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Adjust his tie1) Automatically he smoothed his hair and Adjusted his tie .
2) After calmly Adjusting his tie , the villain collapses dead in the doorway.
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Adjust the heat1) Again, Adjust the heat in you need to.
2) the water foamed up, and she Adjusted the heat .
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adapt adjust1) They are able to adapt , adjust and move on.
2) But municipalities are adapting and adjusting the best way they can .
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adjust1) The current textual unit size is adjusted accordingly.
2) Will repeat this test adjusting weight position.
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adjust according to1) Meal times were adjusted according to the day's itinerary.
2) Listen to your body and adjust according to symptom severity.
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adjust accordingly1) The current textual unit size is adjusted accordingly .
2) The sanitation program should be adjusted accordingly .
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adjust angle1) Have you ever had the lie angles adjusted ?
2) This enabled them to adjust the angle .
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adjust annually1) Your monthly payment may be adjusted annually .
2) The Brazilian national minimum wage is adjusted annually .
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adjust appropriately1) Freshman through senior evening schedules are adjusted appropriately for grade.
2) And so the ads were appropriately adjusted .
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adjust brightness1) How to adjust screen brightness on desktop computers .
2) The B mode gain adjusts the overall brightness of the image.
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adjust dosage1) Your doctor can adjust the dosage accordingly.
2) If not, adjust the dosage upward.
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adjust dose1) Symptoms usually disappear when the dose is adjusted .
2) Never adjust the dose on your own.
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adjust down1) See how they adjusted down for that for 2007 data.
2) The target was adjusted down to 152 by the Duckworth-Lewis method.
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adjust downward1) Unfortunately, my bills did not adjust downward .
2) Therefore, the amount of enriched grains was adjusted downward to compensate.
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adjust downwards1) If the index falls, the principal adjusts downwards .
2) The f-number may then be adjusted downwards for situations with lower light.
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adjust for1) Some figures are adjusted for multiple decks.
2) The orange line is adjusted for inflation.
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adjust height1) Armrest height is adjusted using a well placed button.
2) Blade height is adjusted by changing the pitch of the blade.
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adjust necessary1) Heading must then be adjusted as necessary to maintain track.
2) And as always, check it and adjust as necessary .
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adjust pH1) Ground limestone is the best material for adjusting the pH .
2) And you have to add something to adjust pH ?
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adjust parameter1) Operating parameters are adjusted to maximize the effect of this difference.
2) So you choose to adjust three parameters , instead of one?
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adjust periodically1) Certain money market securities have interest rates that are adjusted periodically .
2) The brace is also periodically adjusted for growth.
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adjust seasoning1) Taste the sauce and adjust seasoning if necessary.
2) Add the pepper, mixed herbs and adjust the seasoning .
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adjust setting1) You can adjust module settings from within the online control panel.
2) You can adjust the campaign's difficulty setting .
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adjust size1) The current textual unit size is adjusted accordingly.
2) You can easily adjust the ring size .
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adjust speed1) Quickly adjust speed and incline using conveniently placed controls.
2) Easily adjusted speed through jumpers on motherboard.
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adjust the brakes1) I installed new brake pads and adjusted the brakes .
2) They also adjusted the brakes , checked the wheel true, and adjusted the derailleurs and hubs.
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adjust timing1) You just have to slightly adjust the timing of your swing.
2) To check the timing is easy, to adjust the timing is hard.
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adjust to1) The blade is adjusted to proper depth ___ ___ ___ 6.
2) Her eyes were rapidly adjusting to such tones.
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adjust to having1) It may simply take a little while to adjust to having a helping hand.
2) And how will Nate and Lauren adjust to having their grandparents living right in their backyard?
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adjust to living doing1) adjust to living arrangements different from what they are accustomed.
2) It takes around 5 to 7 days to adjust to living in elevated temperatures.
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adjust to the climate1) It is reported that the winged bean can adjust to the climate of the equatorial tropics.
2) HELPFUL TIP : Travelers often have a difficult time adjusting to the climate of a new area.
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adjust to the dark1) Each causes their own special problem in adjusting to the dark .
2) By now, my sight had adjusted to the dark .
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adjust to the fact1) When they first teamed up, they had to adjust to the fact that they had been taught different basics.
2) Daphne, well, she was still trying to adjust to the fact that the Silkie was in her kitchen.
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adjust to the idea1) Some teachers are adjusting to the idea of becoming effective users of technology.
2) Most couples start to adjust to the idea of being a family during pregnancy with antenatal care and parentcraft classes.
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adjust up1) Then adjust up in four (4) click increments and drive.
2) This initial number can be adjusted up or down depending on any abnormal fat deposits.
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adjust upward1) When the CPI rises, the principal adjusts upward .
2) Because of this accounting principle asset amounts are not adjusted upward for inflation.
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adjust upwards1) The spread is usually adjusted upwards after the first few years.
2) Seems the albedo temperature balance must be adjusted upwards , most likely.
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adjust volume1) For larger plates, adjust volume appropriately.
2) A slider control adjusts the input volume for the device.
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adjust yourself to1) Apsley was right: you adjusted yourself to prison life.
2) Once you've identified what causes negative feelings, adjust yourself to minimize the impact.
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automatically adjust1) Internal lighting automatically adjusts to the conditions.
2) The system automatically adjusts it to 10 minutes every 2 weeks .
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carefully adjust1) The watch is next carefully adjusted to keep equal lime in different positions.
2) This is an area where the LMs act more gently and safely than high potency Cs if carefully adjusted .
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change adjust1) Keep looking as conditions change and adjust accordingly .
2) Tired of changing or constantly adjusting the ignition points?
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check adjust1) check and adjust if necessary as conditions change from damp to dry.
2) Strain out the solids and check and adjust the seasoning.
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correctly adjust1) Is the yellow signal clearance time adjusted correctly ?
2) The sails, when correctly adjusted , will generate aerodynamic lift.
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difficult to adjust1) Will find increased rest difficult to adjust to.
2) Thus cantilever brake shoes are notoriously difficult to adjust .
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dynamically adjust1) Most V2000 models featured piezoelectric head positioning to dynamically adjust tape tracking.
2) NX 4 is very scalable and can dynamically adjust to changing bandwidth conditions.
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finely adjust1) Other coils are used to deflect the stylus, to finely adjust tracking.
2) This is because a parachute does not allow the pilot to finely adjust the glide slope.
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gradually adjust1) Lets their digestive systems gradually adjust to change in diet.
2) But the economy would gradually adjust to those disruptions .
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hard to adjust1) The tone knob is hard to adjust in the center .
2) Many find it hard to adjust to the change.
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individually adjust1) The borders and shading effects for each frame can be individually adjusted too.
2) individually adjusting multi electrode arrays is a very tedious and time consuming process.
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inflation adjust1) Note : nominal dollars, not inflation adjusted .
2) inflation adjusted , that's around $US1000.
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kindly adjust1) ' kindly adjust the temperature, Mr Peckham, before it boils away, and then be so good as to ask Mr Pegg if he can spare the time to rejoin us.'
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manually adjust1) Audio is adjusted manually , with easily accessed physical knobs.
2) You can't manually adjust exposure or white balance.
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need time to adjust1) The children themselves may need time to adjust .
2) They need time to adjust after something tragic happens.
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quickly adjust1) quickly adjust speed and incline using conveniently placed controls.
2) Andrew quickly adjusted to life in Manhattan.
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rapidly adjust1) Her eyes were rapidly adjusting to such tones.
2) The photosynthetic removal will rapidly adjust to the available input .
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seasonally adjust1) The seasonally adjusted total was nevertheless better than expected.
2) But that news was based on seasonally adjusted numbers .
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set adjust1) These menus are used to set and adjust a number of system settings.
2) There is an objective heater controller that allows you to set and adjust the temperature.
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slightly adjust1) You just have to slightly adjust the timing of your swing.
2) For this reason, the statute of limitations for medical malpractice cases is slightly adjusted .
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slowly adjust1) Your eyes slowly adjust . ; try dropping the noun.
2) Leave yourself enough time to slowly adjust waking up in the morning.
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take time to adjust1) take time to adjust to parents' death.
2) It takes time to adjust to that .
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try to adjust1) Then try to adjust the bed again.
2) The NFL is trying to adjust to changing consumer tastes.
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well adjusted1) They are particularly well-adjusted to harsh weather conditions.
2) He just seemed very confident and well-adjusted .
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