adequate Collocations
adequate1) The system went live without adequate testing.
2) The trading software had gone live without adequate testing.
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adequate answer1) The remaining 9.4% of the population did not provide an adequate answer .
1) I still do not think the church has adequate answers for the problem.
2) Only from an investigation of the politics of schooling might come an adequate answer .
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adequate appropriate1) Do you provide adequate and appropriate minerals for your feeding program?
2) It must have adequate and appropriate rocker for your desired skimboarding location.
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adequate assurance1) adequate assurance need not include full performance; a slight delay should be accepted.
2) Nevertheless, the aforementioned arguments do not give adequate assurance that uniformity will be achieved.
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adequate but1) The service was adequate but not great.
2) The supply of fresh water is adequate but limited.
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adequate compensation1) But government officials said they have made adequate compensation .
2) The goal is fair and adequate compensation for your injury.
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adequate effective1) Most health materials in Hindi lacked adequate and effective illustrations.
2) Provide adequate and effective online tutoring.
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adequate explanation1) It is very hard to provide a simple but adequate explanation .
2) Instead, psychologists and linguists have looked for more adequate explanations .
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adequate financial1) The right to adequate financial support for trainees.
2) Ensure the school has adequate financial resources to support its programs.
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adequate fluid1) Also essential is adequate fluid supply for the mother and baby.
2) adequate fluid intake to start 24-36 hours before exercise.
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adequate for1) The fidelity was adequate for clear voice recordings.
2) The following loading parameters are adequate for beginners.
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adequate funding1) Groups without adequate funding did not survive.
2) Every year our group fights for adequate court funding .
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adequate housing1) The latter had adequate housing which was certainly cheaper.
2) The right to adequate housing must include a broader definition.
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adequate intake1) An adequate iodine intake is essential for a proper functioning thyroid gland.
2) adequate fluid intake to start 24-36 hours before exercise.
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adequate legal1) They can provide a list of local attorneys and help you find adequate legal representation.
2) adequate legal cause is any cause which justifies a spouse's departure: Com. ex rel.
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adequate medical1) He did not receive adequate medical treatment.
2) He may not be receiving adequate medical care.
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adequate notice1) Please ensure that adequate notice is provided.
2) An attempt shall be made to give adequate notice of all meetings.
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adequate nutrition1) A feeding tube is often necessary to maintain adequate nutrition .
2) An adequate nutrition is needed for a healthy fetus.
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adequate preparation1) No policy is ever perfect , which makes adequate preparation crucial.
2) But, adequate speech preparation isn't always enough.
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adequate protection1) I agree though building underground may provide adequate protection against radiation .
2) Vertical ice may not have adequate protection .
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adequate provision1) Control over future growth with adequate provision for future requirements.
2) The current formula carefully balances adequate benefit provision with appropriate work incentives.
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adequate public1) Non-government schools are providers of public education and deserve adequate public funding.
2) adequate public notification will be given in advance of each meeting.
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adequate safeguard1) All related processes should be subject to adequate nonproliferation safeguards .
2) The former created the power to intercept communications without adequate safeguards against abuse.
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adequate sanitation1) Access to safe water and adequate sanitation in Germany is universal.
2) Access to improved water supply and to adequate sanitation in France is universal.
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adequate scientific1) Maury early became convinced that adequate scientific knowledge of the sea could be obtained only through international cooperation.
2) Many of the popular books which support this position are gimmicky, and often, lack adequate scientific referencing.
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adequate supply1) These are adequate supply of raw materials for export oriented products.
2) Air pollution is not properly diluted with adequate water supply .
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adequate technical1) D. Audit has been performed by persons having adequate technical training and proficiency as auditors.
2) On top of that, it includes adequate technical facts which advanced people can learn.
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adequate to1) Inlet screen adequate to prohibit fish movement?
2) Sometimes data are not adequate to let researchers discriminate between models.
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adequate to do1) It is adequate to do the job.
2) Make sure computers, other equipment and office supplies are adequate to do the job.
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adequate ventilation1) Allowing adequate air ventilation to prevent overheating during use.
2) adequate ventilation is necessary to maintain comfortable working conditions.
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adequate warning1) These products must carry adequate warnings of the dangers.
2) This will generally provide adequate warning before hypoxia is likely.
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always adequate1) Public toilets , while not always adequate , were fairly ubiquitous.
2) But fluent readers were sometimes under-challenged and support for poor readers not always adequate .
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barely adequate1) The el cheapo green insulation is barely adequate .
2) French production produced a barely adequate 10,000 shells a day.
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be adequate1) There is adequate off street parking available.
2) There are many products available that are adequate .
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completely adequate1) It is completely adequate for my needs and a joy to run and operate.
2) DRIVING IMPRESSIONS We found the base MKS motor to be completely adequate for everyday driving needs .
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consider adequate1) A plank between two ladders is not considered adequate .
2) A quick ratio of 1:1 is considered adequate .
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deem adequate1) Medical certificates are no longer deemed adequate ; a letter from a hospital confirming hospitalisation will suffice.
2) The contractor was experienced in the work involved, and the original estimate was evaluated and deemed adequate .
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entirely adequate1) It is entirely adequate for office work.
2) As it turns out the bulbs are entirely adequate .
more entirely adequate sentences
facility adequate1) Are the facilities adequate and the environment conducive to the research?
2) Are the toilet facilities adequate for the number of attendees (including access friendly toilets)?
more facility adequate sentences
fully adequate1) And the resulting figures had proved fully adequate .
2) But were it fully adequate , it would be unequal.
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generally adequate1) Observation and communication equipment was somewhat less than top-level, but generally adequate .
2) Some NGOs running care facilities for trafficking victims reported generally adequate coordination with government officials.
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hardly adequate1) Yet on the other hand, the punishment handed out by the Board is hardly adequate to the offense.
2) Africanus admits that they are hardly adequate , but allows them to be interpreted as a trust in favour of Titius.
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have adequate1) Colors blend beautifully and easily and have adequate staying power.
2) Both were in good flesh and had adequate to abundant body fat.
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inadequate1) Road configuration may help prove inadequate pacing.
2) The telephone service is still quite inadequate .
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lack of adequate1) The lack of adequate or reliable data is noted.
2) The team was upset due to lack of adequate lamps.
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less than adequate1) Moreover, target intelligence may be less than adequate .
2) They will enter the working world with a less than adequate education.
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more or less adequate1) At first she had scraped a more or less adequate living as a free-lance journalist.
2) By now, we are talking about the management of proxies– more or less adequate stand-ins or substitutes for the real thing.
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more than adequate1) The space provided is always more than adequate .
2) The recording here is more than adequate .
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no longer adequate1) Many existing water sources worldwide are no longer adequate .
2) Weak sales skills and poor sales strategies are no longer adequate .
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not adequate1) Sometimes data are not adequate to let researchers discriminate between models.
2) Natural and human law is not adequate alone.
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nutritionally adequate1) It helps low-income households buy the food they need for a nutritionally adequate diet.
2) Thus, cholesterol intake should be kept as low as possible within a nutritionally adequate diet.
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only adequate1) In such circumstances, specific performance is the only adequate remedy.
2) Language communicates general meaning, but is only adequate .
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perfectly adequate1) The processes described here are perfectly adequate for computation.
2) Boot space is perfectly adequate quite shallow but long.
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prove adequate1) And the resulting figures had proved fully adequate .
2) While the engines proved adequate , they were slow.
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provide adequate1) Make sure you provide adequate \wants\ for your Santa.
2) Consciousness of being invited rather than ordered will usually provide adequate stroking.
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quite adequate1) The coverage of this information is quite adequate .
2) I believe that that is quite adequate .
more quite adequate sentences
really adequate1) Of that we can form really adequate concepts.
2) We can form really adequate concepts of that.
more really adequate sentences
reasonably adequate1) reasonably adequate time should be allocated for the completion of evaluation surveys.
2) Instead, this is the reasonably adequate , uninspired, superfluous 1979 TV movie.
more reasonably adequate sentences
remain adequate1) Liquidity remains adequate in the GCC banking market.
2) The 1942 harvest was a good one, and food supplies remained adequate in Western Europe.
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resource adequate1) The currently identified resources are adequate to meet this expansion.
2) We are told by some that we have not our own capital resources adequate to do so.
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seem adequate1) Neither traditional Marxism nor conventional pluralism seem adequate to us.
2) I am using 14AWG and this seems very adequate .
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service adequate1) The service was adequate but not great.
2) Is our information service adequate to cope?
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still adequate1) Is 75% of the base shear formula still adequate ?
2) The transfer is unremarkable, but still adequate .
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supply adequate1) In Britain the domestic supply is normally adequate .
2) Except for a critical shortage of water, supply was adequate .
more supply adequate sentences
system adequate1) The contractor's estimating system is adequate . 2.1.2.
2) Usually the home heating system is not adequate to heat an adjacent greenhouse.
more system adequate sentences
there adequate1) Are there adequate power points in every room?
2) Is there adequate ventilation in the attic?
more there adequate sentences
think adequate1) Preparations had been thought adequate to aid the Norwegians against any likely German intervention.
2) This led Popper to believe that there was something fallacious in the proofs, thought adequate for ascertaining truth.
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totally adequate1) This is totally adequate for solo or group playing.
2) Clearly, the only totally adequate indication of the content of a document is the text of the document in its entirety.
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usually adequate1) usually adequate cooling is provided by passive convection.
2) In general, a 5,000 name test is usually adequate .
more usually adequate sentences
very adequate1) It seems to have very adequate vibration damping.
2) I think the processor speed is very adequate .
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wholly adequate1) Each of our models continues to provide some insights, although none is wholly adequate .
2) Most firms find a well-documented budget with a regular comparison between actual results and budgets (variance analysis) wholly adequate .
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