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adhesion1) Table 4 shows the wet adhesion results.
2) The second category are sometimes called contracts of adhesion .
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adhesion formation1) The extent of adhesion formation is critical.
2) Several drugs and substances are used to try to prevent adhesion formation .
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adhesion molecule1) Many different cell adhesion molecules have been described.
2) A number of rare diseases result from defects in adhesion molecules .
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adhesion property1) Many different plastics are used with varying adhesion properties .
2) Water also has high adhesion properties because of its polar nature.
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adhesion protein1) Remember how these divalent cations are needed for certain adhesion proteins .
2) It also functions as an adhesion protein , involved in cell attachment and wound healing.
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attentional adhesion1) Greater reaction times indicate greater attentional adhesion . 393 Figure 1.
2) Do instances of attentional adhesion reflect the happenstance allocation of cognitive resources?
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cell adhesion1) These cells can form group organisms through cell adhesion .
2) Also, the silk's structure promotes cell adhesion and migration.
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focal adhesion1) Cells can attach to surfaces through focal adhesions .
2) DLC1 is localized to focal adhesions located at the periphery of cells.
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good adhesion1) Nanoparticle based systems can provide better adhesion and transparency.
2) It enters the curves very willingly and it shows good road adhesion .
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improve adhesion1) This allows for improved adhesion between the teeth and the veneers .
2) Extreme cleanliness also greatly improves adhesion .
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prevent adhesion1) Often a bacteriological quality surface is not sufficient to prevent adhesion and spreading.
2) Spread a little suet over the marble to prevent the adhesion of the material.
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reduce adhesion1) Holes may also be found in a blade, to reduce adhesion still further.
2) This reduces leukocyte adhesion and infiltration into tissues, while also limiting damage to underlying tissue.
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