adjacent Collocations
Park adjacent1) Farnham Park is adjacent to Farnham Castle.
2) The Park is adjacent to the 'i54' major investment site.
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Street adjacent1) International Plaza and Bay Street is adjacent to the airport.
2) Only the portion of Arch Street adjacent to the cemetery remains intact.
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adjacent1) The minimum radial separation between adjacent shells is 1mm.
2) The adjacent room was likewise completely empty.
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adjacent angles1) I.8 And they are adjacent angles .
2) They might find it helpful to create a separate list of what cannot be assumed. ✔ AC is a line. ✔ ∠ABD and ∠CBD are adjacent angles . ✔ ∠ABD and ∠CBD form a linear pair.
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adjacent building1) The adjacent buildings may have housed the stables.
2) The walls of an adjacent building were partly destroyed.
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adjacent county1) The were owned by three individuals living in an adjacent county .
2) The state legislature has since prohibited cities from annexing land from adjacent counties .
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adjacent island1) All coconut trees - including those on adjacent islands - were flattened.
2) The grant gave Alexander all of Long island and adjacent islands .
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adjacent land1) Several hiking trails wind through the monument and adjacent forest lands .
2) Light industry and car parks occupy the adjacent land .
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adjacent mountains1) Several catastrophic fires burned portions of Santa Barbara and the adjacent mountains in the late 20th century.
2) Several known earthquake faults criss-cross the Glendale area and adjacent mountains , as in much of southern California.
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adjacent municipality1) Albany does not share any listings with adjacent municipalities .
2) The city and its adjacent municipalities constitute Metropolitan Białystok.
2) From the Poblacion to the 91 barangays and five adjacent municipalities .
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adjacent neighborhood1) Major intersecting streets typically provide amenities within walking distance of adjacent neighborhoods .
2) Three grenades strike airport property and two more land in adjacent neighborhoods .
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adjacent numbers1) Each number in any layer is the sum of the three adjacent numbers in the layer above.
2) On each layer of the Tetrahedron, the numbers are simple whole number ratios of the adjacent numbers .
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adjacent organs1) Apparent gynecological symptoms may actually point to ailments in adjacent organs .
2) Fibrous adhesions of the gall bladder to adjacent organs are common.
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adjacent parcel1) On the adjacent parcel is another plaza containing a new Wal-Mart.
2) Biomed said it also secured an adjacent parcel for future growth and expansion.
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adjacent pixel1) For instance, contrast is defined as the difference in brightness between adjacent pixels .
2) The intensity difference between adjacent pixels of the sensor naturally increases with correct image focus.
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adjacent square1) Connect creeks and streams in adjacent squares .
2) There are no board edges so kings always have eight adjacent squares .
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adjacent street1) Parking is also available on the adjacent side streets .
2) The market and adjacent streets also form a conservation area.
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adjacent tissue1) The altered adjacent tissues associated with these cancers are called field defects.
2) This leads to an inflammatory response in the adjacent soft tissues .
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adjacent to1) The road is mostly adjacent to residential areas.
2) Chemical plants are thus often adjacent to oil refineries.
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adjacent tooth1) Fusion is the union of two adjacent teeth during development.
2) Embrasures are triangularly shaped spaces located between the proximal surfaces of adjacent teeth .
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adjacent vertices1) A clique in a graph is a set of pairwise adjacent vertices .
2) Each rope is just long enough to allow the animal to reach two adjacent vertices .
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adjacent vowel1) adjacent vowels usually undergo assimilation during speech.
2) Standard Hungarian allows (prefers) hiatus between adjacent vowels .
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adjacently1) He used three such equipped cameras placed adjacently and filming on 63mm nitrate film.
2) adjacently to the station, some museum tramway is located connecting Mariazell and Erlaufsee.
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appear adjacent1) When ads appear adjacent to tragic stories .
2) Two vowels may not appear adjacent to one another.
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area adjacent1) The area immediately adjacent to the south facade is circulation space.
2) A picnic area is adjacent to the visitor center.
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be adjacent1) Therefore squares diagonally adjoining are not adjacent .
2) The road is mostly adjacent to residential areas.
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build adjacent1) A gymnasium has just been built adjacent to the residence.
2) Two sheds had been built adjacent to the station by 1881.
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building adjacent1) The prison and the municipal buildings adjacent to it.
2) Kersey pointed to a large portable building adjacent to the carpark.
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campus adjacent1) The campus is adjacent to the Boston Police Department's Headquarters.
2) All three campuses are adjacent to each other within the burgeoning Avery Farms development.
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construct adjacent1) A modern building has been constructed adjacent to this log cabin.
2) Evans Commons is being constructed adjacent to the Hyland Arena.
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directly adjacent1) They were spraying directly adjacent to the beach right at dusk.
2) Eastlake was directly adjacent to the mining property.
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field adjacent1) New baseball and softball fields are adjacent to the football stadium.
2) This field was adjacent to the Ohio River.
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find adjacent1) This block is commonly found adjacent to the title block.
2) Ft. Green fine sand is found adjacent to flood plains.
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ground adjacent1) Additional grounds adjacent to the baroque garden has since been added.
1) The church had a small burying ground adjacent to it.
2) Charles is the owner of a piece of waste ground adjacent to his house.
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immediately adjacent1) The area immediately adjacent to the south facade is circulation space.
2) An excavation unit was placed immediately adjacent to that pit.
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land adjacent1) Riparian lands are adjacent to water sources.
2) Pombo owned land adjacent to the abandoned railroad line.
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lie adjacent1) The fruit and vegetable garden lay adjacent .
2) Our coastal property lies adjacent to the ocean.
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live adjacent1) The owner lives adjacent to the property.
2) The owner lives adjacent to the barn.
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locate adjacent1) Additional picnic tables are located adjacent to the pavilion.
2) A sculpture garden is located adjacent to the building.
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location adjacent1) This location is essentially adjacent to the Koon Kee coffee shop.
2) Its location adjacent to a major crossroads made it an easy source of stone.
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neighborhood adjacent1) The neighborhood is adjacent to downtown and the waterfront.
2) University-owned apartment buildings in neighborhoods adjacent to campus offer affordable student housing.
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open adjacent1) Guthrie Theater opens adjacent to the Walker.
2) IKEA Orlando opened adjacent to the mall on November 14, 2007.
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park adjacent1) The water park adjacent to the park.
2) It has a car park adjacent to it.
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place adjacent1) An excavation unit was placed immediately adjacent to that pit.
2) In must also be placed immediately adjacent to the claim.
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property adjacent1) You should not trespass on private property adjacent to the line.
2) Many properties adjacent to the site were excavated to remove contaminated earth.
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room adjacent1) The dining room is adjacent to the kitchen.
2) Students were escorted to a room adjacent to their classrooms.
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run adjacent1) Two dedicated 5-foot bike lanes run adjacent to the sidewalks.
2) The course runs adjacent to the scenic walk of Green Drive.
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sit adjacent1) The local museum sits almost adjacent to this site.
2) Plenty of additional storage space sits adjacent to the parking area.
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site adjacent1) Discussion took place regarding the vacant site adjacent to the Railway Inn.
2) The site is adjacent to Admiralty Arch, off The Mall.
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situate adjacent1) There is a large pond situated just adjacent to the temple.
2) The monastic barn is situated directly adjacent to the Porta.
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stand adjacent1) It stands adjacent to the Uigg Cemetery and has a backdrop of trees.
1) The cottage stands adjacent to a beautiful 11th century nike air max 2012 deflated church.
2) An old blockhouse stands adjacent to the battery at the northern end of the hedge.
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