Senior Common Room Committee.
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centrally administer1) Guidelines must be settled and administered centrally .
2) The University of Peradeniya library is a centrally administered network of libraries.
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cheap to administer1) Indirect taxes are often easy and cheap to administer .
2) Postal questionnaires are cheap to administer , and can cover very large numbers of people.
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difficult to administer1) The term in anticipation was more difficult to administer sentences
drug administer1) These drugs are administered by continuous intravenous infusion.
2) Patients undergoing chemotherapy are administered drugs designed to kill tumor cells.
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easy to administer1) It is fair and easy to administer .
2) It is quite fast, easy to administer .
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effectively administer1) In reality Sudan was effectively administered as a British colony.
2) New sheriffdoms enabled the King to effectively administer royal demesne land.
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efficiently administer1) So profitable and powerful a monopoly, however efficiently administered , could not last for long.
2) Donors will obviously need to be sure that environmental aid is administered efficiently and spent according to agreed priorities.
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examination administer1) How is clinical skills examination be administered ?
2) The examination is administered at regionally located centers operating year round.
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expensive to administer1) With this, the 1990 labor law was pro-labor and expensive to administer .
2) First, a local income tax would be complex and therefore expensive to administer .
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fairly administer1) Is discipline fairly administered at your schools?
2) Both roles help to ensure that justice is fairly administered and carried to its proper conclusion.
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federally administer1) Includes the remote Revillagigedo Islands, which are federally administered .
2) These incentives constituted tax exemptions administered federally by SUFRAMA and SUDAM.
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independently administer1) Each Section is administered independently of the other.
2) The scheme is arranged by ABTA and administered independently .
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jointly administer1) In some of them, mechanical and performing rights are administered jointly .
2) The funds were jointly administered by the local governments and the ECA.
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program administer1) The program is administered through existing agencies.
2) But administering that feeding program is nearly impossible.
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properly administer0) Furthermore, God is also present when his ordinances are properly administered .
1) If administered properly , there are no side effects noted of any consequence.
2) There are indeed drugs which, if properly administered , can control pain.
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routinely administer1) Another measures how many glucose tests are routinely administered .
2) Live virus vaccines should not be routinely administered to patients with HIV infection.
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simple to administer1) These arrangements will be fair and simple to administer .
2) Human Growth Hormone injections are simple to administer and relatively painless.
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