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adjoin1) Attractive sheltered picnic site adjoining planned walk through wildlife meadow.
2) At times adjoining villages also participate on invitation.
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adjoin Park1) The Atlanta Botanical Garden adjoins the Park .
2) Several national wilderness areas and British Columbia parkland adjoin the National Park .
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adjoin town1) This tribal land adjoins the town of Prescott.
2) The parkland of the Burghley Estate adjoins the town of Stamford on two sides.
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adjoining rooms1) They slept in adjoining rooms , and Mrs. King had rushed in to Saunders.
2) One pair of adjoining rooms can be opened up as a suite with two beds.
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building adjoin1) The stable was located in the square building adjoining the base of the tower.
2) On Sunday, 17 December 1879, a building adjoining the Crump caught fire.
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house adjoin0) Take a look at the remains of the medieval charnal house adjoining the church.
0) This Georgian house still adjoins Church Lane next to St. Laurence's parish churchyard in Chapelizod.
1) He lives in a small house adjoining the convent, but with its own entrance on the road.
2) An elegant mill house adjoins the mill, as do several barns, all constructed of mellowed local stone.
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immediately adjoin1) I produce lambs on the land immediately adjoining the power station.
2) The changing area immediately adjoined the showers.
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land adjoin1) I produce lambs on the land immediately adjoining the power station.
2) This tribal land adjoins the town of Prescott.
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property adjoin1) In 1867 he had accumulated enough savings to buy property adjoining Sussdorf's.
2) Both of his properties adjoined and the Siuslaw River runs through them.
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room adjoin1) My small room adjoined the doctor's surgery.
2) The subsidiary room adjoins the southwest corner of the prayer-hall.
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