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adhesive1) In addition advanced ceramic processing techniques arrays require adhesive assembly methods.
2) The adhesive used is wheat paste treated to inhibit mold growth.
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adhesive bandage1) Sometimes an adhesive bandage is applied over the injection site.
2) Please Note Have some adhesive bandages near by.
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adhesive tape1) Daily change of adhesive tape for several weeks.
2) His first assignment entailed an adhesive tape manufacturing company.
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apply adhesive1) apply adhesive immediately to both surfaces and press together.
2) apply the floor tile adhesive with a coarse notched spreader.
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base adhesive1) Plastic substrates which are sensitive to solvent based adhesives are used.
2) Metal installations in which solvent based adhesives will be slow to cure.
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construction adhesive1) Glue with construction adhesive and screw the tips together.
2) Use construction adhesive such as Liquid Nails for Projects.
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glue adhesive1) The glue or adhesive seemed to be poorly applied.
2) Glutinous rice starch is often used as a vegetarian glue or adhesive .
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melt adhesive1) Most polyester hot melt adhesives have high degree of crystallinity.
2) Hot melt adhesives can also be applied by dipping or spraying.
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special adhesive1) It is applied using a special adhesive .
2) A special adhesive was made using sturgeon glue and wheat starch.
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spray adhesive1) spray one solid fabric square wrong side with temporary spray adhesive .
2) You could use a spray adhesive but those products are messy.
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use adhesive1) The adhesive used is wheat paste treated to inhibit mold growth.
2) It is applied using a special adhesive .
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waterproof adhesive1) A good waterproof adhesive should be used in addition to fixing screws.
2) Choose a waterproof adhesive and finish off with grout in a contrasting colour.
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wood adhesive1) Then apply waterproof wood adhesive to joints, assemble and secure with brass screws.
2) Such joints are said to pass most of the tests in the specifications for wood adhesives .
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