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adjustment1) Fixed bridge makes action height adjustments less precise.
2) The option adjustment techniques are very helpful.
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adjustment account1) Changes in the current market value of trading and available-for-sale debt and equity securities are recorded in a Market adjustment account .
2) Unrealized gain/loss is the amount needed to adjust the end-of-year market adjustment account to its appropriate balance.
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adjustment change1) With new leaders there are adjustments and changes .
2) Almost every major evaluation study has led to minor adjustment or substantial change .
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adjustment clause1) Add price adjustment clause to long term contracts. 9.
2) Economic price adjustment clauses are adaptable to multi-year contracting needs.
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adjustment disorder1) About 10% develop major depressive disorder; others experience an adjustment disorder .
2) Dr. Jones also diagnosed adjustment disorder .
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adjustment factor1) An upward adjustment factor 5% was applied.
2) Table 5.5 goes on to list negative adjustment factors .
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adjustment for1) The disparity persisted despite adjustments for differences in socioeconomic background.
2) The chart below contains the proper adjustment for each frequency range.
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adjustment formula1) The adjustment formula represents the allocation of cost risk between the Government and the contractor.
2) Moreover, if Z is such a set, then the adjustment formula of Eq.
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adjustment in1) A person makes adjustments in all three dimensions independently.
2) These things imply a substantial adjustment in our governing policy.
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adjustment knob1) This headgear has an adjustment knob allowing easy sizing for personalized fit.
2) You can spot these devices because they have no adjustment knobs .
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adjustment loan1) There have been a number of structural adjustment loans in PNG, imposed since 1989.
2) The World Bank responded by speeding up the disbursement of existing project and adjustment loans .
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adjustment mechanism1) Set desired cutting angles and lock adjustment mechanism .
2) There are four steps in the basic adjustment mechanism .
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adjustment modification1) Additional adjustments or modification may be needed to ensure a good chainline.
2) Any adjustments or modifications must be scheduled as stated on your warranty papers.
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adjustment period1) This adjustment period is usually complete within 6 to 12 weeks.
2) A new implant usually requires an adjustment period .
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adjustment policy1) The high human cost of the 1980 adjustment policies are assessed.
2) Previous adjustment policies have largely neglected the human aspect of development.
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adjustment problem1) Yet, these children were suffering from adjustment problems during adolescence.
2) Difficult children, especially, are likely to display adjustment problems .
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adjustment procedure1) Instructions are provided inside the box for adjustment procedures .
2) I started to go through the PS adjustment procedure .
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adjustment process1) Exchange rates and the international adjustment process .
2) The adjustment process consists in rapid liquidation of the wasteful investments.
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adjustment programme1) What they drew up looks remarkably like any other adjustment programme .
2) Cuts in expenditure were made as part of the country's structural adjustment programme .
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adjustment range1) The turntable features a pitch adjustment range of up to 50 percent.
2) It will come in one size with a wide adjustment range .
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adjustment screw1) The adjustment screws are not too responsive.
2) Where in the lens are the adjustment screws ?
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adjustment to1) The student loan interest deduction is an adjustment to income.
2) His absence necessitated some quick adjustments to strategy.
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adjustments1) Fixed bridge makes action height adjustments less precise.
2) Manual adjustments are made using clearly indicated controls.
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allow adjustment1) allow adjustment in the program for irregular exercise days.
2) Some allow independent adjustment of each side of the bed.
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appropriate adjustment1) Making appropriate adjustments increased the overall effectiveness.
2) Learn to assess cyclists and solve problems by making appropriate adjustments .
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attitude adjustment1) What we need here is serious attitude adjustment .
2) You are sick and need an attitude adjustment .
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automatic adjustment1) A common example is automatic adjustment of color balance.
2) automatic adjustment of the control points in the smooth regions; none at the sharp regions.
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basis adjustment1) The basis adjustment that reflects the postponed gain.
2) basis adjustment for depreciation allowed or allowable.
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border adjustment1) The administrative aspects of border tax adjustments has also been discussed.
2) First, 5 is carbon regulation eligible for border tax adjustments ?
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calculate adjustment1) This is the result of the formula for calculating annual pay adjustments .
2) The new SSI SIRs will use improved risk adjustment calculated through logistic regression modeling.
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chiropractic adjustment1) Some of you are familiar with chiropractic adjustments .
2) Moderate exercise and chiropractic adjustments are far more effective and less risky.
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cost adjustment1) Cost-of-living adjustments have been frozen since 2005.
2) Thereafter, the penalty is increased based on the cost-of-living adjustment .
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cost of living adjustment1) No cost of living adjustment is included.
2) Include a cost of living adjustment clause in your child support agreement.
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debt adjustment1) It repealed prohibition, passed a debt adjustment Act to help indebted farmers, and aided workers.
2) Very few people have been able to successfully file chapter 13 ( debt adjustment ) cases on their own.
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delicate adjustment1) A new expedient has somehow to be devised for effecting such exact and delicate adjustments .
2) If something changes, it is easy for the delicate adjustment to cross the barrier of oscillation, and tinnitus results.
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emotional adjustment1) People in cohesive groups experience better emotional adjustment .
2) In order to live properly on this earth emotional adjustment is not enough.
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enable adjustment1) Used to determine if dynamic thread adjustment is enabled or not.
2) The moving signal arms were suspended with counterweights to enable easy adjustment .
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equitable adjustment1) Such equitable adjustment as may be agreed upon shall be made in the price or prices.
2) The contractor is entitled to an equitable adjustment in price and delivery schedule if changes are ordered.
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facilitate adjustment1) Leo Fender pioneered bolt-on necks on electric guitars to facilitate easy adjustment and replacement.
2) facilitating adjustment to inflammatory bowel disease: a model of psychosocial intervention in non-psychiatric patients.
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financial adjustment1) Requires financial adjustment , continue collection efforts.
2) The DuPont model is very helpful to business owners in determining in financial adjustments need to be made.
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fine adjustment1) fine adjustments are then made as above.
2) This process of fine adjustment is a form of hill climbing.
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height adjustment1) Fixed bridge makes action height adjustments less precise.
2) Added features include seat and steering wheel height adjustment .
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important adjustment1) Even then, the censor demanded certain important adjustments .
2) This was an important adjustment and much effort was spent in perfecting it.
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inflation adjustment1) The increases would have included inflation adjustments .
2) Real money has CPI adjustments and inflation premium adjustments .
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isostatic adjustment1) Thus understanding glacial isostatic adjustment is important in monitoring recent global warming.
2) Then we can directly measure the glacial isostatic adjustment with very high precision.
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major adjustment1) Remember that you are both undergoing major adjustments .
2) It was a major adjustment for the whole family.
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make adjustment1) A person makes adjustments in all three dimensions independently.
2) This data should be used in making adjustments as discussed above.
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manual adjustment1) Automatic altitude adjustment versus manual altitude adjustment .
2) manual adjustments are made using clearly indicated controls.
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minor adjustment1) minor adjustments and fluctuations are breeze to tweak.
2) Also proposed were minor adjustments to route alignments previously approved.
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necessary adjustment1) All necessary software adjustments are outlined in the following procedure.
2) If necessary , adjustments should be made.
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necessitate adjustment1) His absence necessitated some quick adjustments to strategy.
2) The artillery developments necessitated adjustments to the forts.
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need adjustment1) Most likely it needs adjustments for your project .
2) My Ego needed adjustment and it got it!
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period of adjustment1) Many birds go through a period of adjustment .
2) Progressively adding responsibilities allows for a period of adjustment .
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permit adjustment1) Traditional view cameras permit such adjustment as part of their design.
2) Triggers and throws permit speedy adjustment while playing.
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personal adjustment1) When facing the prospects of marriage which brings personal adjustments and added responsibilities.
2) Photography at a location with 24 hours of daylight requires some personal adjustment in sleeping schedules!
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price adjustment1) Consider incorporating price adjustments or escalation clauses in construction contracts.
2) Instantaneous price adjustments are another aspect of perfect competition.
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process of adjustment1) There 's a big process of adjustment ahead.
2) It is easy to underestimate the immense process of adjustment involved in this change.
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reflect adjustment1) Cost of goods sold may also reflect adjustments .
2) All on-screen control slider & envelope adjustments are reflected in the corresponding parameter's numerical display.
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request adjustment1) Contact your creditor by phone to request the adjustment or write a letter.
2) But Boston and Dallas said more workers were requesting wage adjustments to supplement cost of living increases.
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require adjustment1) requires financial adjustment , continue collection efforts.
2) It often requires a wee adjustment of mindset.
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significant adjustment1) Can someone explain the significant adjustments upward ?
2) The result is a significant adjustment problem for them and their families.
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slight adjustment1) This slight adjustment will loose the board in critical wave sections.
2) slight adjustments in training help me stay more responsive to training .
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small adjustment1) This small adjustment helped us more closely fit the brand strategy.
2) There are, however, smaller adjustments .
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social adjustment1) The impact of children's social adjustment on academic outcomes.
2) Entertainment evolves and social adjustments occur.
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structural adjustment1) structural adjustments had been criticized for years for devastating poor countries.
2) How can NGOs deal with structural adjustment ?
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successful adjustment1) Anecdotal reports suggest that alcohol-affected young adults can make successful adjustments with appropriate support and help.
2) Some successful adjustments of the fire of designated batteries upon fugitive targets located in the enemy lines were accomplished.
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undergo adjustment1) Remember that you are both undergoing major adjustments .
2) The Japanese economy is undergoing two profound adjustments .
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warrant adjustment1) These changes might warrant some adjustments in your personal investment strategy .
2) If an adjustment is warranted , the change will be made within approximately ten (10) days.
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