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adjudication1) All such cases are assessed by adjudication officers.
2) Time limits and efficient adjudication of genuine asylum claims.
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adjudication officer1) All such cases are assessed by adjudication officers .
2) Any party may request reconsideration of a fee awarded by the adjudication officer .
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adjudication process1) A swift and transparent adjudication process should mitigate this potential effect.
2) The result was policy changes meant to improve the race adjudication process .
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adjudications1) All adjudications took several months and none was successful.
2) Constitutional adjudications do have an inevitable legislative element.
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administrative adjudication1) Of course, administrative adjudication offers certain advantages over direct judicial enforcement.
2) This functionalist approach also stressed the need for a rational system of administrative adjudication .
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constitutional adjudication1) constitutional adjudications do have an inevitable legislative element.
2) He had become increasingly conservative and increasingly hostile to independent state constitutional adjudication .
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deferred adjudication1) He later accepted a deferred adjudication deal in 2011.
2) The third change involves the other probation: deferred adjudication .
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final adjudication1) Introduction functionary cannot help solve tests or help in final adjudication .
2) However, OPM may review any initial determination and make a final adjudication in any case.
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summary adjudication1) Plaintiffs have filed a counter-motion for summary adjudication of certain issues.
2) Also, California uses the term summary adjudication instead of partial summary judgment .
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